Kaehler Family Tree / Kähler Stammtafeln

Genealogy Descendency Chart, Updated April 25, 2018

Descendants of Dr. Med. Johann Siegfried Kähler
1743 - 1820


The numbering system here is the same as in the Kähler family history book Stammtafeln des Hofrats Dr. med. Johann Siegfried Kähler und seiner Nachkommen from 1888, and also the later version in 1930.

There are five books about the Kähler family tree.

In German, a person's rufname (call name, or commonly used name) is not always in the first position. We have marked a person's call name with an asterisk. Dr. Med. Johann* Siegfried Kähler was called Johann. For family members born in the US, the first name comes first, as is normal here.

The bulk of the information is from the 1888 family history. Several of us own copies of the updated 1930 Stammtafeln compiled by Paul Alfred Kähler (C.IV.9). Karen McIver (C.III.3.f.C.II) typed in some of the book in 2004 and added her relatives in the US. She created the page that was at http://geocities.com/Heartland/Park/1865/kaehler.html. I, Ted Kaehler (B.V.3.d.B.I), maintain this updated version. Robert Kähler (B.V.4.f.A.IV.) contributed greatly by entering the Stammtafeln into a database. Every name in the 1930 book is here. Please help me add more relatives.

If you detect any errors in this Kaehler Family Tree, or you wish to add people, please contact Ted Kaehler (B.V.3.d.B.I) or Bob Barnett (C.III.3.d.B.III). Ted's email address is ted-pb (at) legenda.com.

Many members of the Kähler family died in wars. Here is a memorial list.

Earlier Ancestors
Dr. med. JOHANN SIEGFRIED KÄHLER b. January 17, 1743 in Triebel, Lausitz, and d. May 10, 1820 (age 77) in Sommerfeld. (His death year is listed as 1813 in some sources.) He married CHRISTIANA DOROTHEA WENDT on August 15, 1770. She was born August 10, 1748 in Sorau and died March 18, 1826 in Züllichau (Sulechów, Poland). Dorothea was the daughter of Superintendenten Christian Wendt (b. March 05, 1684 in Itzehoe, d. March 23, 1774) and his wife Maria Margaretha Lichtenberg (b. August 20, 1708 in Darmstadt, d. August 30, 1789). Siegfried had the title of "Horfat" (Privy Councilor or advisor to the court). Portraits of each
  1. Dr. med. CARL SIEGFRIED KÄHLER b. February 21, 1773 in Triebel, Germany, and d. March 09, 1813 (age 40) of hospital fever in Spremberg, Germany. He married CHRISTIANE EMILIE REUT, daughter of cabinet procurator Reut on July 13, 1802 in Dubrauke near Spremberg, Germany. She was b. April 22, 1780 in Boutzen, Germany, and d. February 03, 1856 in Nadach by Drossen, Germany.
    1. EMILIE KÄHLER, b. July 04, 1803, Spremberg, Germany; d. September 28, 1880 (age 77), Tannicht by Triebel, Germany.
    2. CARL KÄHLER, b. August 26, 1805; d. March 25, 1864 (age 58), Radach by Drossen, Germany. Married on March 15, 1840 in Mustau to ANNA ALERANDRINE LUISE von SCHMETTAU, b. October 26, 1816, d. October 12, 1895.
    3. ALEXANDER EUGEN KÄHLER, b. May 16, 1807, Spremberg, Germany; d. June 23, 1873 (age 64), Berlin?, Germany.
    4. Dr. med. PHILIPP OTTO KÄHLER, Doctor of surgery, b. June 01, 1809, Spremberg, Germany; d. April 28, 1868 (age 59), Lipke by Lansberg on W., Germany. On June 25, 1846 he married CAROLINE "Lina" FERDINANDE KOGGE, daughter of master wheelwright, b. July 08, 1817, Biesenthal, Germany, d. October 02, 1873, Lipke by Lansberg on W., Germany.
      1. CARL ALEXANDER OTTO KÄHLER, b. October 09, 1851 in Költschen, d. April 26, 1926 (age 74), married on June 23, 1880 in Berlin to MARIA LUISE MARTHA WREGE, b. December 26, 1855 in Gramzow U/M. She may have still been living in Berlin in 1930.
        1. MARTHA MARIA KAROLINE KÄHLER, b. May 13, 1881, married on December 06, 1905 in Berlin to HANS KARL WALTER GRÖNKE, b. August 22, 1876 in Berlin, both still living in 1930 (age >49).
          1. DORTHEA MARIA MARTHA GRÖNKE, b. November 05, 1906, d. January 29, 1913 (age 6) in Berlin. (Stammtafel A.IV.1.a.A)
          2. HANS FRIEDRICH ALEXANDER GRÖNKE, b. November 27, 1907 in Berlin.
          3. JOACHIM OTTO RUDOLF GRÖNKE, b. December 09, 1908, since October 01, 1927 works for the Dresdner Bank of Berlin.
          4. DIETRICH I KARL ERNST GRÖNKE, b. May 14, 1910, d. August 21, 1910.
          5. DIETRICH II KARL MARTIN GRÖNKE, b. October 11, 1911 in Berlin. Attended the Königstädtische Gymnasium (college preparatory high school) of Berlin.
          6. CLAUS PAUL WERNER GRÖNKE, b. November 23, 1913, d. March 25, 1915 in Berlin.
          7. BRIGITTE WILHELMINE MARIA GRÖNKE, b. February 12, 1916, attended the Margarethen-Lyzeum of Berlin.
        2. GERTRUD HEDWIG ANNA KÄHLER, b. January 02, 1884 in Berlin, was Telegraphen-Gehilsin in Berlin.
        3. OTTO ERNST KÄHLER, b. June 19, 1885 in Berlin, d. July 02, 1885.
        4. KARL OTTO KÄHLER, b. November 08, 1886 in Berlin, married on March 27, 1920 in Charlottenburg to FRIEDA ERNA ELISE WOLFF, b. January 13, 1891.
          1. CHRISTINA MARIE-LUISE FRIEDA KÄHLER, b. February 17, 1921 in Charlottenburg. (Stammtafel A.IV.1.d.A)
          2. BERA DORTHEA KÄHLER, b. March 01, 1925 in Charlottenburg.
  2. Dr. th. LUDWIG AUGUST KÄHLER, b. March 06, 1775, Sommerfeld, Germany; d. November 04, 1855 (age 80), Lesser Wogenab near Elbing, Germany. Pastor and professor of theology. He married SOPHIE ERDMUTHE SEYDEL on March 28, 1799, b. May 09, 1772 in Sorau, d. May 30, 1852 (age 80) in Lesser Wogenab. See his short biography and a link to his son's biography of him.
    1. Dr. phil. SIEGFRIED AUGUST KÄHLER, b. April 10, 1800 in Canig; d. Sept. 02, 1895 (age 95). He married MINNA ROSALIE FREY on December 20, 1824.
      1. OTTO AUGUST JOHANNES KÄHLER, b. June 16, 1830, d. ??, married on March 26, 1860 to his mother's sister's daughter, CLARA JOHANNA ELISABETH BORNTRÄGER, b. August 18, 1831, d. Match 10, 1914.
        1. JOHANN FRIEDRICH "Fritz" AUGUST KÄHLER, b. February 01, 1861, d. January 24, 1923 (age 61).
        2. MINNA FLORA SOPHIE AMALIE KÄHLER, b. July 16, 1863, d. December 05, 1876 (age 13).
        3. AMALIE SOPHIE ELISABETH KÄHLER, b. September 19, 1864, lived with her brother August in Goslar. (Stammtafel B.I.1.c)
        4. GOTTHELF AUGUST WILHELM KÄHLER, b. June 10, 1870, married on March 10, 1902 to MARIA FÜLLER and divorced in 1909. Maria was b. September 06, 1876.
      2. D. th. CARL MARTIN AUGUST KÄHLER, b. January 06, 1835, d. September 07, 1912 (age 77). On August 24, 1864 Martin married CAROLINE LUISE SOPHIE KRÜGER, b. January 08, 1842, d. April 19, 1929. Studied theology in Heidelberg, Halle, and Tübingen, wrote several books, and his autobiography was published in 1926. "He had a profound impact upon the famous Protestant theologian, Paul Tillich. ... He concludes that we do not need to know all the details about Jesus' life. All we really need to know is that Jesus died for the sins of the world." --English Wikipedia. A long article in the German Wikipedia. Bibliography (Stammtafel B.I.2)
        1. ANNA WILHELMINE "Minna" SOPHIE KÄHLER, b. August 20, 1867 in Halle.
        2. ANNA LUISE SOPHIE KÄHLER, b. January 20, 1869 in Halle.
        3. D. Dr. jur. Dr. phil WILHELM MARTIN AUGUST KÄHLER, b. February 05, 1871 in Halle. Married on October 05, 1900 in Halle to CLARA ERNESTINE MARGARETE "Grete" WACHSMUTH, b. March 05, 1875 in Zeehausen U/M.
          1. BERTHA LUISE "Liese" KÄHLER, b. February 28, 1905 in Aachen, married in Greiswald on October 07, 1925 to JOACHIM FRIEDRICH GUSTAV PFANNSCHMIDT, b. July 26, 1896.
            1. ILSE GERTRUD URSULA PFANNSCHMIDT, b. August 12, 1926 in Steimke. (Stammtafel B.I.2.c.A.I)
            2. LUISE DOROTHEE PFANNSCHMIDT, b. September 20, 1927 in Greifswald.
            3. JOACHIM FRIEDRICH-WILHELM PFANNSCHMIDT, b. September 13, 1929 in Greifswald.
          2. LOTTE KÄHLER, b. March 27, 1908 in Aachen.
        4. DOROTHEA META SOPHIE KÄHLER, b. October 08, 1872 in Halle. d. November 29, 1922 (age 50). Married in Halle on April 21, 1898 to SIEGFRIED WIEBEL, b. October 12, 1870 in Elberfeld.
          1. EVA META LUISE WIEBEL, b. October 01, 1899.
          2. GOTTFRIED MARTIN FERDINAND WIEBEL, b. March 14, 1902. Lived in Frankfurt am M. in 1930.
          3. FRITZ WALTER BERNHARD WIEBEL, b. August 02, 1904.
          4. JOHANN "Jan" PETER FERDINAND WIEBEL, b. June 17, 1906.
          5. SIEGFRIED HEINRICH THEODOR WIEBEL, b. September 15, 1908.
          6. MARTIN ADOLF HERMANN WIEBEL, b. July 29, 1910 along with his twin brother.
          7. ROBERT JOHANN SEBASTIAN WIEBEL, b. July 29, 1910 along with his twin brother. (Stammtafel B.I.2.d.G)
          Mr. Weibel married a second time on May 27, 1924 to THERESE HERMANN. They had one child, ARNOLD FRIEDRICH WILHELM WIEBEL, b. May 31 1925 in Barmen. As his seventh son, Wilhelm was the godson(?) of Kaiser Wilhelm II.
        5. Dr. med. GOTTHILF LUDWIG AUGUST MARTIN KÄHLER, b. September 10, 1874 in Halle, became a doctor in 1901, and served in the German Army in World War I. He married in Giebichenstein on October 03, 1907 to MATHILDE EMMA JOHANNA SIMON, b. March 17, 1880 in Teicha.
          1. EMMA LUISE MATHILDE KÄHLER, b. May 18, 1909 in Duisberg-Meiderich.
          2. MARTIN REINHOLD ADOLF JOACHIM KÄHLER, b. October 29, 1911 in Duisberg-Meiderich.
          3. PAUL ERNST AUGUST KÄHLER, b. June 07, 1914 in Duisberg-Meiderich.
          4. CHRISTA KÄTHE DOROTHEA KÄHLER, b. December 24, 1919 in Duisberg-Meiderich.
        6. D. (theologie) CARL WALTER AUGUST KÄHLER, b. March 22, 1877 in Halle, married in Berlin on June 11, 1906 to RENATE HILDEGARD DRYANDER, b. April 22, 1884 in Berlin.
          1. URSULA LUISE MAGDALENE KÄHLER, b. November 25, 1912 in Bielefeld. A student in 1930. (Stammtafel B.I.2.f.A)
        7. JOACHIM SIEGFRIED AUGUST KÄHLER, b. June 04, 1885, served in the German Army in World War I.
      3. MINNA SOPHIE AMALIE CAROLINE KÄHLER, b. August 21, 1826, d. December 22, 1826. (Died as an infant, and listed out of order.)
    2. SOPHIE THEODORE KÄHLER, b. February 04, 1802 in Canig; d. July 20, 1863 (age 61) in Hubertusberg; married October 01, 1822 to her grandmother's side uncle FRIEDRICH OTTO VATER. He was b. August 06, 1794 in Seifartshain near Leipzig, d. November 04, 1856 (age 62).
      1. BERNHARD VATER b. August 23, 1823 in Dresden, d. 1867 (age 43). He was married in Helgoland on September 30, 1858 to HENRIETTE BRINKMANN. She was b. January 11, 1832 near Dusseldorf, daughter of Johann Brinkmann and Marie Christiane who was born in Hardenberg. Lived in Dresden and Wachwiss. Henriette died on February 21, 1905. According to Ancestry.com, he was a portrait painter, and died in America.
        1. Dr. HEINRICH AUGUST VATER b. September 05, 1859 in Bremen. Also Dr. h. c. of the Hochschule for Bodenkulture in Vienna, professor of Geology and Mineralogy. Married on August 19, 1907 to MAGDALENE THERESIE PAULINE KAMILLA von THÜMMEL, b. December 13, 1862, d. in March 1921 in Dresden. August married a second time to EMMA THERESIE TREIBER, b. February 03, 1862 in Helmershaufen.
      2. Dr. phil. OTTO VATER b. March 12, 1827 in Dresden. d. February 21, 1887 (age 59). On June 14, 1857 he married HENRIETTE WILHELMINE HERRMANN, b. August 17, 1826 in Dresden, and d. September 04, 1879 in Dresden. (Stammtafel B.II.2)
      3. ANTON VATER b. October 07, 1833, d. May 26, 1887 (age 53). On May 19, 1874, he married MARIE WILHELMINE KIRCHHAHN, b. September 08, 1850, whose younger sister would marry Anton's brother Benno. Marie Wilhelmine married a second time after Anton died. She died on January 11, 1922.
      4. BENNO VATER b. May 20, 1837, d. November 11, 1913 (age 76). He was a kaufmann and went on June 03, 1861 to America and lived in New Ulm, Minnesota. He returned in 1877 to Germany. On December 24, 1879 he married ANNA EMILIE KIRCHHAHN, b. October 15, 1856 in Chemnitz, sister of Marie Wilhelmine. She lived until 1914.
      5. EMIL VATER b. June 17, 1841 in Dresden, d. December 17, 1911 (age 70). On June 18, 1866 he married HENRIETTE CHARLOTTE (LEY) BALD, b. October 08, 1832 in Barmen, d. June 05, 1888.
        1. CHARLOTTE AUGUSTE VATER, b. March 28 1867, d. June 23, 1867.
        2. CHARLOTTE ANTONIE VATER, b. March 29, 1868, lived in Remscheid.
        3. CHARLOTTE EMILIE VATER, b. June 29, 1869, d. February 22, 1870.
        4. CHARLOTTE HEDWIG VATER, b. April 21, 1871, d. March 25, 1872.
        5. CHARLOTTE NANNY VATER, b. April 15, 1872, d. January 06, 1875.
        6. ANTON EMIL VATER, b. July 04, 1873 in Remscheid, was a kaufmann. On June 11, 1907 he married BERTHA ELIZABETH KORFF, b. June 05, 1876 in Remscheid.
          1. BERTHA ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE VATER, b. December 05, 1908 in Remscheid.
          2. SOPHIE MARIANNE VATER, b. January 16, 1910 in Remscheid.
      6. HERMANN VATER b. July 01 1825, d. December 09, 1829. (died as a child, listed out of order)
    3. OTTO AUGUST KÄHLER, b. May 07, 1804 in Canig; d. November 11, 1829 (age 25); married January 16, 1829 to DOROTHEA CHARLOTTE LUISE KAUFFMANN, b. December 31, 1807, d. April 06, 1895.
    4. SOPHIE ANTONIE "Tony" KÄHLER, b. February 18, 1806 in Canig; d. March 22, 1858 (age 52); married on September 21, 1825 to FERDINAND LEBRECHT BOCK, b. October 19, 1799, d. January 20, 1864 in Gumbinnen.
    5. Dr. med. BERNHARD AUGUST KÄHLER, b. July 19, 1808 in Canig bei Guben (Lausitz); d. May 30, 1890 (age 81) in Neuteich (near Danzig, Poland); married on May 30, 1836 to OTTILIE HENRIETTE PFAUL, b. May 30, 1818, d. May 08, 1844. Friedrich Bernhard attended the College and the University of Königsberg Prussia, PhD on 10.05.1831, state exam in Berlin on 07.05.1832, at the end of 1832 a practicing physician, in 1834 professor of medicine in Königsberg, 1840, owners of large and small Wogenab at Elbing, 1848 Member of the Parliament in Frankfurt aM, 1861 owner of Salzbach near Drengfurt, moved again in 1866 to Königsberg, from 1870 in Neuteich (West Prussia). (Photo of Bernhard August Kähler and his second wife.)
      (Stammtafel B.V) Bernhard besuchte das Friedrichskollegium und die Universität in Königsberg (Pr.), promoviert am 10.05.1831, Staatsprüfung in Berlin am 07.05.1832, Ende 1832 ausübender Arzt, 1834 Privatdozent der Medizin in Königsberg (Pr.), 1840 Besitzer von Groß und Klein Wogenab bei Elbing, 1848 Abgeordneter beim Parlament in Frankfurt a.M., 1861 Besitzer von Salzbach bei Drengfurt, zog 1866 wieder nach Königsberg (Pr.), ab 1870 in Neuteich (Westpreußen).
      1. BERNHARD JOHANN AUGUST KÄHLER, b. May 12, 1837; d. November 22, 1866 (age 29).
      2. OTTILIE SOPHIE JULIE KÄHLER, b. June 19, 1838; d. December 27, 1870 (age 32).
      3. MAXIMILIAN BERNHARD AUGUST KÄHLER, b. January 03, 1840; d. January 01, 1907 (age 66); married on August 25, 1875 to CARTHARINA JULIE OTTILIE PFAUL (daughter of his mother's brother) b. May 30, 1853 in Braunsberg, d. July 04, 1888. Ottenhagen is an estate in Kreis Königsberg/Samland, East Prussia. Johann Gerhard Heinrich Kloevekorn owned it and then sold it. Maximilian was the administrator and overseer and he remained in that position after Ottenhagen was sold. (Johann Gerhard Heinrich Kloevekorn was married to Sophie Friederike Ottilie Kähler (B.V.6. in this chart).)
        1. HERMANN BERNHARD MAX KÄHLER, b. August 26, 1877, married in Königsberg on April 27, 1906 to ELSA DOROTHEA MEISNER, b. Match 20, 1885 in Königsberg.
          1. GEORG MAX KÄHLER, b. June 30, 1908 in Königsberg.
        2. HERMANN BERNHARD OTTO KÄHLER, b. December 13, 1878, d. November 26, 1892 (age 13).
        3. SYLVIA OTTILIE MARGARETHE KÄHLER, b. September 22, 1880 in Ottenhagen, East Prussia, d. November 24, 1952 (age 72) in Hellendorf near Hannover, married her relative WILHELM WOLFGANG KLOEVEKORN (B.V.6.f. in this tree) on November 09, 1903 in Ottenhagen. He was b. August 28, 1876, d. March 08, 1949 (age 72) in Hannover. See B.V.6.f. for details of Wilhelm's life. At the end of WWII, Margarethe happened to be in their summer home in Hellendorf, which was under British occupation. Her husband and his sister Marie Anna were in the Russian zone. Her husband finally got back to Hellendorf in 1946, in a rather daring escape riding a freight train that crossed the border from east to west. They had no children but adopted one son, Wilhelm's nephew, EBERHARD HELMUT WERNER KLOEVEKORN (B.V.6.c.C. in this tree).
        4. HERMANN BERNHARD BRUNO* KÄHLER (KAEHLER), b. March 08, 1882 with his twin sister in Ottenhagen; d. January 20, 1953 (age 70). He went to Holland and worked in the tulip fields as a young man. He emigrated to America in January 1909. Bruno drove a mule team pulling a fresno scraper for grading roads in Medford, Oregon. He was a teamster with a wagon near Ferndale, CA. He trained to become a milk tester for the State of California. He tested dairy cows for tuberculosis and butter fat content. On July 31, 1917 in Ferndale, CA he married ELEANOR IDA VARLEY, b. March 08, 1887, daughter of Edwin Varley and Ida Estella King. Bruno and Eleanor owned a farm in Orland, CA, then moved to Loleta, CA. Bruno (photo) was a clerk and bookkeeper in the Dixon and Dixon General Store for many years. Eleanor was the county librarian for Loleta, CA.
          1. RUTH* OTTILIE IDA KAEHLER, b. 1919 in Ferndale Orland, CA, d. ( ); married JOSEPH TOSTE in 1943 in Fortuna CA, d ( ).
            1. L. "C." TOSTE
            2. J. TOSTE
            3. L. TOSTE, a twin
              1. D. TOSTE married to Sarah ( )
                1. a girl
                2. a girl
                3. a child
              2. R. TOSTE married to Dave ( )
                1. a boy
                2. a boy
                3. a girl
              3. M. TOSTE married to Tami ( )
                1. a girl
                2. a girl
                3. a girl
            4. G. TOSTE, a twin, d. ( )
            5.   B. "S." TOSTE, d. ( )
          2. ALFRED KAEHLER, b. 1921 in Orland Ferndale, CA, married in 1948 in Ross, CA to JOAN ( ), b. 1920, d. 2008. He is a retired mechanical engineer and private pilot. He worked on the Manhattan Project. Al was the designer of the vacuum tank and supporting structure of the first 40 foot linear proton accelerator at Berkeley, CA. His web page. Joan was a bacteriologist and worked later at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).
            1. "Ted" KAEHLER, married in 1982 to CAROL (NASBY) ( ). Carol has two children, Mark and Sarah, by her first husband. Carol died in 1991 of complications of Type I diabetes. Ted married again in 1998 to CYNTHIA (McMAHON) ( ). She has two sons, Michael and Ryan, from a previous marriage. Cynthia and Ted have triplets. Cynthia died of ovarian cancer in 2020. Ted is a computer scientist. His web page. (Stammtafel B.V.3.d.B.I)
              1. E. KAEHLER, a triplet
              2. N. KAEHLER, a triplet
              3. C. KAEHLER, a triplet
            2. a son
            3. S. KAEHLER
        5. EVA SYLVIA OTTILIE KÄHLER, b. March 08, 1882 with her twin brother in Ottenhagen, d. 1960 (age 78). She was married on July 11, 1912 to Dr. Med. PAUL HERMANN SCHICK. He was b. June 07, 1883, and was still living in 1930. (Stammtafel B.V.3.e)
          1. GISELA ELFRIEDE ANGELIKA SCHICK, b. 1925 (adopted). Married HELMUT KÄHLER, her relative B.V.4.e.A. Helmut d. 1952. They lived in Bielefeld in 1947. (Stammtafel B.V.3.e.A)
            1. Dora KÄHLER, b. in the late 1940s. (Stammtafel B.V.3.e.A.I)
            2. Evelyn KÄHLER, b. in the late 1940s. (Stammtafel B.V.3.e.A.II)
            3. Bruno KÄHLER
            4. Dieter KÄHLER
        6. SYLVIA OTTILIE JULIE KÄHLER, b. February 24, 1884 in Ottenhagen, married in Danzig on April 28, 1908 to IMMANUEL JOHANNES* KARL BENICKEN, b. August 15, 1881. In January 1925 he became the Superintendant of the church district of Briesen in Villisass (Pommern). Sometime before the end of WWII he supervised an orphanage there. He was driven from his home after 1945. On October 10, 1946 he became pastor in Burg (in Fehmarn).
      4. ERNST BERNHARD AUGUST KÄHLER, b. October 17, 1842 in Gross Wogenab, d. November 29, 1903 (age 61) in Neuteich bei Danzig. On February 14, 1872 in Brandenburg an der Havel, Brandenburg, he married PAULINE WILHELMINE "Minna" KRÜGER, b. July 20, 1847, d. May 05, 1901 in Stettin. She is related to CAROLINE LUISE SOPHIE KRÜGER (see B. I. 2.). Attended the Gymnasium in Elbing, the university in Halle and Königsberg Pr and the Theological Seminary at Wittenberg, On July 16, 1871 became pastor in Neuteich (West Prussia), 1882 Superintendent, was chairman of the West Prussian Provincial Synod of the West Prussian Gustav-Adolf-Verein, an Evangelical Mennonite orphanage founded in Neuteich.
        ... the merchant Gottfried Schmidt, sold the property for 12,500 dollars to Dr. Bernhard Kähler, who was very proud to have united the two Wogenaps after centuries of separation. The union did not last long. Already in 1856 Kähler sold Kleine Wogenap for 28,000 dollars to Heinrich Geysmer, ...
        (Stammtafel B.V.4) Besuchte das Gymnasium in Elbing, die Universität in Halle a.S. und Königsberg Pr. und das Predigerseminar in Wittenberg, wurde 16.07.1871 Pfarrer in Neuteich (Westpreußen), 1882 Superintendent, war Vorsitzender der Westpreußischen Provinzialsynode un des Westpreußischen Gustav-Adolf-Vereins, gründete ein evangelisch-menonitisches Waisenhaus in Neuteich,
        http://www.elbing-land-familienforschung.de/seite56.html: ... der Kaufmann Gottfried Schmidt, verkaufte das Gut für 12500 Taler an den Dr. med. Bernhard Kähler, der sehr stolz darauf war, die beiden Wogenap nach jahrhundertelanger Trennung wieder vereinigt zu haben. Die Vereinigung dauerte aber nicht lange. Schon 1856 verkaufte Kähler Kl. Wogenap für 28000 Taler an Heinrich Geysmer, ...
        1. ANNA WILHELMINE SOPHIE KÄHLER, b. 09 March 1873 in Neuteich, d. 13 Dec 1945 in Bielen (age 72). Married on July 21, 1896 in Neuteich to ALBERT VOß (Voss), b. April 28, 1866 in Lassan, d. 27 Mar 1934 in Neubabelsberg. (Stammtafel B.V.4.a)
          1. ELISABETH FRIEDA MARIE VOß, b. November 30, 1897 in Dargiz Krs. Ückermünde, d. 18 Jan 1983 (age 85) in Hannover, married in Ratzebuhr on July 20, 1923 to VOLKMAR KARL ROBERT SCHÜLER, b. December 12, 1890 in Rottleberode, d. 07 May 1945 in Frankreich. He served in the German Army in World War I. (Stammtafel B.V.4.a.A)
            1. ERDMUTHE HELENE SOPHIE SCHÜLER, b. 1924 in Berlin. (Stammtafel B.V.4.a.A.I)
            2. EGINHARDT VOLKMAR ALBERT SCHÜLER, b. December 05, 1926 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, d. 28 Dec 1991 (age 65) in Karlsruhe. On 13 May 1953 he married Ursula Dorothea Luise Rasch, b. 16 Dec 1922 in Hannover, d. 21 Nov 1995 in Karlsruhe-Durlach. (Stammtafel B.V.4.a.A.II)
              1. Alex SCHÜLER (Stammtafel B.V.4.a.A.II.1)
            3. VOLKMAR ROBERT BERNHARD SCHÜLER, b. 1928 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. (Stammtafel B.V.4.a.A.III)
        2. ERNST GOTTHILF BERNHARD KÄHLER, b. July 26, 1874 in Neuteich, married December 28, 1912 in Schleswig to BERTHA MARIE WILHELMINE REGELSEN, b. December 12, 1876 in Schleswig. (Stammtafel B.V.4.b)
        3. SIEGFRIED JOACHIM ERNST KÄHLER, b. January 20, 1876 in Neuteich, d. March 07, 1903 (age 27). (Stammtafel B.V.4.c)
        4. ANNA WILHELMINE CHARLOTTE ELISE KÄHLER, b. August 12, 1879 in Neuteich, d. October 19, 1924 (age 45) in Ratzebuhr. (Stammtafel B.V.4.d)
        5. OTTO GUSTAV OSWALD KÄHLER, b. April 01, 1881 in Neuteich, d. October 16, 1951 (age 70). On May 20, 1920 in Siliren he married HANNA THELEMANN, b. November 17, 1896 in Siliren. (Stammtafel B.V.4.e)
          1. HELMUT* BERNHARD HEINRICH KÄHLER, b. October 13, 1921 in Berlin, d. October 17, 1952 (age 31) of Poliomyelitis. He married GISELA ELFRIEDE ANGELIKA SCHICK, his adopted relative B.V.3.e.A. They had four children, listed in Gisela's entry above. (He is Stammtafel B.V.4.e.A)
          2. ERNST OSWALD REINHARD* KÄHLER, b. 1925 in Berlin, d. 2010. On 17 December 1950 in Kassel he married Ingeburg Noelle, b. 1924, d. 2007. Reinhard was a Theologian, Pfarrer and Superintendent of pastors in the Union Evangelischer Kirchen (United Evangelical Lutheran Church). (Stammtafel B.V.4.e.B)
            1. Reinhard KÄHLER, studied Theology and worked as a Pastor. (Stammtafel B.V.4.e.B.I)
              1. a daughter
              2. a son
              3. a son
              4. a daughter
            2. Bernhard KÄHLER, studied Theology and worked as a Pastor, then as a Propst (the same as a Superintendent), and is now retired. (Stammtafel B.V.4.e.B.II)
              1. a son
              2. a son
              3. a son
            3. Dorothea "Dörthe" KÄHLER, studied Theology and worked as a Pastor. She went to West Germany in 1982 and was separated from her entire family. She married in her new home. She is an author and a publisher, www.rainstein.de. She lives in Berlin. (Stammtafel B.V.4.e.B.III)
              1. ( ) Schmitt, male, a computer scientist at Google in the US.
              2. ( ) Hein, male, a senior business consultant for larger companies, especially for digitization, in Hamburg.
              3. ( ) Schmitt, female, math and software engineer at Cisco in London, UK.
            4. Joachim KÄHLER, studied Theology and worked as a Pastor. (Stammtafel B.V.4.e.B.IV)
              1. a son
              2. a son
        6. HERMANN MARTIN ADOLF KÄHLER, b. January 08, 1888 in Neuteich, d. 04 March 1971 (age 83) in Salzwedel, married in Horburg on August 20, 1929 to AMALIE LOUISE "Liesel" KÖNIG, b. November 02, 1907 in Horburg, d. 10 August 1981 (age 73) in Salzwedel. Occupation in 1927: Municipal operating engineer at the plant. Attended high school at Marienburg, 1905-07, volunteer at the Elisabethhütte aH Brandenburg, in 1907-09 attended the Royal Engineering school at Stettin with final examination as an engineer. Worked as an engineer in various cities for the company of Rud. Förster and the AG für Gas und Elektrizität in Cologne. Went in spring 1914 to German East Africa, was there until August 1914 as a planter in Ngombe and Arnoldshof in Moshi (near Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania), since August 13, 1914 was a volunteer in the Colonial Army under General von Lettow-Vorbeck, directed until March 1916, porters and commissary in Moshi. On 18.11.1917 the English captured Nambindinga a few km south of Ndanda. Was in captivity in the Tura prison camp near Cairo. Repatriated on 16.11.1919. From 1920, again in the service of AG für Gas und Elektrizität, Cologne, in Dortmund. As a civil engineer in the district of Waldenburg in Silesia, from December 1921 operation of the municipal engineer depots in Allenstein, on 01.01.1924 chief engineer and secretary.
          (Stammtafeln B.V.4.f) Beruf 1927: Ingenieur beim Städtischen Betriebswerk. Besuchte das Gymnasium zu Marienburg, 1905-07 Volontär in der Elisabethhütte zu Brandenburg a.H., besuchte 1907-09 die Kgl. Maschinenbauschule zu Stettin mit Abschlußprüfung als Ingenieur. Als Ingenieur in verschiedenen Städten für die Firma Rud. Förster und die AG für Gas und Elektrizität in Köln. Ging im Frühjahr 1914 nach Deutsch-Ostafrika, war dort bis August 1914 als Pflanzer in Ngombere und Arnoldshof bei Moschi, seit 13.08.1914 als Freiwilliger in der Schutztruppe unter General von Lettow-Vorbeck, leitete bis März 1916 das Trägerlager und dessen Verpflegung in Moschi. Geriet am 18.11.1917 in Nambindinga in engl. Gefangenschaft, über Indien in das Gefangenenlager Tura bei Kairo. Am 16.11.1919 in die Heimat entlassen. Ab 1920 wieder im Dienst der AG Gas und Elektrizität Köln in Dortmund. Als Bauingenieur im Kreis Waldenburg in Schlesien, ab Dezember 1921 Betriebsingenieur der Städtischen Betriebswerke in Allenstein, ab 01.01.1924 Oberingenieur und Prokurist.
          1. H.M.A. KÄHLER (male), married DORA ( )
            1. K. KÄHLER (female)
            2. J. KÄHLER (female) married ADOLF ( )
            3. M. KÄHLER (female)
            He married a second time to RUTH ( )
          2. D.-E. KÄHLER married WALTER SCHWARZ.
            1. A. SCHWARZ (male)
            2. C. SCHWARZ (female)
            3. D. SCHWARZ (female)
            4. M.-L. SCHWARZ (female)
          3. E. B. KÄHLER (male) married MARGIT ( )
            1. B. KÄHLER married PETRA ( )
              1. A. KÄHLER (male)
              2. J.-O. KÄHLER (female)
          4. E. S. KÄHLER (female) married M. SIEWERT
            1. B. SIEWERT (male) married INES ( ) (Stammtafel B.V.4.f.D.I)
              1. P. SIEWERT (male)
              2. V. SIEWERT (female)
            2. A. SIEWERT (female) married THOMAS ( )
              1. JAKOB ( ) (male)
              2. LUISE ( ) (female)
        7. WILHELMINE LOUISE "Elisabeth" KÄHLER, b. February 17, 1890 in Neuteich, Danzig, Pommern, Polen, d. August 21 Aug 1967 in Wiesbaden, married in Halle on August 31, 1909 to Lic. theol. D. REINHARD FRIEDRICH WILHELM "Reinhard" MUMM, b. July 25, 1873 in Düsseldorf, d. August 25, 1932 in Berlin-Charlottenburg.
          1. ANNE-MINNE* AGNES MUMM, b. April 27, 1911 in Berlin, d. 16.07.2001 in Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Niedersachsen.
          2. ELISABETH CHRISTIANE "Christa" MUMM, b. February 08, 1913, in Berlin, d. 22.05.1988 in Dießen am Ammersee, Landsberg am Lech, Bayern. On 15 Sep 1939 in Berlin Steglitz, she married "Will" Wilhelm Lütgert, b. 09.09.1909 in Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt, d. 19.07.1943 in Gruschewacha, Donez, Russia.
            1. (female)
            2. (male)
          3. CHRISTIAN OSWALD REINHARD* MUMM, b. December 24, 1916 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, d. August 12, 1986 in Grafing, Bad Tolz-Wolfratshausen near Munich. He was a pastor. On 19 Jul 1944 he married Hildegart* Agnes Eva STÄHLIN, b. 19.03.1918 in Nürnberg, Bayern, daughter of Ernst "Wilhelm" Stählin, b. September 26, 1883 in Gunzenhausen, d. December 16, 1975, Prien, and Pauline Wilhelmine Luise "Emmy" Thäter, b. May 22, 1886 in Metz, d. May 20, 1945 in Oldenburg. Hildegart Stählin is the great great great granddaughter of the businessman and politician Paul Wolfgang Merkel (1756-1820) from Nuremberg.
            1. ( ). G. W. MUMM, married C. BENESCH (This subtree is not in the 1930 Kähler book. The source is www.merkelstiftung.de.)
              1. C. MUMM married HEIKO ELSTER
              2. T. MUMM (male)
            2. H. M. MUMM married I. SPIEGEL-SCHMIDT
              1. J. MUMM (female)
              2. M. MUMM (female)
              3. M. MUMM (female)
            3. E. R. R. MUMM married M. RÜCKERT(?)
              1. J. Dr. RÜCKERT (male)
              2. M. RÜCKERT (female)
              3. F. RÜCKERT (male)
              4. A. RÜCKERT married C. PRAGER
                1. E. PRAGER (female)
                2. J. PRAGER (male)
                3. R. PRAGER (male), b. 2010
                4. ( ) PRAGER
            4. ( ). C. H. MUMM married GUNNAR KARLSSON, b. May 13, 1947
              1. L. MUMM (male)
              2. G. F. J. MUMM (male)
              3. S. MUMM (female)
            5. ( ). A. J. B. MUMM (male)
            6. Reinhard Johannes MUMM, b. 06 Dec 1945, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, d. 18 Apr 1950 in Minden, Nordrhein-Westfalen (age 4).
          4. ADOLF WILHELM BERNHARD* MUMM, b. January 14, 1919 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, d. 2005.
      5. and an infant who died: BERNHARD LUDWIG AUGUST KÄHLER, b. March 29, 1841; d. September 11, 1841.
      August married a second time to MARIANNE SOPHIE AMALIE HELMUTH on August 31, 1845. (Photo of Bernhard August and Marianne Sophie Amalie. (Same as above))
      1. SOPHIE FRIEDERIKE OTTILIE KÄHLER, b. June 04, 1846 in Wogenab, d. June 11, 1885 in Klein Haverbeck. She died at age 39, fifteen days after giving birth to her 12th child. Married in Königsberg on June 05, 1867 to JOHANN GERHARD HEINRICH KLOEVEKORN, b. February 02, 1839, d. May 04, 1927. In 1865 Gerhard bought the estate Ottenhagen in Kreis Königsberg/Samland, East Prussia. (There are some books that were written by Marion Gräfin Dönhoff in which she mentions Ottenhagen.) He sold Ottenhagen in 1874 to Count von Dönhoff Friedrichstein and bought Klein Haverbeck in 1875 from Georg Brauer and his wife Friederike (Lueder). Klein Haverbeck is an estate in the county of Preussisch Eylau in East Prussia, now called Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. The town of Preussisch Eylau is now called Bagrationovsk. Gerhard studied agriculture at the University in Jena between 1858 and 1860. He was apparently quite wealthy and traveled extensively. In 1903 he went on a study tour through the United States. Retired in 1910 in Berlin-Steglitz. More on the history of the Kloevekorn family.
        1. Dr. phil. HEINRICH WILHELM BERNHARD KLOEVEKORN, b. December 24, 1868 in Ottenhagen, d. July 22, 1925 in Köln. Was married on April 07, 1896 in Gumbinnen to ELISE FRIEDERIKE WILHEMINE GERCKE, b. October 14, 1874 in Hannover.
          1. WOLFGANG ERNST HEINRICH KLOEVEKORN, b. November 11, 1898 in Plön. Married on March 26, 1926 in Königsberg to ELLINOR MARIE ELISABETH ASCHMANN, b. March 09, 1906 in Königsberg.
            1. WOLF-GERHARD WALTHER HEINRICH KLOEVEKORN, b. 1927 in Königsberg.
          2. HERBERT ERNST HEINRICH KLOEVEKORN, b. May 16, 1908 in Köslin.
        2. SOPHIE GERTRUD KLOEVEKORN, b. May 15, 1870, d. July 12, 1871 in Ottenhagen.
        3. JOHANN BERNHARD KLOEVEKORN, b. October 01, 1871 in Ottenhagen, married on September 24, 1909 in Königsberg to MARGARETE NORGALL, b. January 12, 1883 in Königsberg.
          1. BERNHARD KURT HEINRICH KLOEVEKORN, b. January 07, 1913 in Brosowen.
            2. VOLKER KLOEVEKORN
            4. RUEDIGER BERND-RAINER KLOEVEKORN, married to HEINKE STIEFEL. He has a degree in computer science and lives in Neunkirchen, Germany.
              1. (child) (a twin)
              2. (child) (a twin)
          2. DIETRICH JULIUS WALTER KLOEVEKORN, b. November 14, 1919 in Brosowen
          3. WERNER HELMUTH EBERHARD KLOEVEKORN, b. 1924 in Neu-Goldahnen. Adopted by WILHELM WOLFGANG KLOEVEKORN (B.V.6.f.) and SYLVIA OTTILIE MARGARETHE KÄHLER (B.V.3.c.). Married EVA PETERS. They did not have any other children.
        4. OTTILIE GERTRUD ANTONIE KLOEVEKORN, b. September 23, 1872 in Ottenhagen, d. January 20, 1956, married on June 30, 1899 in Klein Haverbeck to MAX FUNCK, b. February 20, 1871 in Schmelz by Memel, d. January 01, 1937. He was the owner of the country estate Deutsch Crottingen (Kretinga) in Memel (Klaipeda).
          1. LUDWIG HEINRICH EBERHARD FUNCK, b. May 24, 1900 in Deutsch Crottingen (Kretinga) in Memel (Klaipeda). He was a student of agriculture in Halle/Saale and disappeared around 1923, and was never heard from again.
          2. GERTRUDE EMMA OTTILIE FUNCK, b. July 03, 1902 in Deutsch Crottingen (Kretinga) in Memel (Klaipeda), d. September 11, 1996 in Obernkirchen. She graduated from Preussisch Eylau Teacher's Seminary. She taught Home Economics to future farm wives. In 1934 she married "Fredy" GERHARD KLOEVEKORN, a second cousin, b. May 17, 1904, d. January 14, 1986 in Bad Nenndorf. Freddy and his brothers were ship brokers (Schiffsmaklers) who negotiated rates and schedules for freight at the port of Danzig. He was drafted into the army in WWII and served in Poland and Russia. Ottilie and the two children had to flee in March of 1945 and left everything they owned behind. They ended up in Denmark for a year and a half, where they were interned in a refugee camp. Freddy survived the war and was reunited with them in 1946. The family started a new life outside of Hannover.
            1. KARIN KLOEVEKORN, b. Danzig, West Prussia, moved to the US in 1959 and married PAUL DREMANN. Lives in Michigan. Paul retired from General Motors as a Senior Graphics Engineer, and Karin retired from Volkswagen of America as an Administrative Assistant. (Stammtafel B.V.6.d.B.I)
              1. A. DREMANN (male) lives in Florida, a small business owner.
                1. C. DREMANN (female)
                2. B. DREMANN (female)
                3. K. DREMANN (female)
                4. A. DREMANN (male)
                5. A. DREMANN (male)
              2. M. DREMANN (male) lives in Maine. Sales representative for a large dental supply company.
                1. J. DREMANN (male)
                2. D. DREMANN (male)
            2. AXEL KLOEVEKORN, b. Danzig, West Prussia, married MECHTHILD ( ) in 1968, and divorced in 1980. Married again to CAROL DAY in 1981 in Epson, Surrey/England. Carol was born in Karachi, Pakistan as a British citizen. They have no children and live in Hamburg. They have a second home in Florida. Axel graduated from the University of Hamburg, worked for Volkswagen for two years, and then for the Exxon Corporation from 1969 until the end of 2001. He held in different positions in procurement and construction contracts, mostly in worldwide locations. He worked on new refineries, tank farms, heating plants, drilling platforms, and the Flexicoker project (in Holland). He was Head of Procurement for the international Exxon tanker fleet, and then worked on new gas stations in the former DDR. He worked in London and Brussels to introduce "best practices" methods in contruction and maintenance, mainly for gas stations. After his official resignation from Exxon he had a number of freelance positions in China, Belgium and Germany. He retired in 2010. (Stammtafel B.V.6.d.B.II)
          3. SIEGFRIED HELMUTH WILHELM FUNCK, b. October 15, 1907 in Deutsch Crottingen (Kretinga) in Memel (Klaipeda), died in 1914 in a farm accident.
          4. ULRICH ANTON FRANZ FUNCK, b. April 16, 1909 in Deutsch Crottingen (Kretinga) in Memel (Klaipeda), d. March 31, 1946 from wounds received in World War II. He never married. He lived almost all of his life in Memel, where his mother also lived. He was callled up into the German Army at the end of World War II. (Stammtafel B.V.6.d.D)
        5. ERNST WILHELM KLOEVEKORN, b. December 15, 1873 in Ottenhagen, d. January 14, 1960 in Hellendorf, married on July 19, 1905 in Breslau to HELENE AMALIE BERTHA FUNCK, b. June 11, 1876. She is a first cousin of MAX FUNCK who married OTTILIE GERTRUD ANTONIE KLOEVEKORN (B.V.6.d.). Ernst is (Stammtafel B.V.6.e).
          1. ELSA OTTILIE HELENE KLOEVEKORN, b. August 12, 1906 in Schönwalde, lived in the Netherlands.
          2. EMILIE GERTRUD ERIKA KLOEVEKORN, b. April 26, 1908 in Schönwalde, married HERBERT KUECK and lived for many years in Milan, Italy.
        6. WILHELM WOLFGANG KLOEVEKORN, b. August 28, 1876 in Klein Haverbeck, d. March 08, 1949 in Hannover, married on November 09, 1903 in Ottenhagen with his relative SYLVIA OTTILIE MARGARETHE KÄHLER, (B.V.3.c. in this tree), b. September 22, 1880 in Ottenhagen. Wilhelm researched his family tree and traced it back 600 years. He was an engineer and was part of a team that constructed the Tsingtau Pukow Railroad in China as well as the railroad in Bagdad in Aleppo in the years 1905-1911. His wife accompanied him on all of his assignments. Wilhelm Wolfgang was Reichsbahnabteilungspraesident (President of the Railroad Department) in Halle/Saale from 1933 to 1945. He loved hunting and had a summer home in Hellendorf/Hannover and private hunting grounds with a cottage in the "Lueneburger Heide" near Celle. When Germany was divided after WWII, Wilhelm Wolfgang was in Halle in the Russian zone. His wife happened to be in their summer home in Hellendorf, which was under British occupation. Wilhelm and his sister Marie Anna finally got back to Hellendorf in 1946, in a rather daring escape riding a freight train that crossed the border from east to west. Their home in Hellendorf included one room that was furnished entirely with Chinese treasures and another that was a Hunting Room with trophies all over the walls. They had no children but adopted one son, Wilhelm's nephew, EBERHARD HELMUT WERNER KLOEVEKORN (B.V.6.c.C. in this tree). Wilhelm's ashes are buried in the family grave at the Johannisfriedhof in Osnabrück.
        7. MARIE-ANNA KLOEVEKORN, b. August 06, 1878 in Klein Haverbeck, d. December 16, 1966 in Gronau/Alfeld, her ashes are buried in the family grave at the Johannisfriedhof in Osnabrück. She studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and became a teacher of French and History in Bromberg, Berlin and in Zullichau. At the close of WWII, she was in Halle in the Russian zone. Marie Anna finally got back to Hellendorf in 1946, in a rather daring escape with her brother riding a freight train that crossed the border from east to west. She never married.
        8. RUDOLF DIETRICH EBERHARD* KLOEVEKORN, b. April 22, 1880 in Klein Haverbeck, married on November 23, 1910 in Königsberg to SOPHIE MATZ, b. November 27, 1890 in Uderwangen. He took over Klein Haverbeck in 1910 when his father Heinrich Kloevekorn moved to Berlin-Steglitz. Eberhard was reported missing in the summer of 1946.
          1. ELEANORE ANNA* OTTILIE SOPHIE KLOEVEKORN, b. July 25, 1920 in Klein Haverbeck, d. January 02, 2017 (age 96) in Vienna Ostria. She married Carl Theodor Becker, b. February 13, 1921 in Bremen, Germany, d. June 07, 1997 (age 76) in Bad Harzburg, Germany.
            1. a child
            2. a child
          2. CHRISTINA* ANNA OTTILIE SOPHIE KLOEVEKORN, b. 1924 in Klein Haverbeck.
        9. (There is a mistake in the 1930 Kähler book. There should be no entry for the letter i, because it would be confused with the roman numeral i. Instead the printers left out the entry for the letter j.)
        10. MARIA KATHARINA CATHARINA KLOEVEKORN, b. July 20, 1881, d. February 02, 1883 in Klein Haverbeck. (Stammtafel B.V.6.i) (Stammtafel B.V.6.j)
        11. ANNA MARGARETHE KLOEVEKORN, b. January 03, 1884 in Klein Haverbeck, d. January 15, 1919 in Angerburg, married on November 25, 1910 to WALTER ERICH DROSS, b. June 13, 1880 in Freiwalde.
          1. HEINRICH WALTER ERICH DROSS, b. November 07, 1911 in Kupferhammer, Krs. Elbing. (One of these siblings is Walter Dross who lived as an adult in Miesburg/Hannover.)
          2. GERDA MARGARETE OTTILIE ANNA DROSS, b. December 26, 1914 in Bremen, married Mr. GEBHARD. They lived in Hamburg.
          3. HELMUT WILHELM EBERHARD DROSS, b. January 17, 1917 in Königsberg. Lived as an adult in Ahrensfeld/Hamburg.
          4. ECKARD FRIEDRICH WILHELM DROSS, b. November 11, 1918 in Kulfen.
        12. GERARD HELMUTH KLOEVEKORN, b. May 28, 1885 in Klein Haverbeck, fell in the battle of the Somme, d. July 29, 1916. He was director at the Deutsche Bank in Constantinopel. Married on November 07, 1911 in Constantinopel to DORTHEA SOPHIE KOHLHAMMER, b. September 05, 1887 in Heidelberg, d. March 18, 1982 in Heidelberg.
          1. HELMTRAUT DOROTHEA KLOEVEKORN, b. December 20, 1914 in Heidelberg.
          Dorothea Sophie married a second time on May 24, 1923 to the engineer Wilhelm Engehausen in Bremen. They had a daughter, Ortrun Engehausen, who married an American soldier and became Ortrun Gilbert. They lived in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
          Ortrun's biography
        13. HANS KLOEVEKORN, b. April 09, 1875, d. April 17, 1875, (not baptized).
      3. SOPHIE FRIEDERIKE JULIE KÄHLER, b. December 16, 1848. She was a teacher in England for a long time, and then returned to Königsberg.
      4. SOPHIE FRIEDERIKE ANTONIE "Tony" KÄHLER, b. December 03, 1851
      5. AUGUSTE SOPHIE FRIEDERIKE FERDINANDE KÄHLER, b. May 08, 1859 in Wogenab, married in Neuteich on February 13, 1883 to GOTTFRIED WILHELM WALTER DROSS, b. January 24, 1851, landowner of Freiwalde bei Elbing, son of Dr. med. Dross and his wife Marie.
        1. ROBERT BERNHARD WALTER DROSS, b. October 24, 1883 in Friewalde, joined reserve Infantry Regiment 18 as a Leutnant on August 03, 1914, fell near Tannenberg, d. August 26, 1914. (Stammtafel B.V.10.a)
        2. MAX WALTER ROBERT DROSS, b. May 03, 1885 in Freiwalde. Was a framer.
        3. MARIANNE AUGUSTE ELISABETH DROSS, b. January 09, 1887, in Friewalde, married in Elbing on May 17, 1927 to Dr. jur. KARL FRIEDRICH BARTELS, b. January 09, 1877 in Kukehnen D/Br. In December 1912 he became a salaried city counsel member in Elbing, and on December 20, 1918 he became second Bürgermeister (vice mayor?).
        4. BERNHARD WALTER ROBERT DROSS, b. August 25, 1888, d. September 08, 1888 in Freiwalde.
        5. WALTER AUGUST BERNHARD DROSS, b. September 17, 1889 in Freiwalde, went in 1913 to California to his stepbrother, is an electronic technician in Samoa, Humboldt County, California. Now in Portland, Oregon. Married in Schnelsen on January 17, 1917 to FRIEDA MAGDALENA STRÖH, b. August 19, 1893, daughter of head gardener Ströh of Pasadena CA.
          1. HELMUTH WALTER DROSS, b. January 21, 1918 in Oceanside, CA.
          2. KARLA MARGARETE DROSS, b. December 05, 1921 in Oceanside, CA.
          3. ORTWIN DROSS, b. August 11, 1927 in Portland, Oregon (not August 08 as stated in the book, corrected by Bruno Kaehler).
        6. FRIEDRICH WILHELM GERHARD DROSS, b. March 22, 1891 in Friewalde, served as Leutnant in the Infantry Regiment 81 in the German Army in World War I.
        7. SIEGFRIED WALTER HELMUTH DROSS, b. January 21, 1895, in Elbing, served in Infantry Regiment 148, was wounded twice, fell and d. July 22, 1915 near Woislawicze in Südpolen (southern Poland). (Stammtafel B.V.10.g)
        8. GOTTHARD WALTER ROBERT DROSS, b. September 21, 1896, d. December 16, 1899 in Elbing.
    6. SOPHIE FERDINANDE "Nanny" KÄHLER, b. May 23, 1810 in Cottbus; d. January 10, 1883; married in Königsberg on December 21, 1827 to Dr. Phil. ALBERT LEOPOLD JULIUS OHLERT, b. October 01, 1799 in Marienweder. Nanny lived as a widow in Königsberg, Wogenab, Elbing, and Gumbinnen. Lived in Danzig. Julius was a teacher and school superintendent, d. May 18, 1839 in Heiligenbeil.
      1. SOPHIE FERDINANDE ROSALIE* OHLERT, b. December 21, 1828 in Königsberg, d. July 21, 1897 in Zoppot. Married in Elbing on October 01, 1855 to her father's half-brother, Dr. phil. AUGUST BERNHARD ADALBERT OHLERT, b. August 15, 1821, d. January 16, 1891. (Stammtafel B.VI.1)
        1. BERNHARD JULIUS ARNOLD EPHRAIM OHLERT, b. October 30, 1856, d. 12 September 1911 (age 54) in Zoppot, on 29 September 1884 in Danzig he married JOHANNA EMILIE AMALIE SCHUBERT, b. 14 June 1859 in Danzig. He studied philology at Leipzig, Berlin, Paris and London, was a teacher at the high school for girls in Kneiphof to Königsberg Pr lived since 1909 in Zoppot.
          Er studierte Philologie in Leipzig, Berlin, Paris und London, war Lehrer an der Höheren Töchterschule im Kneiphof zu Königsberg Pr., lebte ab 1909 in Zoppot. (Stammtafel B.VI.1.a)
        2. BERNHARD MAX* FERDINAND OHLERT, b. December 01, 1857 in Elbing, d. 06 January 1928 (age 70) in Hamburg, on 14 January 1890 in Hamburg he married ELISE HENRIETTE CHRISTIANE HENSING, b. 10 June 1864 in Hamburg. He attended public school and high school in Gumbinnen in Danzig, was a merchant in Danzig, Bialystock, and Hamburg. Posted to Cameroon in the service of the company C. Wörmann, Jr. then returned to Hamburg as a bookkeeper. From 1900 he was an authorized officer of the bank Wilhelm Rée Jr.
          (Stammtafel B.VI.1.b.) Er besuchte die Bürgerschule in Gumbinnen und das Gymnasium zu Danzig, wurde Kaufmann in Danzig, Bialystock, Hamburg, Kamerun im Dienste der Firma C. Wörmann, dann wieder in Hamburg als Buchhalter, ab 1900 Prokurist des Bankhauses Wilhelm Rée jr.
        3. EVA* ROSE OHLERT, b. October 31, 1861 in Elbing. On 4 December 1878 in Danzig she married FRIEDRICH WILHELM JULIUS WALTSGOTT, b. 24 January 1854 in Neisse. They divorced in 1885, and she lived as a music teacher in Berlin-Zehlendorf. He was a helmsman and reserve officer.
          1885 geschieden, lebte als Musiklehrerin in Berlin-Zehlendorf. Er var Steuermann und Reserveoffizier.
          1. BERNHARD* FRITHJOF JULIUS WALTSGOTT, b. 06 September 1879 in Hamburg, d. 21 July 1919 (age 39) near München. On 12 March 1901 in Schmölln (Thüringen) he married MARIA MAGDALENA GOLDMANN, b. July 1880 in Schmölln (Thüringen). They divorced in 1905. (Stammtafel B.VI.1.c.A.)
            1. Bernhard* Ernst Julius Waltsgott, b. 11 November 1900 in Schmölln (Thüringen).
            2. Elisabeth* Maria Agnes Waltsgott, b. 01 November 1902 in Schmölln (Thüringen).

            He married a second time at age 29 to Marie* Dorothea Heim on 22 May 1909 in München. She was b. 27 November 1871, in Schwärzelbach, Bayern. They divorced in 1917. Widowed? Noder. Lived in Munich.
            • III. (male)
        4. BERNHARDINE ERDMUTHE MARIE* OHLERT, b. July 19, 1865 in Gumbinnen, d. July 24 1917 in Hamburg.
        5. EMILIE* AUGUSTE ELISABETH OHLERT, b. November 12, 1867 in Gumbinnen. Attended the Oehlrich'sche Higher School to Gdansk, the trade school there in 1885-87, 1893 took the exam for gymnastics and crafts, 1900, in cooking, 1905 for swimming, 1894-96 was a teacher at the school Stobbe'schen, 1897-1900 the Lord villages-girls school in Königsberg Pr, 1900-1902 at the private school of Julie Kahler (B.V.8) in Hanau am Main, and from October 1902 municipal technical teacher in Königsberg.
          (Stammtafel B.VI.1.e) Besuchte die Oehlrich'sche Höhere Töchterschule zu Danzig, die Gewerbeschule daselbst 1885-87, machte 1893 das Examen für Turnen und Handarbeit, 1900 für Kochen, 1905 für Schwimmen, war 1894-96 Lehrerin an der Stobbe'schen Fachschule, 1897-1900 an der Herrendörfer-Mädchenschule in Königsberg Pr., 1900 bis 1902 an der Töchterschule von Julie Kähler (B.V.8) in Hanau a.M. und ab Oktober 1902 städtische technische Lehrerin in Königsberg.
        6. SOPHIE ROSALIE FERDINANDE OHLERT, b. November 30, 1858, d. September 23, 1859. (died as a child)
        7. SIEGFRIED BERNHARD AUGUST OHLERT, b. July 17, 1860, d. May 25, 1861. (died as a child)
        8. SOPHIE ERDMUTHE AGNES OHLERT, b. December 16, 1862, d. November 10, 1865. (died as a child)
        9. HEINRICH JULIUS FERDINAND OHLERT, b. March 19, 1864, d. April 1865. (died as a child)
      2. AGNES* SOPHIE FERDINANDE ELISE OHLERT, b. April 23, 1830 in Königsberg, d. February 20, 1916. Lived with her sister Rosalie, and later with her niece Johanna Ohlert (B.VI.1.a.). (Stammtafel B.VI.2)
      3. FERDINANDE* "Nanny" ELISABETH AUGUSTE SOPHIE OHLERT, b. March 18, 1837 in Heiligenbeil, d. 28 May 1882 (age 45) in Kowno (Litauen). On 02 June 1865 in Elbing she married Emil Heinrich* Ohlert, b. 10 December 1835 in Königsberg (Pr.), d. 17 August 1886 (age 50). (Stammtafel B.VI.3)
        1. Ferdinande Auguste Julie* Ohlert, b. 20 June 1866 in Königsberg (Pr.), d. 1923 (age 56) in Telsiai (Telschi), Lithuania.
          (Stammtafel B.VI.3.a) als Frau Zürn gestorben.
        2. Agnes* Nina Rose Ohlert, b. 22 November 1867, d. 13 August 1868 (age 8 months) in Kowno, Lithuania. (Stammtafel B.VI.3.b)
        3. Sophie Christiane Dorothee* Ohlert, b. 18 February 1869.
        4. Bernhard Robert Gustav* Ohlert, b. 11 March 1870. Russian investigator, lived in 1913 in Petersburg, expects to move to Vladivostok.
          russischer Untersuchungsrichter, lebte 1913 in Petersburg, soll nach Wladiwostock verzogen sein.
        5. Heinrich Gerhard* Ohlert, b. 17 October 1871. Russian colonel, believed to have moved to the Caucasus preceeding World War II.
          (Stammtafel B.VI.3.e)
          russischer Oberst, hat am Weltkrieg teigenommen, soll in den Kaukasus verzogen sein.
        6. Heinrich Alexander* Ohlert, b. 15 February 1881, d. 06 June 1881 (age 3 months).
      4. SOPHIE FERDINANDE JULIE ELISABETH OHLERT, b. March 18, 1832, d. June 02, 1838. (died as a child)
      5. LUDWIG AUGUST JULIUS FERDINAND OHLERT, b. August 27, 1838, d. October 18, 1846 in Kleine Wogenab. (died as a child)
    7. SOPHIE AGNES* KÄHLER, b. December 29, 1812; d. March 20, 1872; married to ADOLF* AEMIT LEONHART PREUß on May 08, 1835 in Königsberg Pr. Adolf b. 31 March 1802 in Freihan bei Militsch (Schlesien), d. 23 February 1867 (age 64). He attended the University of Königsberg Pr, curate in Breslau, on 11.12.1830 he became Pastor in a model village at Haynau.
      besuchte die Universität zu Königsberg Pr., Hilfsprediger in Breslau, 11.12.1830 Pastor in Modelsdorf bei Haynau.
      1. Agnes* Sophie Adolfine Preuß, b. 15 January 1837, d. 14 December 1914 (age 77) in Auerbach (Vogtland). From 1889 lived in her brother August's house (B.VII.4) in Rothenkirchen and Auerbach in Vogtland.
        (Stammtafel B.VII.1)
        lebte ab 1889 im Hause ihres Bruders Augustr (B.VII.4) in Rothenkirchen und Auerbach im Vogtland.
      2. Johanna Elisabeth* Agnes Preuß, b. 29 June 1838 in Modelsdorf (Krs. Goldberg, Schlesien), d. 14 May 1910 (age 71) in Tschöplowitz (Krs. Namslau-Brieg). Married to Paul Hermann* Oswald Meisner on 15 June 1864 (age 25) Modelsdorf. He was b. 13 December 1837 in Bunzlau, d. 22 April 1928 (age 90) in Cossar (Krs Crossen a.O.). From 1863 pastor and district inspector of schools in Model Village, district Goldberg, 01.10.1887 pastor and superintendent to Tschöplowitz, Krs-Namslau Brieg, lived from 01.04.1922 with his son Hermann in Cossar, Krs Croffen a.O.
        ab 1863 Pastor und Kreisschulinspektor in Modelsdorf, Kreis Goldberg, 01.10.1887 Pastor und Superintendent zu Tschöplowitz, Krs Namslau-Brieg, lebte ab 01.04.1922 bei seinem Sohn Hermann in Cossar, Krs Croffen a.O.
        1. Agnes Alwine Dorothea Elisabeth* Meisner, b. 23 April 1865 in Modelsdorf, d. 7 August 1888 (age 23) in Tschöplowitz (Krs. Namslau-Brieg).
        2. Hermann* Johannes Meisner, b. 01 June 1866, attended high school in Liegnitz and Jauer studied theology in Leipzig, Halle aS and Breslau, since 01.04.1902 was pastor in Cossar (Krs Cossen a.O.).
          (Stammtafel B.VII.2.b) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Liegnitz und Jauer, studierte Theologie in Leipzig, Halle a.S. und Breslau, seit 01.04.1902 Pastor in Cossar (Krs. Cossen a.O.).
        3. Friedrich Wilhelm* Meisner, b. 14 June 1868 in Modelsdorf. Married Babette Adelheid Erna* Behrens on 15 May 1906 in Berlin. She was born in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Wilhelm attended high school at Jauer. Military career 01.02.1919 farewell as Major d.R., from 03.05.1889 to 15.02.1894 in the Customs and Border Service of the Royal Provincial Tax Directorate of the Province of West Prussia working in Elbing, Straburg Westpr., Schönsee, Graudenz Gollup, Gdansk Nowy Port. On 15.02.1894 went to Berlin as a candidate for the senior police executive service, 01.03.1895 interim police lieutenant and district chief, 01.07.1919 Polizeihauptman and leader of the protection team in Charlottenburg, 11.10.1920 police Major, retired 01.04.1927, lived then in Berlin-Schöneberg.
          (Stammtafel B.VII.2.c) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Jauer, Militärlaufbahn, 01.02.1919 Abschied als Major d.R., vom 03.05.1889 bis 15.02.1894 im Zoll- und Grenzdienst der Kgl. Provinzial-Steuerdirektion der Provinz Westpreußen beschäftigt in Elbing, Straburg Westpr., Schönsee, Graudenz, Gollup, Danzig, Neufahrwasser, trat am 15.02.1894 in Berlin als Anwärter für den höheren Polizei-Exekutivdienst ein, 01.03.1895 interimistischer Polizeileutnant und Reviervorsteher, 01.07.1919 Polizeihauptman und Führer der Schutzmannschaft in Charlottenburg, 11.10.1920 Polizeimajor, 01.04.1927 pensioniert, lebte dann in Berlin-Schöneberg.
          1. (female)
          2. (female)
          3. (female)
          4. (male)
        4. Margarethe Stephanie Martha Meisner, b. 20 August 1869 in Modelsdorf (Krs. Goldberg, Schlesien), d. 20 April 1888 (age 18) in Tschöplowitz (Krs. Namslau-Brieg).
        5. Gotthold* Sigismund Meisner, b. 19 January 1871 in Modelsdorf (Krs. Goldberg, Schlesien). On 03 July 1920 he married Frieda* Wilhelmine Theresia Schäfer, b. 9 November 1894 in Straßburg i.E. Gotthold went to high school and to Jauer Ohlau, studied two semesters of law in Breslau. Military career, promoted on 09.04.1920 to a lieutenant colonel, then lived in Karlsruhe i.B.
          (Stammtafel B.VII.2.e) besuchte die Gymnasien zu Jauer und Ohlau, studierte zwei Semester Rechtswissenschaften in Breslau, Militärlaufbahn, am 09.04.1920 verabschiedet als Oberstleutnant, lebte dann in Karlsruhe i.B.
        6. Hedwig* Clara Elisabeth Meisner, b. 20 August 1872 in Modelsdorf (Krs. Goldberg, Schlesien). A nurse starting in 1897, from 1924 Technical Assistant in the District Hospital, Berlin-Brit.
          (Stammtafel B.VII.2.f) ab 1897 Schwester, ab 1924 technische Assistentin im Kreiskrankenhaus Berlin-Britz.
        7. Clara* Dorothea Elisabeth Meisner, b. 15 March 1875 in Modeldorf (Krs. Goldberg, Schlesien), d. 10 September 1914 (age 39) in Cossar (Krs Crossen a.O.).
        8. Marianne* Dorothea Elisabeth Meisner, b. 11 May 1877 in Modeldorf (Krs. Goldberg, Schlesien). Married Hans Polst on 10 August 1915 in Breslau. Hans was b. 10 March 1877 in Lipie (Krs. Lublinitz, Oberschlesien), d. 24 August 1915 in Zielony-Pworze (Russia). He fell in battle 13 days after they were married.
      3. Hans Bernhard* Hermann Preuß, b. 25 November 1843, d. 22 May 1862 (age 18). High school in Legnica, died in the parental home.
      4. Siegfried August* Adolf Preuß, b. 21 December 1852 in Modelsdorf (Krs. Goldberg, Schlesien), d. 18 October 1914 (age 61) in Hirschberg. Married Marie* Magdalene Helene Mathilde Cnopf on 24 November 1875 in Erlangen. She was b. 18 September 1854 in Erlangen. After his death, she lived as a widow in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. August attended high school at Jauer, studied theology in Erlangen and Halle a.S., 1874 curate at Mitre, 14.11.1875 Pastor in Angstedt and Wümbach in the Principality of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, 1880 in Frössen at Hirschberg, put 1888 retired and lived in Haynau, Jauer Hirschberg, Görlitz.
        (Stammtafel B.VII.4) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Jauer, studierte Theologie in Erlangen und Halle a.S., 1874 Hilfsprediger in Gehren, 14.11.1875 Pastor in Angstedt und Wümbach im Fürstentum Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, 1880 in Frössen bei Hirschberg, legte 1888 sein Amt niederund lebte danach in Haynau, Jauer, Hirschberg, Görlitz.
        1. Friederike Agnes Lina* Marie Preuß, b. 30 September 1876, d. 23 December 1876 (age 2 months).
        2. August Adolf Martin* Preuß, b. 10 November 1878, d. 21 June 1879 (age 7 months).
        3. Siegfried* Hermann Theodor Preuß, b. 04 December 1879. Married Paula Hupka on 15 February 1904. She was b. 05 April 1880 in Ginsdorf (Krs. Neustadt o/Schl.) He was a saddler in World War I, gave up being a saddler in 1918, lived as a security officer in Hirschberg i. Schl.
          (Stammtafel B.VII.4.c) gab das Sttlergeschäft 1918 auf, lebte als Wachbeamter in Hirschberg i. Schl.
        4. Heinrich* August Alexius Preuß, b. 17 July 1881. Married Martha* Emma Klara Winkler on 12 January 1908 in Görlitz i. Schl. Sen was b. 03 January 1878 in Görlitz. Later joined? business education? in the Ministry of Justice, 01.02.1909 Justice Secretary in Strehlen i. Schl.
          (Stammtafel B.VII.4.d) Trat nach kufmännischer Ausbildung später in den Justizdienst, 01.02.1909 Justiz-sekretär in Strehlen i. Schl.
          1. Margarete* Herta Marta Preuß, b. 19 November 1908. kindergarten teacher. Attended the Higher School for Girls in Strehlen and the kindergarten teachers seminar in Grünberg i. Schl.
            (Stammtafel B.VII.4.d.A) Besuchte die Höhere Mädchenschule zu Strehlen und das Kindergärtnerinnen-Seminar zu Grünberg i. Schl.
          2. Herta* Marie Emma Preuß, b. 06 January 1910 in Cunnersdorf near Hirschberg i.Schl. Stenotypist. Attended the Higher School for Girls in Strehlen.
            (Stammtafel B.VII.4.d.B) besuchte die Höhere Mädchenschule zu Strehlen.
          3. Artur* Heinrich Adolf Preuß, b. 29 January 1913, attended high school at Strehlen and apprenticed in business(?).
            (Stammtafel B.VII.4.d.C) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Strehlen, kaufmännischer Lehrling.
        5. Friederike Laura* Marie Preuß, b. 02 August 1883 in Frössen.
        6. Friedrich Wilhelm* Raphael Preuß, b. 20 June 1886 in Frössen. Attended a commercial college, pursued a paymaster career in the military 1903-14, 1908 paymaster examination, 1914-18 food official inspector in Krefeld, Minden, Dusseldorf and at the eastern front, then lived as a merchant in Cologne-Ehrenfeld.
          Married Charlotte* Henriette Ponsch on 10 June 1913 in Bonn.
          Married Anna Flesch on 05 November 1927 on Köln.
          (Stammtafel B.VII.4.f) besuchte eine höhere Handelsschule, schlug die Zahlmeister-Laufbahn ein, 1903-14 beim Militär, 1908 Zahlmeisterprüfung, 1914-18 Proviantamts-Inspektor in Crefeld, Minden, Düsseldorf und an der Osrfront, lebte dann als Kaufmann in Köln-Ehrenfeld.
        7. Lina Preuß, b. 21 May 1888. Lived in the house her aunt Becker in Vienna.
          (Stammtafel B.VII.4.g) lebte im Hause ihrer Tante Becker in Wien
        8. Antonie Preuß, b. 25 December 1891. Seamstress. Lived with her mother in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
        9. Helene Martha* Marie Preuß, b. 02 June 1896 in Haynau. Seamstress. Lived with her mother in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
      5. Johann* August Adolf Preuß, b. 24 February 1836, d. 11 January 1837 (age 10 months).
      6. Eva Antonie* Agnes Preuß, b. 17 October 1842, d. 27 December 1846 (age 4).
      7. Georg Siegfried* Preuß, b. 06 December 1845, d. 27 December 1846 (age 12 months).
    8. SOPHIE AUGUSTE* KÄHLER, b. May 10, 1815 in Cottbus, d. March 30, 1867 in Groß Wogenab, married August 05, 1845 to HEINRICH LUDWIG* GRUBE, b. 19 September 1809 in Elbing, d. 21 December 1891 (age 82) in Koggenhöfen. This was Ludwig's second marriage. He lived temporarily in Elbing.
      1. Marie Mathilde Auguste Sophie* Grube, b. 07 May 1846 in Koggenhöfen, d. 30 March 1919 (age 72) in Elbing. She married Carl* Johann Friedrich Berndt on 12 April 1867. Carl was b. 15 June 1839 in Elbing. d. 07 September 1871 (age 32) in Elbing. (Stammtafel B.VIII.1)
        1. daughter, b. 05 July 1868, d. 07 July 1868 (age 2 days).
        2. Bertha Sophie Auguste* Berndt, b. 12 July 1869 in Elbing, still living in the late 1920s. Married Siegfried* Ernst Fürchtegott Ziegner on 04 September 1893 in Danzig. He was b. 09 April 1860 in Neuteich (Krs. Marienburg), d. 09 August 1921 (age 61). Auguste lived as a widow in Marburg a.L. (on the river Lahn).
          Siegfried besuchte das Gymnasium zu Belgard i. Pom., Abitur 1877, studierte Rechte in Heidelberg und in Berlin, 1881 Referendar, 1886 Assesor, als solcher bei der Staatsanwaltschaft in Konitz, Schneidemühl, Lyck und Elbing, ab 1.5.1896 Stattsanwalt in Tilsit, 1.1.1900 in Danzig, 1902 Staatsanwaltschaftsrat, 1.6.1904 in Marburg a.L., 1.5.1920 Ruhestand.
          1. Heinrich* Otto Karl Siegfried Ziegner, b. 30 November 1894 in Elbing. Attended Conradium in Danzig-Langfuhr and high school Philippinum in Marburg a.L., Abitur exam in 1913, studied rights in Heidelberg and Marburg, 1920 Trainee in Kassel, 1923 Assessor at the prosecutor's office in Marburg and Kassel, December 1924 until April 1925 was the general counsel at the Nürnberger Bund in Nuremberg.
            (Stammtafel B.VIII.1.b.A) besuchte das Conradium in Danzig-Langfuhr und das Gymnasium Philippinum in Marburg a.L., Abitur 1913, studierte Rechte in Heidelberg und Marburg, 1920 Referendar in Kassel, 1923 Assessor bei der Staatsanwaltschaft in Marburg und Kassel, Dezember 1924 bis April 1925 Syndikus beim Nürnberger Bund in Nürnberg.
          2. Annemarie* Sophie Ziegner, b. 06 September 1897 in Tilsit. Attended the Lyceum in Marburg. Married Rudolf* Karl Paul Fritz on 28 June 1921 in Marburg. Rudolf was b. 11 November 1893 in Skalmierzyce (Krs. Ostrowo). (Stammtafel B.VIII.1.b.B)
            1. Joachim Detloff* Herbert Fritz, b. in the 1920s in Marburg.
            2. Renate* Ursula Fritz, b. in the 1920s in Marburg.
        3. Bertha* Lily Helene Berndt, b. 24 January 1871, d. 09 December 1872 (age 22 months). (Stammtafel B.VIII.1.c)
      2. Ferdinande Henriette Elisabeth* "Lily" Grube, b. 13 August 1847 in Koggenhöfen, d. 07 April 1919 (age 71) in Elbing. Married Arthur Otto* Gotthard Gensmer on 21 April 1878 in Koggenhöfen. Otto was b. 24 January 1817 in Warschau, d. 16 September 1898 (age 81) in Gr.-Röbern.
        1. Auguste Maria* Magdalena Elisabeth Gensmer, b. 02 April 1879, d. 22 February 1923 (age 43) in Elbing. (Stammtafel B.VIII.2.a)
  3. ADOLF FERDINAND KÄHLER b. March 21, 1779 in Sommerfeld, Germany, and d. March 04, 1844 in Joachimsthal, Berlin, Germany. He married CAROLINE HENRIETTE KARSCH on December 03, 1803 in Berlin, Germany. She was b. December 03, 1781 in Berlin, Germany, and d. August 28, 1864 in Salzwedel, Germany. He attended the school at Gronau and the University of Halle a.S., was a judicial magistrate and councilor i.d. in Joachimsthal Uckermark, Brandenberg.
    (Stammtafeln C) besuchte die Schule zu Gronau und die Universität in Halle a.S., war Justizamtmann und Justizrat in Joachimsthal i.d. Uckermark.
    1. CHRISTIAN LUDWIG SIEGFRIED ADOLF* KÄHLER, b. February 16, 1805 in Berlin; d. December 26, 1882. On 29 March 1832 (age 27) he married Caroline Wilhelmine Berger, b. 11 October 1804 in Königsberg (Pr.), d. 20 November 1843 in Marienfelde. He attended the Royal Joachimsthalsche school and university in Königsberg Pr, in 1831. Was Pastor of Mehlsack in 1837 in Marienfelde at Pr-Holland.
      (Stammtafel C.I) Besuchte das Kgl. Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium daselbst und die Universität in Königsberg Pr., wurde 1831. Pfarrer in Mehlsack, 1837 in Marienfelde bei Pr.-Holland.
      1. Adolf* Ferdinand Kähler, b. 11 August 1834 Mehlsack, d. 16 October 1882 Breslau age 48. On 10 August 1865 he married Charlotte Friedrike Aurora Helene* Kanter in Marienwerder. She was b. 22 August 1838, d. 09 September 1918 (age 80) in Zoppot.
        1. Gustav Adolf* Ferdinand Kähler, b. 08 May 1866 in Marienwerder, d. 05 July 1878 (age 12) in Löbau. (Stammtafel C.I.1.a)
        2. Gustav Adolf Wolfgang* Kähler, b. 03 September 1868 in Schöneck, d. 22 March 1898 (age 29) in Tapachula (Mexico). Went as a merchant to Guatemala in 1889, then to Mexico.
          (Stammtafel C.I.1.b) ging als Kaufmann 1889 nach Guatemala, dann nach Mexico.
        3. Helene Anne-Marie* Kähler, b. 02 July 1870 in Marienwerder, living in Zappot when the 1930 Stammtafel was compiled.
        4. Gustav Adolf Ewald* Kähler, b. 13 February 1873 in Marienwerder, On 13 February 1899 (age 26) he married Emilia* Praxedes Kanter in Quezaltenango, the second largest city in Guatemala. She was b. 06 August 1877 in Quezaltenango. Ewald was a merchant, went to Guatemala in 1893, lived in Retalhuleu, Guatemala where he was German Imperial Vice-Consul for a few years. Was then the German Imperial Vice-Consul in Zacapa, then lived in with his mother's brother's daughter in Quezaltenango at the time the 1930 Stammtafel was compiled.
          (Stammtafel C.I.1.d) wurde Kaufmann, ging 1893 nach Guatemala, wohnte in Retalhuleu, wo er einige Jahre kaiserl (kaiserlicher). deutscher Vizekonsul war, dann in Zacapa, lebte dann in Quezaltenango mit seiner Mutterbruderstochter.
          1. Joseph Gustav Ewald* Kähler, b. 23 October 1899 in Retalhuleu, Guatemala. Businessman and farmer in Retalhuleu. He married Maria Mercedez Rodriguez b. in Rio Tinto, Huelva, Spain. (Stammtafel C.I.1.d.A)
            1. Ricardo* de Jesús Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Married to Ana Maria ( ). They later divorced. (C.I.1.d.A.I)
              1. H. Kaehler, b. in Quetzaltenango. Married to R. Murga. They later divorced. (C.I.1.d.A.I.1)
                1. D. Murga, b. in Quetzaltenango. (C.I.1.d.A.I.1.a)

                  H. Kaehler married a second time to P. Galindo.
                2. P. Galindo
                3. M. Galindo
              2. G. Kaehler, b. in Quetzaltenango. Married to R. Lowenthal. (C.I.1.d.A.I.2)
                1. R. Lowenthal (C.I.1.d.A.I.2.a)
                2. M. Lowenthal
                3. M. Lowenthal (C.I.1.d.A.I.2.c)
            2. Marta del Carmen Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. Married to R. Carbonell Sánchez, b. Sitges, Cataluña, Spain. (C.I.1.d.A.II)
              1. J. Carbonell, b. in Guatemala. Married to Claudia ( ) b. in Quetzaltenango (C.I.1.d.A.II.1)
                1. A. Carbonell, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.II.1.a)
                2. A. Carbonell, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.II.1.b)
              2. J. Carbonell, b. in Guatemala. (C.I.1.d.A.II.2)
              3. R. Carbonell, b. in Guatemala. Married to Maria ( ) (C.I.1.d.A.II.3)
                1. A. Carbonell, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.II.3.a)
                2. F. Carbonell, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.II.3.b)
            3. Carlos Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. Married to Anneliese ( ), b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.III)
              1. Hans Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. Since 1986 he has lived in Hamburg, Germany. He works for the French turbine company Turbomeca. (C.I.1.d.A.III.1)
              2. Richard Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City and is an agricultural engineer. Married to Cecilia ( ). They later divorced. (C.I.1.d.A.III.2)
                1.    I. Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.III.2.a)
              3. Ewald Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. Married to Beberly Recinos, b. in Guatemala City. Ewald works in the Land Rover dealership. Previously he was the workshop manager and is currently the parts manager. (Stammtafel C.I.1.d.A.III.3)
                1. S. Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.III.a)
                2. E. Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.III.3.b)
              4. Jörg Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. Married to Magda García-Salas. Jörg is an agricultural engineer. (C.I.1.d.A.III.4)
                1. J. Kaehler (C.I.1.d.A.III.4.a)
                2. D. Kaehler (C.I.1.d.A.III.4.b)
              5. Anneliese Kaehler. Married to Alejandro Huard. Anneliese works with her parents in their grocery store in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.III.5)
                1. E. Huard (C.I.1.d.A.III.5.a)
                2. A. Huard (C.I.1.d.A.III.5.b)
            4. Maria Mercedes Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. Married to R. Aguilar. (C.I.1.d.A.IV)
              1. M. Aguilar, b. in Guatemala City. Married to M. Salazar. (C.I.1.d.A.IV.1)
                1. C. Salazar, (C.I.1.d.A.IV.1.a)
                2. A. Salazar, (C.I.1.d.A.IV.1.b)
                3. (a child) (a triplet)
                4. (a child) (a triplet)
                5. (a child) (a triplet)
              2. J. Aguilar, b. in Guatemala City. Married to Carmen ( ), b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.IV.2)
                1. M. Aguilar, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.IV.2.a)
                2. (a child)
                3. (a child)
              3. M. Aguilar, b. in Guatemala City. Maried to J. Ocano. They live now in the Florida, USA. (C.I.1.d.A.IV.3)
                1. M. Ocano, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.A.IV.3.a)
                2. L. Ocano, (C.I.1.d.A.IV.3.b)
              4. M. Aguilar, b. in Guatemala City. Maried to Christoph ( ). They later divorced. At this time she lives in Frankfurt, Germany. (C.I.1.d.A.IV.4)
          2. Martha* Helene Alice Johanna Kähler, b. 28 December 1901 in Retalhuleu, Guatemala, d. 1931. On 08 May 1926 in Quezaltenango (age 24), she married Bruno* Max Hahmann, b. 14 November 1891 in Lyck (Ostpr.), d. 1926?. (Stammtafel C.I.1.d.B)
            1. Martha* Hahmann Kaehler, b. 1927. married to J. Bolman. (C.I.1.d.B.I)
              1. L. Bolman (C.I.1.d.B.I.1)
              2. R. Bolman (C.I.1.d.B.I.2)
              3. C. Bolman (C.I.1.d.B.I.3)
            2. Bertha* Hahmann. Married to E. Everst. (C.I.1.d.B.II)
              1. G. Everst (C.I.1.d.B.II.1)
              2. (a child)
              3. (a child)
            3. Bruno* Hahmann, b. 1930. Married to E. Ávila, b. 1930. (C.I.1.d.B.III)
              1. B. Hahmann Ávila (C.I.1.d.B.III.1)
              2. M. Hahmann Ávila (C.I.1.d.B.III.2)
              3. K. Hahmann (C.I.1.d.B.III.3)
              4. B. Hahmann (C.I.1.d.B.III.4)
          3. Carlos Jugo (Carl* Hugo) Richard Kähler, b. 14 September 1904 in Zacapa. Married to Dorthea Theissen, b. 28 September 1914 in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, d. 1985. (Stammtafel C.I.1.d.C)
            1. Carlos Kaehler. Married to Patricia ( ), b. in Quetzaltenango. (C.I.1.d.C.I)
              1. K. Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. Married to Maria Paula ( ), b. in Brazil. (C.I.1.d.C.I.1)
                1. L. Kaehler
                2. A. Kaehler
              2. J. S. Kaehler, b. in Guatemala City. Married to Jessica ( ), b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.C.I.2)
                1. E. Kaehler
                2. T. Kaehler
              3. A. Kaehler, Married to E. Herrarte, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.C.I.3)
                1. N. Herrarte
                2. M. Herrarte
            2. G. Kaehler, b. 1944. Married Berta Marina ( ). (C.I.1.d.C.II)
              1. A. Kaehler. Married to E. Larrazabal. (C.I.1.d.C.II.1)
              2. G. Kaehler. He lives in Reedley, California (12 miles southeast of Fresno, CA). Married Paola ( ). (C.I.1.d.C.II.2)
                1. A. Kaehler. (C.I.1.d.C.II.2.a)
                2. F. Kaehler. (C.I.1.d.C.II.2.b)

                  G. married a second time to Marisol ( ), b. in Reedley, California.
                3. K. Kaehler b. in Fresno, California. (C.I.1.d.C.II.2.c)
                4. R. Kaehler, b. in Selma, California. (C.I.1.d.C.II.2.d)
              3. G. Kaehler. (C.I.1.d.C.II.3)
              4. G. Kaehler, lives in Delano, California. Married. (C.I.1.d.C.II.4)
                1. (a child)
                2. (a child)
            3. M. Kaehler. (C.I.1.d.C.III)
            4. A. Kaehler, Married to E. Santamarina. (C.I.1.d.C.IV)
              1. J. Santamarina. Married to Celia ( ). (C.I.1.d.C.IV.1)
                1. R. Santamarina
                2. M. Santamarina
                3. J. Santamarina
              2. M. Santamarina. Married to F. Montes. (C.I.1.d.C.IV.2)
                1. A. Montes (C.I.1.d.C.IV.2.a)
                2. A. Montes (C.I.1.d.C.IV.2.b)
                3. (a child)
                4. (a child)
              3. P. Santamarina (C.I.1.d.C.IV.2.3)
              4. A. Santamarina. Married to J. Serra. (C.I.1.d.C.IV.2.4)
                1. D. Serra (C.I.1.d.C.IV.2.4.a)
                2. C. Serra, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.C.IV.2.4.b)
                3. A. Serra, b. in Guatemala City. (C.I.1.d.C.IV.2.4.c)
            5. B. Kaehler. Married to J. Colom ( ). (C.I.1.d.C.V)
              1. J. Colom (C.I.1.d.C.V.1)
              2. A. Colom. She is married to C. Méndez, (C.I.1.d.C.V.2)
                1. J. Méndez
                  1. J. Méndez, (C.I.1.d.C.V.2.a.A)
                2. A. Méndez
                3. M. Méndez
          4. Bertha* Kähler, b. 29 September 1906 in Quezaltenango. She married Bruno Max Hahmann. (Stammtafel C.I.1.d.D)
            1. C. Hahmann (C.I.1.d.D.I)
          5. Roberto* Eduard Kähler, b. 14 July 1908 in Quezaltenango. (Stammtafel C.I.1.d.E)
        5. Wilhelmine Aurora Ida Helene* Kähler, b. 16 May 1875 in Löbau.
      2. Leonhard Maximilian* "Max" Kähler, b. 26 April 1836 in Mehlsack (Krs. Pr.-Holland), d. 30 April 1920 in Berlin-Steglitz. On 02 November 1867 (age 31), he married Ernestine Sophie Hedwig* Kähler (C.III.1), his first cousin, b. 09 October 1844 in Berlin, d. 12 September 1923 (age 78) in Berlin-Steglitz. Max was a chemist.
        1. Margarethe* Caroline Elisabeth Kähler, b. 03 August 1868 in Berlin. She lived starting in 1918 in the State Hospital at Eberswalde. (Stammtafel C.I.2.a)
        2. Luise Emmy* Ernestine Ida Kähler, b. 02 February 1871 in Berlin. On 23 April 1891 (age 20), she married Emil* Albert Louis Greiner in Berlin-Steglitz, b. 02 March 1862 in Berlin, d. 24 July 1907 (age 45) in Eberswalde. Attended a private high school for girls by L. Kühne in Steglitz and in 1886-90, the New Academy of Music under Professor Franz Kullack in Berlin. Music teacher in Berlin-Stegliz. Emil was a businessman.
          (Stammtafel C.I.2.b) besuchte die private höhere Mädchenschule von L.Kühne zu Steglitz und 1886-90 die neue Akademie der Tonkunst von Professor Franz Kullack zu Berlin. Musiklehrerin in Berlin-Stegliz. Emil besuchte das Domgymnasium zu Magdeburg.
          1. Maximilian Otto Eberhard* Greiner, b. 20 February 1893 in Pelplin (Krs. Dirschau). On 23 April 1920 (age 27) he married Margarethe* Bertha Luise Witte in Lüchow (Prov. Hannover). He went to high school in Stegliz and Salzwedel. Studied laboratory animal pharmacology in Berlin after the required temporary practical work in the United factories. 1914 as a volunteer in the army. 1920 to the Prussian Police. 04.06.1920 Lieutenant, 21.02.1922 Police Captain. 1927 Lanjägerei, in Lyck (Ostpr.) und Gumbinnen as Gendarme Captain. 01.11.1929 as Major.
            (Stammtafel C.I.2.b.A) besuchte die Gymnasien zu Stegliz und Salzwedel, studierte nach vorübergehender praktischer Tätigkeit bei den Vereinigten fabriken für Laboratoriumsbedarf Tierarzneikunde in Berlin, 1914 als Freiwilliger im Heer. 1920 zur Preußischen Schutzpolizei, 04.06.1920 Oberleutnant, 21.02.1922 Polizei-Hauptmann, 1927 Lanjägerei, in Lyck (Ostpr.) und Gumbinnen als Landjäger-Hauptmann, 01.11.1929 Landjäger-Major.
            1. Eberhard* Wilhelm Emil Greiner, b. Berlin-Reinickendorf.
            2. Ulrich* Maximilian Walther Greiner, b. Gumbinnen.
            3. Edzard* Wiechart Albrecht Greiner, b. Gumbinnen.
          2. Herta* Marie Hedwig Greiner, b. 31 May 1894 in Treptow a.R. On 20 November 1922 (age 28), she married Max* Theodor Heineken in Berlin-Steglitz. He was b. 01 January 1886 in Naples, Italy. Attended the girls' secondary school in Stegliz, 1912-14 the photographic college of the Lette Huases in Berlin to train as an X-ray assistant, did that in the military 1914-18, 1919/20 at the Photographic Academy of Lette Huases, 1920-22 at the Municipal Hospital in Bremen.
            (Stammtafel C.I.2.b.B) besuchte die höhere Töchterschule in Stegliz, 1912-14 die Photographische Lehranstalt des Lette-Huases in Berlin zur Ausbildung als Röntgen-Assistentin, als solche 1914-18 beim Militär, 1919/20 an der Photographischen Lehranstalt des Lette-Hauses, 1920-22 an der Städtischen Krankenanstalt in Bremen.
            1. Christel* Emmy Juliet Heineken, b. Frankfourt a.M.
            2. Lily* Antonie Hedwig Heineken, b. Frankfourt a.M.
          3. Elfriede* Luise Thusnelda Greiner, b. 20 November 1896 in Treptow a.R. Teacher and art dealer. Attended the high school for girls of L. Kühne in Berlin Stegliz and the superior-Lyceum of the Goethe school in Groß-Lichterfelde, graduated 1916, 1917 teaching degree as a teacher of high schools, middle and elementary schools, 1917/18 as a private tutor in Latvia. From August 1918 as a teacher of German at the Lithuanian National Gymnasium Wilkomierz, Christmas 1918 left, then a tutor in Isselburg and Ragösen Krs. Zauch-Belzig until October 1922, then sales occupation. From April 1924 at Hause Flatow & Priemer, cabinetmakers and art dealers in Berlin.
            (Stammtafel C.I.2.b.C) besuchte die höhere Mädchenschule von L.Kühne in Berlin-Stegliz und das Oberlyzeum der Goetheschule in Groß-Lichterfelde, 1916 Reifeprüfung, 1917 Lehramtsprüfung als Lehrerin für Lyzeen, Mittel- und Volksschulen, 1917/18 als Hauslehrerin in Lettland, ab August 1918 als Lehrerin der deutschen Sprache am Litauischen Landesgymnasium zu Wilkomierz tätig, Weihnachten 1918 Flucht, dann Hauslehrerin in Isselburg und Ragösen Krs. Zauch-Belzig bis Oktober 1922, dann kaufmännischer Beruf, ab April 1924 im Hause Flatow & Priemer, Ebenisten und Kunsthändler, in Berlin.
          4. Ilse* Margarethe Martha Greiner, b. 30 October 1898 in Treptow a.R. Attended the high school for girls of L. Kühne in Berlin Stegliz, and the photographer, College of Lette, Department of Metallography in Berlin, from July 1917 worked in various large industrial establishments as a Metallographin (industrial X-ray?), from November 1920 at the Fritz-Werner AG in Berlin Marienfelde.
            (Stammtafel C.I.2.b.D) besuchte die höhere Mädchenschule von L.Kühne zu Stegliz und die Photograph. Lehranstalt des Lette-Vereins, Abteilung für Metallographie, zu Berlin, ab Juli 1917 bei verschiedenen gropßindustriellen Betrieben als Metallographin tätig, ab November 1920 bei der Fritz-Werner-AG in Berlin-Marienfelde.
          5. Eva* Anna Klara Greiner, b. 04 May 1900 in Berlin-Steglitz. On 08 July 1926 (age 26) she married Robert Karl Bruno* Pustolla in Berlin-Steglitz. He was b. 19 August 1898 in Dortmund. Eva attended the Luisen-Lyzeum in Berlin-Stegliz, the art school at Charlottenburg and the higher vocational education for the textile and clothing industry in Berlin, in 1917-18 was a technical illustrator at Siemens & Halske, 1918-19 as a fabric artist in arts and crafts studio Kronheim, 1919-22 in various arts and crafts studios, then independent arts and crafts markets. Bruno attended secondary modern schools in Stallupönen and Olsztyn. Military service 1915-18, 1919 to autumn 1923, Police Officer, until May 1924 in Brazil and Argentina, active since 1926 in the Association of Prussian Police in Berlin.
            (Stammtafel C.I.2.b.E) besuchte das Luisen-Lyzeum in Berlin-Stegliz, die Kunstgewerbeschule zu Charlottenburg und die höhere Fachschule für Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie in Berlin, war 1917/18 als technische Zeichnerin bei der Firma Siemens & Halske, 1918/19 als Stoffmalerin im Kunstgewerbeatelier Kronheim, 1919-22 in verschiedenen Kunstgewerbeateliers, dann selbständig kunstgewerblich tätig. Bruno besuchte die Oberrealschulen zu Stallupönen und Allenstein, Militärdienst 1915-18, 1919 bis Herbst 1923 Polizei-Offizier, bis Mai 1924 in Brasilien und Argentinien, ab 1926 im Verband Preußischer Polizeibeamten in Berlin tätig.
            1. Brigitte* Helene Emmy Josepha Pustolla.
          6. Maximilian* Martin Ulrich Greiner, b. 15 November 1902 in Berlin-Steglitz. Married Mabel* Margret Saul. Attended the high school in Stegliz. Was a merchant in Berlin, Königsberg, Moscow, Breslau, and Leipzig, in the service of the Elliot Fischer company of Berlin.
            (Stammtafel C.I.2.b.F) besuchte die Oberrealschule zu Stegliz, wurde Kaufmann in Berlin, Königsberg Pr., Moskau, Breslau, Leipzig, im Dienste der Firma Elliot-Fischer berlin.
            1. Helga* Emmy Alice Greiner.
        3. Adolfine Hedwig Martha* Kähler, b. 09 June 1872 in Berlin. On 04 July 1895 (age 23) she married August* Alfred Heinrich Heidenhain in Berlin-Steglitz. He was b. 09 July 1856 in Marienwerder (Westpr.), d. 08 December 1912 (age 56) in Berlin-Steglitz. Martha lived as a widow in Berlin Stegliz, since 1919, a librarian at the local public library. August attended high school at Marienwerder, studied medicine in Königsberg and Breslau Pr., 15.01.1881 State Examination in Erlangen, Resident in Nuremberg, 1883, a general practitioner in Arnsdorf I.R., since 1889 in Berlin-Steglitz, 1903 Medical Council, since 1904 military doctor of the militia in the Bavarian army.
          (Stammtafel C.I.2.c) lebte als Witwe in Berlin-Stegliz, ab 1919 Bibliothekarin an der dortigen städtischen Bücherei. August besuchte das Gymnasium zu Marienwerder, studierte Medizin in Königsberg Pr. und Breslau, 15.01.1881 Staatsprüfung in Erlangen, Assistenzarzt in Nürnberg, ab 1883 praktischer Arzt in Arnsdorf i.R., ab 1889 in Berlin-Steglitz, 1903 Sanitätsrat, bis 1904 Militärarzt der Landwehr in der bayrischen Armee.
        4. Ernst Adolf Hans* Kähler, b. 12 May 1875 in Berlin, d. 01 June 1875 (age 20 days) in Berlin.
      3. Caroline* II "Lina" Henriette Kähler, b. 25 October 1838 in Marienfelde, d. 23 February 1909 (age 70) in Angerburg. On 24 October 1859 (age 20) she married Otto Carl Eduard* Neide, b. 29 August 1824 in Ernstwalde bei Allenburg, d. 03 September 1895 (age 71) in Angerburg. It was Eduard's second marriage. He attended high school at Brausberg and the University of Königsberg in Pr., 1857 Municipal?? Judge in Lötzen, 1871 District Judge and, in 1879 Amtsgerichtsrat in Angerburg.
        War Eduard's zweite Ehe, besuchte das Gymnasium zu Brausberg und die Universität in Königsberg Pr., 1857 Kreirichter in Lötzen, 1871 Kreis-, 1879 Amtsgerichtsrat in Angerburg.
        1. Elise* Marie Emma Lina Neide, b. 14 January 1861 in Lötzen. On 16 November 1891 (age 30) she married Wilhelm* Theodor Kabath, b. 02 April 1853 in Sensburg, d. 18 January 1910 (age 56) in Berlin. Wilhelm attended high school in Rössel and the University of Königsberg, became a lawyer and notary in Allenstein, 1885 District Court Judge in Angerburg, 1891 in Schippenbeil, 1896 Judge in Bytom Upper Silesia (now in Poland), 1905 Amtsgerichtsrat in Berlin.
          Wilhelm besuchte das Gymnasium zu Rössel und die Universität in Königsberg Pr., wurde Rechtsanwalt und Notar in Allenstein, 1885 Amtsrichter in Angerburg, 1891 in Schippenbeil, 1896 Landgerichtsrat in Beuthen O/S., 1905 Amtsgerichtsrat in Berlin.
          1. Justus Eduard Alfred* Kabath, b. 22 January in Schippenbeil, d. 05 May 1915 (age 22) died in battle near Lombardzyde in Belgium. Attended the Köllnische high school in Berlin, Abitur 1912, studied law in Berlin, volunteered for the military.
            (Stammtafel C.I.3.a.A) besuchte das Köllnische Gymnasium zu Berlin, Abitur 1912, studierte Rechte in Berlin, Kriegsfreiwilliger.
          2. Otto* Bernhard Kabath, b. 19 October 1895 in Schippenbeil. Married Anna* Marie Luise Hinze. Attended high school at Köllnische in Berlin, 1916 Flying Corps in Schwerin, 1920 Abitur, learned mechanics, later businessman in Berlin-Buchholz.
            (Stammtafel C.I.3.a.B) besuchte das Köllnische Gymnasium zu Berlin, 1916 Fliegertruppe in Schwerin, 1920 Abitur, erlernte Feinmechanik, später Kaufmann, in Berlin-Buchholz.
            1. Dieter* Alfred Kabath
          3. Karl Werner* Kabath. b. 16 September 1898 in Beuthen Upper Silesia. Attended the Köllnische high school in Berlin, military service until 1919, then Abitur, studied law in Berlin.
            (Stammtafel C.I.3.a.C) besuchte das Köllnische Gymnasium zu Berlin, Militärdienst bis 1919, dann Abitur, studiert Rechte in Berlin.
        2. Hedwig* Helene Anna Lina Neide, b. 26 October 1864 in Lötzen. Lived from 1909 in Berlin with her sister Elise.
      4. Wolfgang* August Adalbert Kähler, b. 03 June 1840 in Marienfelde (Krs. Pr.-Holland, Ostpr.), d. 25 May 1922 (age 81) in Darkehmen. On 02 April 1867 (age 26) he married Anna* Emilie Treff, b. 21 August 1840, d. 07 January 1869 (age 28) in Allenburg. Wolfgang attended high school at kneiphofsche and the university of Königsberg, then the preacher seminary in Wittenberg, and was ordained there as an auxiliary preacher on 26.06.1864, Privinzialvikar in Prussia 13.05.1865, Preacher in Allenburg 18.02.1867, acting head pastor and superintendent in Heilsberg 1876, Superintendent there 10.10.1879, Pastor and superintendent in Darkehmen, October 1887, Member of the Consistory in Königsberg and long-time vice president of the provincial council. Had to flee from Darkehmen on 22.08.1914 with the last Bergungszug(?). November 1914 to February 1915 was a refugee in Königsberg and Insterburg.
        (Stammtafel C.I.4) besuchte das kneiphofsche Gymnasium un die Universität in Königsberg Pr., dann das Prediger-Seminar in Wittenberg, dort Hilfsprediger, ordiniert am 26.06.1864, Privinzialvikar in Preußen 13.05.1865, Prediger in Allenburg 18.02.1867, Pfarrer und Superintendenturverweser in Heilsberg 1876, dort Superintendent 10.10.1879, Pfarrer und Superintendent in Darkehmen Oktober 1887, Mitglied des Konsistoriums in Königsberg Pr. und langjähriger Vizepräsident der Provinzialsynode. Mußte am 22.08.1914 mit dem letzten Bergungszug aus Darkehmen nach Belgard a.P. flüchten, November 1914 bis Februar 1915 als Flüchtling in Königsberg und Insterburg.
        1. Ida Marianne* Elisabeth Kähler, b. 01 February 1868, d. 17 March 1868 (age 45 days) in Allenburg.

        On 18 August 1870 (age 30) he married a second time to Juliane* Magdalene Treff (his first wife's sister), b. 23 March 1851, d. 05 April 1909 (age 58) in Darkehmen.

        • b. (unnamed) Kähler, b. 25 August 1871, d. 28 August 1871 (age 3 days).
        • c. Anna* Pauline Adolfine Kähler, b. 20 September 1874, d. 10 January 1896 (age 21) in Darkehmen. (Stammtafel C.I.4.c)
        • d. Julia Margaretha* Elisabeth Kähler, b. 02 November 1877, d. 25 November 1877 (age 23 days). (Stammtafel C.I.4.d)
        • e. August Adolf Johannes* Kähler, b. 15 July 1879, d. 06 April 1910 (age 30) in Darkehmen. Studied law and medicine, died when a candidate in medicine. (Stammtafel C.I.4.e)
        • f. Wanda Gertrud Elisabeth* Kähler, b. 01 July 1887 in Heilsberg, d. 22 December 1929 (age 42) in Belgard a.P. On 11 October 1911 (age 24) she married Walter* Reinhold Zinzow in Darkehmen. (Stammtafel C.I.4.f)
      5. Wolfgang Amadeus Joseph Hermann* Kähler, b. 17 October 1843, d. 29 January 1914 in Brooklyn, New York. He was a tailor. In 1870 he went America. (Stammtafel C.I.5)

      On 17 July 1844 (age 39) Adolf married again in Mehlsack to Dorothea Henriette Ida* Neide, b. 12 December 1821 Ernstwalde bei Allenburg, d. 08 February 1910 in Pr.-Holland.
      1. Gustav Adolf Richard* II Kähler, b. 31 May 1846 Marienfelde, d. 02 March 1924 Berlin-Steglitz. On 01 March 1876 (age 29) he married Johanna* Sophia Charlotte Corell in Winningen bei Coblenz. She was b. 06 July 1855 in Cochem, d. 16 March 1911 (age 55) in Ebersfeld. He attended the kneiphofsche high school, and the university of Königsberg, doctorate in Göttingen in 1871, teacher in Pillau, Tilsit, Potsdam, Bensburg, and Solingen, ordained as pastor of the parish vicar Cochem Carden ad Moselle on 04.03.1875, Pastor in Horn bei Castellaun in 1876, to Paaris Krs. Rastenburg, Easter 1881, to rohdau bei Rosenberg Westpr. 1884, 1889 Ruhestand, lived then in Halle a.S. and Berlin.
        (Stammtafel C.I.6) besuchte das kneiphofsche Gymnasium un die Universität zu Königsberg Pr., promoviert in Göttingen 1871, Lehrer in Pillau, Tilsit, Potsdam, Bensburg, Solingen, ordiniert als Pfarrer der Vikariatsgemeinde Cochem-Carden a.d. Mosel am 04.03.1875, Pfarrer in Horn bei Castellaun 1876, zu Paaris Krs. Rastenburg Ostern 1881, zu rohdau bei Rosenberg Westpr. 1884, 1889 Ruhestand, lebte dann in Halle a.S. und Berlin.
        1. Hermann Adolf Richard* Kähler, b. 19 June 1877 in Horn. Went in 1902 to North America. (Stammtafel C.I.6.a)
        2. Ida Maria* Johanna Kähler, b. 07 March 1882 in Paaris (Krs. Rastenburg). 1904-09 teaching sister in Kückenmühler institutions at Szczecin, went to Bielefeld, where she lived after that is unknown. (Stammtafel C.I.6.b)
        3. Bernhard* Adolf Richard Kähler, b. 04 November 1884 in Gr.-Rohdau (Krs. Rastenburg). A photographer in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.I.6.c)
        4. Elma* Johanna Violetta Kähler, b. 13 February 1887 in Gr.-Rohdau (Krs. Rastenburg), d. 08 April 1893 (age 6) in Halle a.S.
      2. Ernst Jonathan* Adolf Kähler, b. 19 September 1847 Marienfelde (Krs. Pr.-Holland, Ostpr.), d. 13 June 1924 Berlin-Lichterfelde. On 14 July 1876 (age 28) he married Wilhemine Elisabeth Ida* Häuseler, b. 23 August 1837 in Berlin, d. 23 January 1929 (age 91) in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Jonathan went to high school in Braunsberg and in 1868-70 the Royal Decree Gardener College in Deer Park in Potsdam, 01.06.1878 took the exam of the royal head gardener, 1871-74 under the Urban Meyer in Berlin for plants, 1874/75 in Erfurt, In 1876-97 as head of Tempelhof nurseries Berln-Tempelhof, 1897 Royal Garden Inspector, April 1897 to December 1899 CEO of Schieble & Son (seed growing nurseries) in Celle, Since 1900 the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin'scher courtyard garden director in Schwerin, 1907 Ruhestand, then lived in Coburg, Zoppot and Berlin.
        (Stammtafel C.I.7) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Braunsberg und 1868-70 die Kgl. Gärtner-Lehranstalt in Wildpark bei Potsdam, 01.06.1878 Prüfung zum Königl. Obergärtner, 1871-74 unter Meyer in den Städtischen Anlagen Berlin, 1874/75 in erfurt, 1876-97 als Leiter der Tempelhofer Baumschulen in Berln-Tempelhof, 1897 Kgl. Garten-Inspektor, April 1897 - Dezember 1899 Geschäftsführer der Firma Schieble & Sohn (Samenbau-Baumschulen) in Celle, ab 1900 Großherzogtum Mecklenburg-Schwerin Hof-Garten-Direktor in Schwerin, 1907 Ruhestand, lebte danach in Coburg, Zoppot und Berlin.
      3. Magnus Adolf Bernhard* IV Kähler, b. 29 September 1853 Marienfelde (Krs. Pr.-Holland, Ostpr.), d. 21 November 1923 Königsberg (Pr.). On 06 June 1882 (age 28) in Königsberg (Pr.) he married Amalie Rose Elise* Neide, b. 14 May 1857 Elbing. (photos of them) He attended the Municipal Gymnasium of Danzig, 1872-75 studied law in Königsberg Pr, in 1875 Clerk, 1880 Deputy Judge, the prosecutor laborers in Königsberg Pr, 08 December 1881 Consistorial Assessor at the Consistory of the provinces of East and West Prussia in Königsberg, in 1886 at the new Consistory of the Province of West Prussia built in Gdansk, on 05.08.1887 Consistory, from 01.09.1891 the Consistory of Breslau, in January 1896 Labourers in Protestant Oberkirchenrat in Berlin 23.03.1896 Oberkonsistorialrat and member of the Evangelical Church of Upper Council, 05.01.1905 Konsistorialpräsident in Königsberg Pr, in February 1909 appointed a doctor of theology, 05.02.1913 first Privy Oberkonsistorialrat with the rank of Directors Kl.
        (Stammtafel C.I.8) Besuchte das Städtische Gymnasium zu Danzig, studiert 1872-75 die Rechte in Königsberg Pr., 1875 Referendar, 1880 Gerichtsassessor, Hilfsarbeiter der Staatsanwaltschaft in Königsberg Pr., 08.12.1881 Konsistorial-Assessor beim Konsistorium der Provinzen Ost- und Westpreußen in Königsberg, 1886 bei dem neu errichteten Konsistorium der Provinz Westpreußen in Danzig, am 05.08.1887 Konsistorialrat, ab 01.09.1891 beim Konsistorium zu Breslau, im Januar 1896 Hilfsarbeiter im Evangelischen Oberkirchenrat in Berlin, 23.03.1896 Oberkonsistorialrat und Mitglied des Evangelischen Oberkirchenrates, 05.01.1905 Konsistorialpräsident in Königsberg Pr., im Februar 1909 zum Doktor der Theologie ernannt, 05.02.1913 Wirklicher Geheimer Oberkonsistorialrat mit dem Range der Räte 1. Kl
        1. Cäsar Adolf Bernhard* Kähler, b. 04 May 1883 in Königsberg (Pr.), d. 11 June 1959 in Stuttgart. On 12 February 1912 (age 28) he married Anita* Marie Elise Auguste Schnell in Königsberg (Pr.), b. 03 March 1890 in Craußenhof (Krs. Königsberg Pr.). He attended high school at the Magdalenen-Gymnasium in Breslau and the Prinz-Heinrich-Gymnasium in Berlin-Schöneberg, Abitur at Michaelmas (the first academic term of) 1901, studied law in Tübingen und Berlin, 30.06.1905 first legal exam before the Supreme Court in Berlin, Trainee in Mehlauken and Königsberg, 09.01.1910 Second State Examination, Assessor to the prosecutor in Königsberg Pr., in 15.02.1912 in Lyck, in 15.06.1914 Prosecutor at the Regional Court I in Berlin, 1905-1920 in the military, 28.08.1923 First prosecutor at the Prosecutor of the High Court in Berlin, 01.08.1928 Chief Prosecutor at the Regional Court in Meinigen.
          (Stammtafel C.I.8.a) besuchte das Magdalenen-Gymnasium zu Breslau und das Prinz-Heinrich-Gymnasium zu Berlin-Schöneberg, Abitur Michaelis 1901, studierte Rechte in Tübingen und Berlin, 30.06.1905 erste juristische Prüfung beim Kammergericht in Berlin, Referendar in Mehlauken und Königsberg Pr., 09.01.1910 zweite juristische Staatsprüfung, Assessor bei der Staatsanwaltschaft in Königsberg Pr., ab 15.02.1912 in Lyck, ab 15.06.1914 Staatsanwalt beim Landgericht I in Berlin, 1905-1920 beim Militär, ab 28.08.1923 Erster Staatsanwalt bei der Staatsanwaltschaft des Kammergerichts in Berlin, ab 01.08.1928 Oberstaatsanwalt beim Landgericht zu Meinigen.
          1. Liselotte* Ann Kähler, b. 07 February 1913, d. 08 February 1913 (age 1 day) in Lyck (Ostpr.).
          2. Ingeborg* Erika Ann Elise Kähler, b. 22 October 1919 in Charlottenburg, d. in 2012 (age 93) in Beverly Hills, Australia (a suburb of Sydney, not the Beverly Hills in California). She moved to Berlin and married Otto Wurst. They migrated to Australia in about 1950. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B)
            1.   C. U. Wurst (male), b. 1954. He married Julie F. He became a builder. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.I)
              1. J. Wurst (male), b. 1984, married Samantha. He is a builder. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.I.1)
                1. T. Wurst (female) (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.I.1.a)
                2. R. Wurst (female) (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.I.1.b)
              2. S. Wurst (male), b. 1985. He is in the Australian Army reserves after two tours of active duty. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.I.2)
              3. S. Wurst (female), b. 1987. She is at university finishing her aviation degrees. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.I.3)
            2. A. B.* Wurst (male), b. 1956. He married Taiko. He became an architect. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.II)
              1. A. Bernhard (female), b. 1987. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.II.1)
              2. A. Bernhard (female), b. 1989. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.B.II.2)
          3. Gisela* Annemarie Kähler, b. 01 October 1923 in Charlottenburg. (Stammtafel C.I.8.a.C)
        2. Hildegard Magda Ellen* Kähler, b. 15 March 1886 in Königsberg (Pr.), d. 15 March 1944 in Berlin. On 09 August 1914 (age 28) in Königsberg (Pr.), she married Otto Erich Bernhard Teicke. (photo of them) She attended the private school of Miss von Eberts in Breslau and Miss Boretius in Berlin, later passed the Konigsberg Pr. French language exams. During World War I she was an assistant nurse in a military hospital of the Red Cross for six months.
          (Stammtafel C.I.8.b) Besuchte die Privatschulen von Frl. v. Eberts in Breslau und Frl. Boretius in Berlin, machte später in Königsberg Pr. das französische Sprachexamen, war während des Weltkrieges ein halbes Jahr als Hilfsschwester vom Roten Kreuz in einem Lazarett tätig.
          1. Hans-Joachim Bernhard Teicke, b. 27 September 1916 in Rößel (Pr.), d. 01 May 1945 in Berlin (killed in house-to-house fighting).
          2. Paul Otto Wolfgang* Teicke, b. 15 August 1918 Rößel (Pr.), d. 30 January 1946 in Stuttgart (murdered). (photo)
          3. Bernhard* Alexander Teicke, b. 02 August 1920 in Rößel (Pr.), d. 24 January 2009 in Berlin. He married Gertrud THEUERKAUF. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.C)
            1. H. TEICKE (male), married ( ) VITA. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.C.I)
              1. J. TEICKE (male)
              2. N. TEICKE (male)
              3. M.-V. TEICKE (female)
            2. F. TEICKE (male), married ( ) DOS SANTOS. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.C.II)
              1. E. TEICKE (male)
            3. A. TEICKE (female), married ( ) PFLAUM. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.C.III)
              1. J. PFLAUM (female)
            4. C. TEICKE (female), married ( ) BEHRENDT. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.C.IV)
              1. D. BEHRENDT (male)
              2. C. BEHRENDT (female)
            5. Martina TEICKE, b. in Berlin. She married Andreas BRAND, b. in Berlin. They live in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.C.V)
              1. (a child)
              2. (a child)
          4. Hans Martin* TEICKE, b. 17 August 1922 in Rößel (Ostpreußen), d. 19 December 2013 in Wildeshausen. He married Renate UHLE-WETTLER. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.D)
            1. Wolfgang TEICKE, married Susanne ( ), divorced. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.D.I)
              1. T. TEICKE (male)
              2. R. TEICKE (female)
              married a second time to Ute ( ).
              1. (a child)
            2. Stephan TEICKE, married to Katja ( ). (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.D.II)
              1. M. TEICKE (male)
            3. Justus TEICKE, married to Christiane ( ). (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.D.III)
              1. M. TEICKE (male)
              2. C. TEICKE (male)
              3. G. TEICKE (female)
            4. Andrea TEICKE, married to Dietrich JAEDICKE. (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.D.IV)
              1. J. JAEDICKE (male)
              2. G. JAEDICKE (male)
              3. F. JAEDICKE (male)
              4. K. JAEDICKE (female)
              5. F. JAEDICKE (male)
              6. H. JAEDICKE (female)
              7. T. JAEDICKE (male)
            5. Bernhard TEICKE, married to Ann-Kathrin ( ). (Stammtafel C.I.8.b.D.V)
              1. B. TEICKE (male)
              2. C. TEICKE (female)
              3. M. TEICKE (female)
        3. Herta* Ida Felicitas Kähler, b. 22 February 1889 in Königsberg, d. 10 February 1945, married to Hermann Carl Eduard KRAUSE, b. 11 December 1881 in Soginten, East Prussia, d. 10 February 1945. (photo) They died during the sinking of the steamer SS General von Steuben in the Baltic Sea. They were being evacuated from Königsberg as the Soviet army advanced.
          1. Dietrich Bernhard Theodor KRAUSE, b. 21 December 1924 in Königsberg, d. 1945. He was a soldier in the Wehrmacht and was missing in action.
      4. Ida* Minna Auguste Kähler, b. 23 October 1854. Lived in Königsberg. (Stammtafel C.I.9)
      5. Caroline* I Theodore Ferdinande Kähler, b. 16 January 1833, d. 02 September 1834.
      6. Bernhard* I Reinhold Immanuel Kähler, b. 08 July 1837, d. 23 December 1847.
      7. Gustav Adolf Richard* I Kähler, b. 03 June 1845, d. 20 February 1846.
      8. Adolf Bernhard II Adalbert Kähler, b. August 30, 1848, d. September 08, 1848.
      9. Bernhard* III Adolf Kähler, b. 18 February 1850, d. 28 February 1850.
    2. CARL GUSTAV* KÄHLER, b. August 22, 1808 in Joachimsthal, d. May 18, 1878 (age 69) in Königsberg. On 04 October 1839 (age 31) he married Pauline* Beate Hildebrandt, b. 14 May 1817 in Königsberg (Pr.), d. 03 November 1850 (age 33) in Pr.-Holland. He attended high school at the Pädagogium in Züllichau and University in Greifswald, 1839 Rector, 1841 Rector of the town school in Pr-Holland, 1860 School principal and school inspector in the city of Bromberg, 1873 Ruhestand.
      (Stammtafel C.II) besuchte das Pädagogium in Züllichau und die Universität in Greifswald, 1839 Prorektor, 1841 Rektor der Stadtschule in Pr.-Holland, 1860 Schuldirektor und Stadtschulinspektor in Bromberg, 1873 Ruhestand.
      1. Nanny* Caroline Kähler, b. 14 July 1842 in Pr.-Holland. On 27 August 1863 (age 21) she married Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm* Hinrichs in Bromberg. He was a landowner in Neu-Grabau Westpr., then in Danzig, later Jaszcz (Krs Schwetz), and manor Ebersfelde. (Stammtafel C.II.1)
        1. Ernst Gustav Wilhelm* Hinrichs, b. 04 September 1864 in Neu-Grabau, d. 28 March 1881 (age 16) in Danzig. Died as a schoolboy. (Stammtafel C.II.1.a)
        2. Carl Gustav* Ernst Hinrichs, b. 26 August 1865 in Neu-Grabau, d. 27 December 1907 (age 42) in Ebersfelde. Occupation: farmer. (Stammtafel C.II.1.b)
        3. Oskar* Ernst Hinrich, b. 16 March 1867 in Neu-Grabau, d. 22 April 1914 (age 47) in Broedinen (Ostpr.). On 17 February 1898 (age 30) he married Martha* Klara Karsten in Bromberg, b. 17 February 1878 in Golloschütz (Krs. Schwetz a.W.), d. 14 April 1926 (age 48) in Königsberg (Pr.). He attended the high school in Danzig, was a farmer in Broedinen Ostpr. (Stammtafel C.II.1.c)
          1. Charlotte* Nanny Martha Hinrichs, b. 12 June 1899 in Jaszcz (Krs. Schwetz). On 03 September 1923 (age 24) she married Günther* Karl Heinrich Martini in Broedinen (Ostpr.), b. 11 January 1899 in Berlin. She attended the higher girls school in Bromberg and Königsberg. He is a Farmer in Dembrowo. (Stammtafel C.II.1.c.A)
            1. Manfred* Ernst Günther Martini.
          2. Hildegard* Frieda Luise Hinrichs, b. 09 June 1900 in Jaszcz (Krs. Schwetz). On 27 December 1922 (age 22) she married Karl Hans Willy* Schultze-Rhonhof in Markranstädt bei Leipzig. He attended the grammar school atBützow i. Meckl., Abitur 1908, studied law and economics in Freiburg i.B., Berlin und Greifswald, General Manager and General Counsel of the Zwickau Machinery Factory. He is a doctor of Law. (Stammtafel C.II.1.c.B)
            Er besuchte das Realgymnasium zu Bützow i. Meckl., Abitur 1908, studierte Rechte und Volkswirtschaft in Freiburg i.B., Berlin und Greifswald, Prokurist und Syndikus der Zwickauer Maschinen-Fabrik.
            1. Joachim* Hans Willy Schultze-Rhonhof.
            2. Brigitte* Anna Marta Schultze-Rhonhof.
            3. Doris* Maria Hildegard Schultze-Rhonhof.
          3. Oskar* Wilhelm Gustav Hinrichs, b. 25 March 1903 in Jaszcz (Krs. Schwetz). Married Ingeborg Susanne Margot Reuter. Attended high school in Bromberg, Sensburg, Rastenburg and Königsberg, studied two semesters of Agriculture in Munich, from July 1927 landowner in Broedinen bei Peitschendorf Ostpr.
            (Stammtafel C.II.1.c.C) besuchte die Gymnasien zu Bromberg, Sensburg, Rastenburg und Königsberg Pr., studierte 2 Semester Landwirtschaft in München, ab Juli 1927 Besitzer in Broedinen bei Peitschendorf Ostpr.
            1. Oskar* Jürgen Georg Hinrichs.
        4. Walter* Hugo Paul Fritz Hinrichs, b. 27 November 1877 in Danzig, d. 10 October 1917 (age 39) in Neustadt Westpr. Occupation: farmer. (Stammtafel C.II.1.d)
      2. Caroline Pauline Agnes* Kähler, b. 16 July 1840, d. 18 August 1841 (age 13 months).

      On 06 May 1852 (age 43) he married a second time to Natalie* Friederike Götz, b. 11 July 1831 in Osterode Pr., d. 25 May 1910 (age 78) in Danzig. They did not have any children. She lived as a widow in Ebersfelde, from July 1909 in Danzig-Langfuhr.

    3. ERNST EDUARD ALEXANDER* KÄHLER b. September 11, 1810 in Joachimsthal, Berlin, Germany, and d. January 04, 1870 in Berlin, Germany. He married JOHANNE ERNESTINE SOPHIE* BÄCKMANN on December 03, 1842 in Berlin, Germany, daughter of Johann Gottlieb Bäckmann. She was b. May 29, 1822 in Berlin, Germany. He was a University student in Greifswald and participated in one of the student unions. Known as 'die Bürschenschaften,' the unions had been banned due to their agitations for democratic reforms, such as freedom of speech, assembly and association. Alexander spent six years in the Kolberg fortress prison, on the Baltic Sea (present-day Kolobrzeg, Poland). After his release, he found work as a privy-secretary in a treasury department for the relief of the national debt (Staatsschuldentilgungskommission) in Berlin. Died there after going blind.
      (Stammtafel C.III) besuchte das joachimsthalsche Gymnasium in Berlin und die Universität in Greifswald, erlitt sechsjährige Festungshaft in Colberg wegen Teilnahme an der Burschenschaft, wurde Geheimsekretär bei der Staatsschuldentilgungskommission in Berlin, starb daselbst erblindet.
      1. ERNESTINE SOPHIE HEDWIG* KÄHLER, b. October 09, 1844. On 02 November 1867 she married her first cousin, Leonhard Maximilian* "Max" Kähler, b. 26 April 1836 in Mehlsack (Krs. Pr.-Holland), d. 30 April 1920 in Berlin-Steglitz. See (Stammtafel C.I.2) for her children and descendants.
      2. MAX MORITZ* ERNST KÄHLER, b. January 15, 1847 in Berlin, d. 24 January 1918 (age 71) in Berlin. On 11 April 1874 (age 27) he married Helene* Anna Maria Jüch, b. 30 December 1850 in Greiffenberg. He was a businessman. (Stammtafel C.III.2)
        1. Helene Else* Sophie Auguste Kähler, b. 13 September 1873 in Berlin. Accountant in Berlin-Baumschulenweg. (Stammtafel C.III.2.a)
          1. Gertrud* Lotte Helene Kähler, b. 21 April 1903 in Berlin. On 13 August 1927 (age 24) she married Julius Kurt* Passenheim, b. 04 February 1903 in Königsberg. She was a foreign language correspondent. He was a businessman in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.III.2.a.A)
        2. Arthur Alexander Eugen* Kähler, b. 13 December 1874 in Berlin. On 17 April 1906 (age 31) he married Elise Konter in Berlin, b. 30 October 1877 in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.III.2.b)
          1. Horst* Joachim Eugen Kähler, b. 19 March 1907, d. 26 October 1914 (age 7) in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.III.2.b.A)
          2. Eberhard* Ernst Horst Kähler, b. 26 June 1909 in Berlin. Attended the Bismarck-Gymnasium and the Werner-Siemens-Realgymnasium (secondary school). (Stammtafel C.III.2.b.B)
          3. Lieselotte* Helene Sophie Kähler, b. 10 November 1912 in Berlin. Attended the Cecilien-Schule and the Sophien-Gymnasium. (Stammtafel C.III.2.b.C)
        3. Viktor* Waldemar Eberhard Kähler, b. 19 January 1876 in Berlin. On 29 August 1903 (age 27) he married Marie Fritzsche in Berlin, b. 15 May 1877 in Berlin, d. 14 February 1927 (age 49). He attended the Luther'sche boys high school, was a businessman in Berlin, is co-owner of the firm of W.Möbes Nachf. (Metal Works for Piano lighting, Boat and ship fittings and interior design in brass and bronze).
          (Stammtafel C.III.2.c) besuchte die Luther'sche höhere Knabenschule, wurde Kaufmann in Berlin, ist Mitinhaber der Firma W.Möbes Nachf. (Metallwarenfabrik für Pianobeleuchtung, Boots- und Schiffsbeschläge und Innenarchitektur in Messing und Bronze).
          1. Anneliese* Helene Kähler, b. 04 October 1905 in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.III.2.c.A)
          2. Charlotte* Margarete Kähler, b. 17 May 1913 in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.III.2.c.B)
        4. Bernhard Bruno Walter* Kähler, b. 15 September 1877, d. 16 May 1878 (age 8 months) in Berlin.
      3. JOHANN ALBRECHT EMIL* KÄHLER (KAEHLER), b. October 07, 1848 in Berlin, d. August 10, 1915 (age 66) in Girard Erie (Pennsylvania). He married LOUISE AMELIA (Luise Emilie* Friederike) KRATZKE on October 15, 1881 in Girard, PA, USA, daughter of Albert Kratzke and Henriette Papke. She was b. February 04, 1860 in Carldorf by Polzin, Pomerania, and d. February 09, 1927. Emil Immigrated to Girard, PA in 1868 and was a farmer. Emil's mother, Johanne Ernestine Sophie, (nee Bäckmann) sent him to America to "keep him out of the Franco-Prussian War." (In the 1900 census, the writing makes his name look like "Emil Hackler".) (Stammtafel C.III.3)
        1. MAXIMILIAN KAEHLER (a.k.a. Max Moritz(?) Ernst Kähler), b. December 05, 1882 in Girard, PA. He married ALICE MUTTER.
          1. MAVIS KAEHLER. She married LAWRENCE KENT.
            1. GARY KENT
            2. DAMON KENT
            3. DIGBY KENT
          2. DORIS KAEHLER. She married TED SODEN.
            1. KAYE SODEN
            2. DAVID SODEN
            3. TIMOTHY SODEN
          3. ISABELLE KAEHLER. She married CLARE BECKWITH.
            1. VONNIE BECKWITH
          4. ANDREW KAEHLER. He married DOROTHY ( ).
            1. RICK KAEHLER
            2. JAMES "Jim" KAEHLER, Denver Colorado (Stammtafel C.III.3.a.D.II).
        2. ARTHUR EMIL ALBERT KAEHLER (Kähler), b. April 05, 1885, Girard, PA; d. 1911.
        3. ELIZABETH ("Lizzie", "Elise") SOPHIE HEDWIG KAEHLER (Kähler) b. July 01, 1887 in Girard, PA, and died in 1955. She married RALPH JACOBS. (Stammtafel C.III.3.c)
          2. DALE JACOBS. He married RUTH ( ).
            1. KIRT JACOBS
            2. ERIC JACOBS
            3. DEAN JACOBS
            4. MARK JACOBS. He married SUE ( ).
            5. TODD JACOBS.
          3. DOROTHY JACOBS b. 1915, d. 1991. She married EDWARD HALLEEN.
            1. MARTHA HALLEEN married ( ) FARRONE. Previously married to ( ) AUER?
            2. NANCY HALLEEN married ( ) PINNEY
            3. KAREN HALLEEN married ( ) PALMITER
          4. BETTY LOU JACOBS, b. 1928; d. 1940.
        4. ROBERT CONRAD KAEHLER b. May 05, 1890 in Girard, PA, and died in 1961. He married MARTHA EVA LAFINE. She was born 1892 and died 1975. Her ancestry was French and German. Robert worked as house painter.
            1. ROBERT KAEHLER
          2. IRENE EVELYN KAEHLER, b. 1914 in Girard, PA, d. 1992. She married GEORGE BRITAIN BARNETT, b. 1923, d. 1969. (Stammtafel C.III.3.d.B)
            1. THOMAS BARNETT
              1. K. BARNETT
              2. D. BARNETT
            2. MARTHA BARNETT
              1. STEPHEN ( )
              2. DAVID ( )
              3. MARK ( )
            3. ROBERT "Bob" BARNETT, Ph.D, married Gretchen ( ) in 1981. Bob is the co-maintainer of this web page. He is the author of http://westjersey.org. (Stammtafel C.III.3.d.B.III)
              1. C. BARNETT
        5. ISABEL EMELIA "Isabella Emilie" KAEHLER b. April 18, 1892 in Girard, PA, and d. 1961. She married CLARENCE HALSTEAD. (Stammtafel C.III.3.e)
          1. ADRIEL HALSTEAD
        6. LEOPOLD ERNST KAEHLER, b. January 21, 1895 in Girard, PA, and died in 1979. A US Veteran of WWI. He married BERTHA MARIE COOPER, b. 1904, d. 1938, daughter of Delbert Cooper and Laura Hoffman. (Stammtafel C.III.3.f)
          1. MARY EILEEN KAEHLER, b. 16 May 1921 in Albion, PA, d. 05 May 2013 in Erie, PA, age 91. A native of Albion, Pennsylvania, aviator and business woman. She married to Louis A. Raub, who died in 1961. Mary Eileen Raub was a pioneering woman helicopter instructor in the US Army. Member number 56 of the Whirly-Girls International Women Helicopter Pilots and served as an air inspector for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Photo. Her entry at the Women in Aviation Digital Collection. Her obituary (cached copy).
          2. MELVYN KAEHLER
          3. MARGARET "Peggy" JUNE KAEHLER of Erie, PA. In 1945 she married RUDOLPH "Rudy" MELICHAR, b. September 27, 1923, d. January 07, 2002. Rudy flew a P-47 Thunderbolt fighter in China in WWII. He named it after Peggy Photo. A life-long resident of Pennsylvania, Rudy was born in a suburb of Pittsburgh and was the only son of Rudolph Melichar and his wife Elizabeth. With his sisters, Claire and Betty, he grew up in Wilkinsburg and later, Latrobe, PA. Photo. Peggy is still living in 2013. (Stammtafel C.III.3.f.C)
            1. C. MELICHAR (male)
            2. KAREN M. MELICHAR, b. 1952, d. 2005 of cancer, married DON McIVER.
              1. KATIE McIVER, married ROB PETERS.
                1. K. PETERS, female.
                2. R. PETERS, male.
                3. K. PETERS, female.
              2. A. McIVER (female).
              3. M. McIVER (male), married L. ( ) in 2001.
              4. D. McIVER (male).
              5. J. McIVER (male).
            3. D. MELICHAR (female), married G. DAVIS.
              1. C. DAVIS (male)
              2. L. DAVIS (female), married M. MITCHELL.
                1. J. MITCHELL (male)
              3. J. DAVIS (male)
            4. L. MELICHAR (female), married R. LEE.
              1. B. LEE (male)
              2. D. LEE (male)
            5. JUNE MELICHAR, married ( ) AUKERMAN.
        7. LAWRENCE WILHELM KAEHLER (a.k.a. Lorenz Wilhelm) was b. July 13, 1897 in Girard, PA. He married MARIE ( ). (Stammtafel C.III.3.g)
          1. NAOMI KAEHLER married ( ) SMITH
          2. DONNA KAEHLER married ( ) AHL
      4. ANNA CAROLINE ELISE* KÄHLER, b. August 11, 1852 in Berlin. On 28 February 1880 (age 27) she married Ludwig Ferdinand Paul* Mallien in Berlin, b. 07 August 1853 in Charlottenburg, d. 03 January 1904 (age 50) in Hamburg. He was a bookseller and merchant in Berlin and Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.III.4)
        1. Ferdinand Alexander Kurt* Mallien, b. 18 August 1882 in Berlin. On 1 October 1921 (age 39) he married Frieda* Emma Marie Claußen in Hamburg, b. 14 June 1889 in Altona a.F. He attended the Realschule in Oldesloe, was a businessman, from 1905-1919 in central and north America, during World War I in English captivity in Canada for over 5 years, after 1919 in commercial positions in Hamburg and Berlin, from 1930 in Hamburg again.
          (Stammtafel C.III.4.a) besuchte die realschule zu Oldesloe, wurde Kaufmann, war von 1905-1919 in Zentral- und Nordamerika, während des Weltkrieges über 5 Jahre in Kanada in englischer Gefangenschaft, nach 1919 in kaufmännischen Stellungen in Hamburg und Berlin, ab 1930 wieder in Hamburg.
          1. Lisa* Sophie Ilse Mallien, b. in 1922 in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.III.4.a.A)
        2. Elise Sophie Ilse* Mallien, b. 10 February 1886 in Berlin. On 9 April 1910 (age 24) she married Thaddaeus Smielowski in Hamburg, b. 9 February 1872 in Szczodrowo (Kr. Kosten). Thaddaeus attended the Marien-Gymnasium in Posen, devoted himself to the profession of pharmacist, studied in Greifswald, state examination and approval on 09.05.1896, went in 1897 to work in the large-scale chemical industry, became director of P. Beiersdorf & Co. AG in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.III.4.b)
          Er besuchte das Marien-Gymnasium zu Posen, widmete sich dem Apothekerberuf, studierte in Greifswald, Staatsexamen und Approbation 09.05.1896, ging 1897 zur Chemischen Großindustrie, Direktot der P.Beiersdorf & Co. AG in Hamburg.
          1. Jan Juergen* Smielowski, b. 13 January 1911 in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.III.4.b.A)
          2. Peter* Michael Smielowski, b. 12 July 1912 in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.III.4.b.B)
          3. Carl Joachim* Smielowski, b. 24 September 1918 in Hamburg.
        3. Caroline Helene Hedwig Elfriede* Mallien, b. 13 January 1888, d. 12 January 1889 (age 11 months) in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.III.4.c)
        4. Ernst Wolfgang Ullrich* Mallien, b. 21 May 1889 in Hamburg. Attended the Realschule in Oldesloe, was a businessman, traveling representative for the white lead and paint factory of Arzberg, Schöpff & Co. in Eisenach.
          (Stammtafel C.III.4.d) besuchte die Realschule zu Oldesloe, wurde Kaufmann, reisevertreter für die Bleiweiß- und Farbenfabrik Arzberger, Scöpff & Co. in Eisenach.
      5. PAUL GÜNTHER KÄHLER, b. June 17, 1843; d. January 15, 1844. (Stammtafel C.III.5)
      6. URSALA KÄHLER, b. October 20, 1850; d. November 17, 1850. (Stammtafel C.III.6)
    4. OTTO AEMIL HERMANN* KÄHLER, b. April 22, 1813; d. April 06, 1889. He was married on September 05, 1848 to HENRIETTE WILHELMINE EMILIE* KAEHRN, b. June 11, 1826 in Salzwebel, d. December 04, 1868. He attended the Joachimsthalsche and Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium in Berlin, studied theology in Greifswald and Berlin, became a the pastor in Breitenfelde bei Gardelegen in 1847, moved to Adamsdorf bei Lippehne in 1854, from Easter 1879 in Glasow bei Goldin. Photo
      (Stammtafel C.IV) besuchte das Joachimsthalsche und Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium zu Berlin, studierte Theologie in Greifswald und Berlin, wurde 1847 Pastor zu Breitenfelde bei Gardelegen, 1854 zu Adamsdorf bei Lippehne, ab Ostern 1879 zu Glasow bei Goldin.
      1. FRIEDRICH ADOLF* KÄHLER, b. July 26, 1850 in Breitenfelde bei Gardelegen, d. 07 January 1910 (age 59) in Stendal. On 15 April 1895 (age 44) he married Marie* Johanna Magdalene Katharina Jürges, b. 28 August 1862 in Salzderhalden, d. 12 July 1912 (age 49) in Hildesheim. He attended the Gymnasium in Salzwedel and Seehausen A/M., was a bookseller in Breslau and Hildesheim, in 1906 joined the editorial office of the newspaper "Der Altmärker" in Stendal.
        (Stammtafel C.IV.1) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Salzwedel und Seehausen A/M., wurde Buchhändler in Breslau und Hildesheim, trat 1906 in die Redaktion der Zeitung "Der Altmärker" in Stendal ein,.
        1. Hermann Wilhelm Rudolf Erich* Kähler, b. 25 August 1896 in Hildesheim. On 6 May 1922 (age 25) in Hamburg he married Hilda* Elisabeth Julie Marie Lehmann, b. 07 June 1902 in Hamburg. He attended the Gymnasium in Stendal and, under the care of his Uncle Hermann (C.IV.4), the Latina Franke'schen Stiftung(?) in Halle a.S., military service, after the war, as a volunteer, later businessman, employee, and officer of the import/export firm of D. Lehmann & Son in Hamburg, became independent on 01.10.1925.
          (Stammtafel C.IV.1.a) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Stendal und, unter Fürsorge seines Onkels Hermann (C.IV.4), die Latina der Franke'schen Stiftung in Halle a.S., Militärdienst, nach dem Krieg als Volontär, später kaufm. Angestellter und Prokurist bei der Firma D.Lehmann Söhne in Hamburg, machte sich am 01.10.1925 selbständig.
          1. Elisabeth* Olga Marie Kähler, b. 14 April 1923, d. 09 February 1929 (age 5) in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.IV.1.a.A)
          2. Hilda* Dorothee Erika Kähler, b. 06 May 1924 in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.IV.1.a.B)
          3. Erich* Richard Adolf Kähler, b. 07 March 1930 in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.IV.1.a.C)
        2. Otto Richard Thomas Kurt* Kähler, b. 15 May 1898 in Hildesheim. Attended Gymnasium in Stendal and, under the care of his Uncle Hermann (C.IV.4), the Latina Franke'schen Stiftung(?) in Halle a.S., then military service, joined the import/export firm of D. Lehmann & Son in Hamburg on 1.4.1919 as a volunteer, from 1923-29 was first a spanish, then a foreign language correspondent for a German company in Valencia, Spain, then again a businessman in Hamburg.
          (Stammtafel C.IV.1.b) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Stendal und, unter Fürsorge seines Onkels Hermann Kähler (C.IV.4), die Latina der Franke'schen Stiftungen zu Halle a.d. Saale, Militärdienst, trat am 1.4.1919 als Volontär bei der Firma D.Lehmann Söhne, Im- und Export, in Hamburg ein, war von 1923-29 zuerst in einer spanischen, dann als fremdsprachlicher Korrespondent in einer deutschen Firma in Valencia, Spanien, dann wieder als Kaufmann in Hamburg.
        3. Bernhard Wilhelm Adolf* Kähler, b. 22 September 1899 in Hildesheim. Attended Gymnasium in Stendal, lived several years as an orphan in his uncle Rudolf Kähler's (C.IV.5) house, learned to be a locksmith, then businessman in Hamburg, on 12.06.1917 drafted into the Field Artillery Regiment 1, reassigned to the defense industry (U-Boat builder Blohm&Voß, Hamburg).
          (Stammtafel C.IV.1.c) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Stendal, lebte als Waise mehrere Jahre im Hause seines Onkels Rudolf Kähler (C.IV.5), erlernte Schlosserei, wurde dann Kaufmann, in Hamburg, am 12.06.1917 eingezogen zum Feldartillerie-Regiment 1, abkommandiert zur Rüstungsindustrie (U-Boot-Bau Blohm&Voß, Hamburg).
        4. Hans* Alfred Kähler, b. 03 October 1901 in Hildesheim. Attended Gymnasium in Stendal and, under the care of his uncle Willi Kähler (C.IV.11), to Berlin-Friedenau and Schwedt a.O., became a framer, in 1929 a chauffeur in Berlin.
          (Stammtafel C.IV.1.d) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Stendal und, unter Fürsorge seines Onkels Willi Kähler (C.IV.11), zu Berlin-Friedenau und Schwedt a.O., wurde Landwirt, 1929 Kraftwagenführer in Berlin.
      2. HERMANN OTTO* KÄHLER, b. October 29, 1851 in Breitenfelde, d. June 10, 1910 (age 58) in Berlin-Zehlendorf. Businessman in his cousin Max KÄHLER's (C.I.2.) company in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.IV.2)
      3. ERNST CONRAD* KÄHLER, b. November 26, 1853 in Breitenfelde, d. 06 June 1924 (age 70) in Chicago. On 01 May 1884 (age 30) in Louisville (Illinois) he married Harriet Nancy Blacklidge, b. 08 January 1865 in Montmorency (Ind.). He was a soldier in 1871, migrated in 1875 to America, was a framer in Pennsylvania, then businessman in Louisville (Ill.), after 1890 in Chicago (Ill.).
        1. Hermann Ernst Kähler, b. 24 March 1885 in Louisville (Illinois). On 27 June 1907 (age 22) in Chicago he married Hazel Eva Gorsline, b. 12 November 1886 in Virogna (Wisconsin), d. 09 October 1918 (age 31) in Chicago. Hermann became an architect in Elmhurst, Ill. (Stammtafel C.IV.3.a)
          1. Eva Vessa* Kähler b. 27 April 1908 in Great Falls (Montana), d. 23 September 1908 (age 4 months) in Minneapolis (on the journey from Montana to Chicago).
          2. Harriet Ruth* Kähler b. 27 June 1910 in Chicago, a twin. An educator in Chicago. (Stammtafel C.IV.3.a.C)
          3. Constanze Hazel* Kähler b. 27 June 1910 in Chicago, a twin. On 23 October 1928 (age 18) in Chicago she married Maurice* Wright Miller, b. 02 September 1894 in Dearfield, Illinois. (Stammtafel C.IV.3.a.C)
          4. Marjorie* Gorsline Kähler, b. 29 October 1911 in Crystal Lake, Illinois. On 29 August 1928 (age 16) she married Edward Glade, b. 29 November 1900 in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. He was a contractor and builder in Elmhurst. (Stammtafel C.IV.3.a.D)
            1. Marjorie* Louise Glade, b. in the late 1920s.
          5. Patricia Marie Kähler, b. 13 June 1916 in Chicago, Ill.

          He married a second time on 29 August 1921 (age 36) in Chicago to Elisabeth Hezeltine, b. 18 March 1896 in Chicago.

          • F. Catherine Kähler, b. 1922 in Chicago. (Stammtafel C.IV.3.a.F)
          • G. Conrad Kähler, b. 1923 in Chicago. (Stammtafel C.IV.3.a.G)
          • H. John Kähler, b. in the late 1920s in Elmhurst. (Stammtafel C.IV.3.a.H)
          • I. (The letter I is not used because it is the same as Roman Numeral I.)
          • J. Marilyn Kähler, b. in the late 1920s in Elmhurst. (Stammtafel C.IV.3.a.J)
      4. GEORG HERMANN* KÄHLER, b. September 18, 1855, in Adamsdorf. Attended the gymnasium in Königsberg and Prenzlau, studied theology at Greifswald and Berlin. 1885 Vicar, 1888 pastor of Altensalzwedel in Dambeck i.d. Altmark, 01.04.1926 retired, then in Tylsen at Wallstawe i.d. Altmark.
        (Stammtafel C.IV.4) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Königsberg und Prenzlau, studierte Theologie in Greifswald und Berlin, 1885 Vikar, 1888 Pfarrer in Altensalzwedel bei Dambeck i.d. Altmark, 01.04.1926 Ruhestand, dann in Tylsen bei Wallstawe i.d. Altmark.
      5. FRANZ RUDOLF* KÄHLER, b. May 17, 1857, in Adamsdorf (Krs. Goldin). On 14 July 1890 (age 33) in Chemnitz he married Mathilde Johanna* Zschocke, b. 08 February 1868 in Chemnitz. A businessman, he lived from 1888 in Erfurt, since 01.04.1890 in Sagan in Silesia, since 1929 in retirement in Dortmund. (Stammtafel C.IV.5)
        1. Emilie Klara Johanna Marie* Kähler, b. 29 April 1891 in Sagan. Attended the Homemakers of the State Trade and Vocational School for Girls in Potsdam 1909/10, 1911 examination for teachers of home economics, in 1913 for business teachers for cooking and housekeeping in the State Trade and Vocational School for Girls in Potsdam, 1914 as a teacher for domestic health, infancy and health care in the Pestalozzi Fröbelhaus II in Berlin, 1915 for state-approved nursing in Görlitz, in 1917 the state examination for infant nurses at the academic children's Hospital of Düsseldorf, 1918 state examination as welfare nurse at Niederreinischen Women's Academy, Düsseldorf, visiting teacher in the regions of Düsseldorf, Moers, Dinslaken, Liegnitz Oberbarnim, Essen, and Dortmund.
          (Stammtafel C.IV.5.a) besuchte 1909/10 die Haushaltungsschule der Staatlichen Handels- und Gewerbeschule für Mädchen in Potsdam, 1911 Prüfung für Lehrerinnen der Hauswirtschaftskunde, 1913 für Gewerbelehrerinnen für Kochen und Hauswirtschaft in der Staatl. Handels- und Gewerbeschule für Mädchen in Potsdam, 1914 als Lehrerin für häusliche Kranken-, Säuglings- und Gesundheitspflege im Pestalozzi-Fröbelhaus II zu Berlin, 1915 für staatlich anerkannte Krankenpflegepersonen in Görlitz, 1917 die staatliche Prüfung für Säuglingspflegerinnen an der Akademischen Kinderklinik zu Düsseldorf, 1918 staatliche Prüfung als Wohlfahrtspflegerin an der Niederreinischen Frauenakademie zu Düsseldorf, Wanderlehrerin in den Regionen Düsseldorf, Moers, Dinslaken, Liegnitz Oberbarnim, Essen, Dortmund.
        2. Johanna Luise Kähler, b. 7 June 1894 in Sagan. Attended the girls middle school in Sagan, the Lyceum in Guben, 1912-15 the Royal Commercial and Industrial School in Potsdam, 1917 visiting teacher for infant and toddler care for Dinslaken, Luckau, Altenburg i.Th., Torgau a.E., and Dortmund.
          (Stammtafel C.IV.5.b) besuchte die Mädchen-Mittelschule zu Sagan, das Lyzeum zu Guben, 1912-15 die Kgl. Handels- und Gewerbeschule zu Potsdam, 1917 Wanderlehrerin für Säuglings- und Kleinkinderpflege, Dinslaken, Luckau, Altenburg i.Th., Torgau a.E., Dortmund.
      6. GUSTAV BERNHARD* KÄHLER, b. June 03, 1858, in Adamsdorf, d. February 24, 1923 of wounds he suffered in WWI. He became a soldier in 1878. He was a Major in the Prussian Army and a paymaster. He retired in Freienwalde. On March 04, 1898 he married Martha Clara Lisbeth verv. Märkisch (born Wiese), b. December 20, 1872 in Frankfurt, d. April 1945 in Leignitz. She had married her first husband, Adolf Märkisch on February 18, 1896.
        (Stammtafel C.IV.6) wurde Kaufmann, am 08.04.1878 Soldat, am 24.04.1894 Zahlmeister im Infanterie-Regiment 48, 01.04.1904 Regimentszahlmeister im Feldartillerie-Regiment 73, 28.06.1905 Oberzahlmeister, 27.02.1917 Rechnungsrat, 01.03.1917 Ruhestand, lebte danach in Freienwalde a.O.
        1. PAUL BENNO KÄHLER, b. July 12, 1903 in Allenstein. He became a judge in East Prussia. Paul Benno died from starvation near Kiev, Ukraine in November 1944 in a Russian camp for German prisoners of war. On June 30, 1938 he married RUTH HEDWIG KUPKE, b. October 30, 1910 in Marienburg Westpreußen, d. December 15, 2000.
          1. CHRISTIAN MICHAEL KÄHLER, Doctor of Law, born in 1941 in Marienburg/Westpreußen. He studied at Göttingen University, Université de Genève/Switzerland, and King's College, London. He finished his career as the presiding Judge of a Court of Appeals at Celle/Lower Saxony. He is married to Ursula Kaehler born URSULA SCHEBESTA, Doctor of Medicine, born in 1941 in Krefeld-Ürdingen, who kept a private practice at Großburgwedel until 2007. They live in Großburgwedel, near Hannover, Lower Saxony. photo. (Stammtafel C.IV.6.a.A)
            1. CHRISTIAN KÄHLER, Doctor in Elektronics, born in 1973 in Göttingen. He studied at the Technical University RWTH Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle). He will soon become the Chief Executive Officer of the Fritz von Mangoldt GmbH & Co. in Aachen. The company produces electronic parts to transform electrical power. He is married to STEFANIE ASMUTH, b. 1973 in Minden, a school teacher in Aachen.
              1. FELIX KAEHLER, b. 2006 in Minden.
            2. MARIA KÄHLER, Doctor in Medicine, born in 1976 in Göttingen, studied at the Universities of Magdeburg and Heidelberg/Mannheim, currently working as a doctor in the Pforzheim Hospital and living in Karlsruhe. In 2008 she married PETER SCHMIDT, b. 1977 in Hermeskeil, an electrical engineer, working for the Bosch fectory in Bühl.
              1. MORITZ SCHMIDT, b. in 2008 in Karlsruhe.
              2. PAUL SCHMIDT, b. 2011.
            3. STEFAN-BENNO KÄHLER, born in 1982 in Großburgwedel, studied at Leipzig University, working as medical doctor in the Hospital of the Berufsgenossenschaft at Halle/Saale. As of 2010 he is writing his doctoral thesis in Biochemistry at Leipzig University.
        2. ELISABETH CHARLOTTE "Lotte" KÄHLER, b. June 01, 1906 in Allenstein, d. April 1945 in Leignitz. She married Mr. ( ) STEPHAN and they had two sons. Elisabeth Charlotte's mother lived with the Stephan family in Leignitz, Lower Silesia. She and all the four members of the Stephan family were killed by Russian soldiers when the Soviet-Russian Army occupied Leignitz in April 1945.
          1. a son, d. April 1945 in Leignitz.
          2. a son, d. April 1945 in Leignitz.
      7. DOROTHEE CAROLINE EMILIE "Emmi" KÄHLER, b. August 28, 1861 in Adamsdorf (Krs. Goldin). Lived in 1903 in Berlin-Friedenau in the home of Royal Theater singer Hermann Selle. She educated his daughter Margarethe Selle.
        (Stammtafel C.IV.7) lebte ab 1903 im Hause des Königl. Sängers Hermann Selle bzw. seiner von ihr erzogenen Tochter Margarethe Selle in Berlin-Friedenau.
      8. MARIE* ELISABETH KÄHLER, b. December 18, 1862 in Adamsdorf. Since 1888 she manages the household of her brother Hermann.
      9. PAUL ALFRED* KÄHLER, b. January 01, 1864, in Adamsdorf, d. September 08, 1937 in Berlin. Served in the German Army in World War I from August 03, 1914 to April 01, 1918 as Battery Commander of Artillery. He was a police officer in Berlin and rose to be Vice-Chief of the Metropolitan Police. Was married on May 28, 1892 to JOHANNA AUGUSTE MARIA* BAUMGART, b. July 20, 1866 in Karthaus, d. May 07, 1947. Alfred compiled and published the 1930 Stammtafeln from which this tree is derived. His work extended the 1888 Stammtafeln.
        1. HERMANN GUSTAV ALFRED GERHARD* KÄHLER, b. September 25, 1893 in Berlin. He was Lieutenant in the Prussian Army and died in action in 1916 during WWI.
        2. ILSE* MARIA AUGUSTE HELENE KÄHLER, b. March 11, 1895 in Berlin, d. September 05, 1895.
        3. ILSE MARIA EMILIE IRMGARD* KÄHLER, b. February 16, 1897 in Berlin, d. February 23, 1996 in Baden-Baden. Photo. Married July 30, 1920 to RUDOLF HARTMANN, b. September 13, 1893. Rudolf served in the German Army in WWI. Rudolf was a banker who rose to be president and chairman of a major German nationwide bank. He was still living in 1969. Photo.
          1. GERHARD HARTMANN, b. September 19, 1921. He was a Captain in the German Army and died in action in 1943. He was killed by Russian partisans after being captured.
      10. EMIL TRAUGOTT SIGISMUND* KÄHLER, b. March 27, 1865 in Adamsdorf, d. May 21, 1918 (age 53) in Bautzen i. S. He was a glove maker. (Stammtafel C.IV.10)
      11. FRIEDRICH WILHELM KÄHLER, b. March 22, 1866 in Adamsdorf (Krs. Goldin). On 15 June 1904 (age 38) in Berlin-Charlottenburg he married Johanna Kamlah, b. 08 December 1882 in München-Gladbach. He attended the Dr. Wolterdorf'sche private school in Osterburg A/M. and the Gymnasium of Belgard i. Pom. He studied theology in Halle a.S., Leipzig and Berlin, joined the tax authorities, tax inspector in Berlin.
        (Stammtafel C.IV.11) besuchte die Dr. Wolterdorf'sche Privatschule zu Osterburg A/M. und das Gymnasium zu Belgard i. Pom., studierte Theologie zu Halle a.S., Leipzig und Berlin, trat zur Steuerbehörde über, Steuerinspektor in Berlin.
      12. (died in infancy) CARL GERHARD* KÄHLER, b. June 23, 1860, d. December 28, 1860 (age 6 months) in Adamsdorf. (Stammtafel C.IV.12)
      13. (died in infancy) PAUL JOHANNES* KÄHLER, b. July 25, 1867, d. July 21, 1868 (age 11 months) in Adamsdorf.
      14. (died in infancy) JOHANNES PAUL* KÄHLER, b. November 18, 1868, d. December 01, 1868 (age 13 days) in Adamsdorf.
    5. Dr. Med. FRIEDRICH WILHELM ROBERT* KÄHLER, b. June 09, 1815; d. August 04, 1853, Grimnitz, Germany. Attended the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium in Berlin, the Gymnasium in Salzwedel and the University in Berlin. There he became a doctor and surgeon first class.
      (Stammtafel C.V) besuchte das Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium zu Berlin, das Gymnasium zu Salzwedel und die Universität in Berlin, dort als Dr.med. promoviert, Wundarzt 1.Kl.
    6. CAROLINE* DOROTHEE KÄHLER, b. July 03, 1816 in Joachimsthal (Uckermark), d. 26 November 1891 (age 75) in Halle a.S. On 15 May 1835 (age 18) in Joachimsthal she married Eduard* Julius Gustav Kaehrn, b. 05 June 1805 in Salzwedel, d. 24 February 1892 (age 86) in Salzwedel. He was an attorney and Notary Public, later a Judge. She is (Stammtafel C.VI).
      1. Sophie* Henriette Caroline Kaehrn, b. 31 July 1836 in Salzwedel, d. 11 January 1922 (age 85) in Halle a.S. Lived as a widow in Bromberg and Halle. On 31 August 1856 (age 20) in Salzwedel she married Ernst* Julius Sigismund Scheringer, b. 28 December 1828 in Magdeburg, d. 20 June 1885 (age 56). He was a Lieutenant Colonel and Commander of a District (Oberstleutnant and Bezirkskommandeur).
        1. Ulrich* Carl Eduard Scheringer, b. 15 June 1857 in Berlin, d. 28 May 1928 (age 70) in Halle a.S. On 03 May 1900 (age 42) in Wolfenbüttel he married Luise Pauli, b. 09 December 1868 in Bevern (Krs. Holzminden). (A double wedding. He and his brother Ernst married sisters.) Studied law in Breslau, Heidelberg and Berlin, 07.08.1878 Dr.Jur. in Göttingen, 21.01.1884 Court assessor, 21.01.1884 Directorate for Railway Bromberg, government official in Bromberg und Glückstadt, 01.04.1895 in Halle, lastly Upper-division Governing Council and Director, retired on 01.07.1922.
          (Stammtafel C.VI.1.a) studierte Rechte in Breslau, Heidelberg und Berlin, 07.08.1878 Dr.jur. in Göttingen, 21.01.1884 Gerichtsassessor, 01.04.1884 zur Eisenbahn-Direktion Bromberg, Regierungsrat in Bromberg und Glückstadt, 01.04.1895 in Halle, zuletzt Ober-Regierungsrat und Abteilungsdirektor, 01.07.1922 Ruhestand.
          1. Erika* Sophie Antonie Scheringer, Ph.D, b. 17 October 1901 in Halle a.S. Studied Mathamatics, Philosophy and Physics in Halle, 6.7.1927 Dr. phil., 9.11.1928 State Examination, Easter 1929 trainee teacher in Droyssig. Later taught in Erfurt and Tangermünde. Her Ph.D thesis was published as a book: Experimentelle untersuchungen über die anschaulich-motorische kombination (praktische intelligenz) "Experimental studies of hand-eye coordination without direct awareness (practical intelligence)". 112 pages. Publisher: Langensalza, H. Beyer & Söhne (Beyer & Mann) 1928. The original thesis is 1.5 times as long. OCLC Number: 30347927. Scanned by Google Books in 2009. A different version has OCLC Number: 459036397. FRBNF31313734.
            (Stammtafel C.VI.1.a.A) studierte Mathematik, Philosophie und Physik in Halle, 6.7.1927 Dr. phil., 9.11.1928 Staatsexamen, Ostern 1929 Studienreferendarin in Droyssig.
          2. Gisela* Emilie Magdalene Scheringer. b. 17 October 1903 in Halle a.S. Studied economics in Tübingen, the law since Easter 1927, 1928 in Göttingen.
        2. Emilie Marie Sophie Scheringer, b. 19 February 1860 in Düben a.M. (Krs. Bitterfeld). Attended the girls' secondary school in Breslau, 1907-15 nurse in Halle a.S., since 1922 teacher at the Children's Treatment Centre of the Patriotic Women's Association, then retirement.
          (Stammtafel C.VI.1.b) besuchte die höhere Töchterschule zu Breslau, 1907-15 Fürsorgeschwester in Halle a.S., bis 1922 Leiterin der Kinderheilstätte des Vaterländischen Frauenvereins, dann Ruhestand.
        3. Hans Ernst* Philipp Scheringer, b. 05 May 1862 in Düben a.M. (Krs. Bitterfeld). On 03 October 1899 (age 37) in Wolfenbüttel he married Sophie Katharina* Emilie Pauli, b. 28 March 1866 in Bevern (Krs. Holzminden). (A double wedding. He and his brother Ulrich married sisters.) Attended the Gymnasien in Frankfurt a.O., Breslau, Graudenz and Salzwedel, Abitur 1881, studied medicine at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Akademie in Berlin, 1886 Dr. of Medicine, et chir.(?), 1887 State Examination in Berlin, internship, 1892 surgeon, 1900 senior Surgeon, from 1919 senior physician A.D. and general practitioner in Wolfenbüttel.
          (Stammtafel C.VI.1.c) besuchte die Gymnasien zu Frankfurt a.O., Breslau, Graudenz und Salzwedel, Abitur 1881, studierte Medizin auf der Kaiser-Wilhelm-Akademie zu Berlin, 1886 Dr.med. et chir., 1887 Staatsexamen in Berlin, Assistenzartzt, 1892 Stabsarzt, 1900 Oberstabsarzt, ab 1919 General-Oberarzt a.D. und praktischer Arzt in Wolfenbüttel.
          1. Sophie Antonie Magdalene Anneliese* Scheringer, b. 05 October 1900 in Minden. Attended the Lyzeum in Minden and the Lyzeum and Oberlyzeum in Wolfenbüttel, 1921 teachers test, studied mathematics and science in Göttingen and Halle, 03.11.1928 State examination, since Easter 1929 trainee teacher in Droyssig by Zeitz.
            (Stammtafel C.VI.1.c.A) besuchte das Lyzeum zu Minden und das Lyzeum und Oberlyzeum zu Wolfenbüttel, 1921 Lehrerinnenprüfung, studierte Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften in Göttingen und Halle, 03.11.1928 Staatsexamen, seit Ostern 1929 Studienreferendarin in Droyssig bei Zeitz.
          2. Gertrud* Luise Frida Erdmuthe Scheringer, b. 26 March 1903 in Minden. Attended the Lyzeum zu Minden und Wolfenbüttel, studied from 1922 in Braunschweig, music, concert(?) teaching and singing teaching in Wolfenbüttel.
            (Stammtafel C.VI.1.c.B) besuchte das Lyzeum zu Minden und Wolfenbüttel, studierte ab 1922 in Braunschweig Musik, Konzertlehrerin und Gesangslehrerin in Wolfenbüttel.
        4. Magdalene* Hedwig Agnes Scheringer, b. 20 September 1864 in Düben a.M. (Krs. Bitterfeld). Attended the girls' secondary school in Graudenz, studied music in Berlin 1886-88, 1888-1914 in England as Music teacher (Ladies College in Chettenham, Glocestershire), then to Halle.
          (Stammtafel C.VI.1.d) besuchte die höhere Töchterschule in Graudenz, studierte Musik in Berlin 1886-88, 1888-1914 in England als Musiklehrerin (Ladies College in Chettenham, Glocestershire), dann in Halle.
        5. Elisabeth* Caroline Clara Franziska Scheringer, b. 11 August 1869 in Düben a.M. (Krs. Bitterfeld), d. 21 January 1919 (age 49) in Halle a.S. Suffered cerebro-spinal paralysis (cerebrospinaler Lähmung) from an early age. (Stammtafel C.VI.1.e)
        6. Clara Ulrike Margarethe* Scheringer, b. 09 August 1874, d. 25 March 1875 (age 7 months) in Breslau.
        7. Franz Erich* Walter Scheringer, b. 21 June 1876 in Breslau, d. 13 July 1905 (age 29). was killed as a lieutenant of his regiment (perhaps in the Maji Maji Rebellion in July 1905 in German East Africa). Military career. (Stammtafel C.VI.1.g)
      2. Bertha Marie* Hedwig Kaehrn, b. 06 January 1846, d. 23 November 1891 (age 45) in Halle a.S. during a temporary stay there. (Stammtafel C.VI.2)
      3. Anna Hedwig* II Kaehrn, b. 14 November 1847, d. 04 September 1894 (age 46) in Halle a.S.
      4. Agnes* Cäcilie Kaehrn, b. 10 April 1849, d. 23 April 1882 (age 33) in Nietleben bei Halle. (Stammtafel C.VI.4)
      5. Franz* Eduard Kaehrn, b. 01 June 1852 in Salzwedel, d. 04 February 1904 (age 51) in Salzwedel. On 22 May 1883 (age 30) in Naumburg he married Erdmuthe "Erda" Amélie Natalie Luise von Roedern, b. 12 February 1856 in Breslau, a Countess. She lived as a widow in Salzwedel, since 1911 in Naumburg a.S. He studied at the Gymnasium in Salzwedel, studied law in Berlin, Heidelberg, Straßburg and Greifswald, 1882 attorney in Salzwedel, 1901 Judge.
        1. Amélie Caroline Erda Ilsabe* Kaehrn, b. 02 March 1881, d. 07 April 1891 (age 10) in Salzwedel. (Stammtafel C.VI.5.a)
        2. Franz Eduard Melchior Fritz-Joachim* Kaehrn, b. 18 October 1888 in Salzwedel. Attended Gymnasium in Salzwedel, military service, active in commerce in Chemnitz.
      6. Clara* Ernestine Helene Kaehrn, b. 29 May 1856 in Salzwedel. On 02 April 1880 (age 23) in Salzwede she married Paul* Peter Georg Arnold Jenrich, b. 25 January 1848 in Magdeburg, d. 27 January 1911 (age 63) in Magdeburg. He was a professor and teacher in a Gymnasium. She lived as a widow in Magdeburg. (Stammtafel C.VI.6)
        1. Paul* Eduard Georg Aleander Jenrich, b. 17 February 1881 in Magdeburg. Lawyer in Schönebeck A.E.
        2. Ellinor "Elly" Carola Aurora Pauline Jenrich, b. 22 July 1883 in Magdeburg. On 02 February 1909 (age 25) in Magdeburg she married Dr. med. Alfred Sommer, a government medical officer in Jena. She is (Stammtafel C.VI.6.b)
          1. Freda Ingeborg Sommer, b. 13 December 1912. (Stammtafel C.VI.6.b.A)
          2. Erika Sigrid Sommer, b. 25 October 1916. (Stammtafel C.VI.6.b.B)
      7. Adolf Friedrich Eduard* Kaehrn, b. 02 September 1837. d. 17 August 1838 (age 11 months).
      8. Marie Hedwig* I Kaehrn, b. 01 October 1839 34 23 Death: 30 March 1845 (age 5).
      9. Adolf Kaehrn, b. 18 September 1840, d. 03 October 1841 (age 12 months).
      10. Hermann Kaehrn, b. 02 March 1842, d. 30 March 1845 (age 3). (Stammtafel C.VI.10)
      11. Rudolf Kaehrn, b. 15 April 1844, d. 11 October 1847 (age 3).
    7. FRANZ OTTO* KÄHLER, b. August 16, 1817 in Joachimsthal, d. April 11, 1871 (age 53) in Danzig. On 18 October 1849 (age 32) he married Emma Franziska Dorothea Uthemann, b. 16 November 1828, d. 25 April 1904 (age 75). He attended the Royal Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium in Berlin, was a pharmacist and chemist, owner of a mineral water factory in Danzig.
      (Stammtafel C.VII) besuchte das Kgl. Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium in Berlin, wurde Apotheker und Chemiker, Inhaber einer Mineralwasserfabrik in Danzig.
      1. Felix* Otto Kähler, b. 12 June 1852 in Danzig. On 13 December 1900 (age 48) in Berlin he married Emilie Ottilie Hedwig Alice* Nebendahl, b. 09 February 1873 in Berlin. Attended the Gymnasiums in Danzig and Neustadt, Abitur in Herbst in 1872, studied law in Leipzig, Jena und Berlin, 1877 trainee, 1882 Assessor, 1883 magistrate in Putzig, 1888 in Marienburg, 1893 in Berlin, 16.04.1896 magistrate, lastly Kassen-Kurator magistrate in Berlin-Mitte, 1909 Privy Councillor, 1921 retired, lived in Berlin-Nicolassee.
        (Stammtafel C.VII.1) besuchte die Gymnasien zu Danzig und Neustadt W/Pr., Abitur Herbst 1872, studierte die Rechte in Leipzig, Jena und Berlin, 1877 Referendar, 1882 Assessor, 1883 Amtsrichter in Putzig, 1888 in Marienburg, 1893 in Berlin, 16.04.1896 Amtsgerichtsrat, zuletzt Kassen-Kurator beim Amtsgericht Berlin-Mitte, 1909 Geheimer Justizrat, 1921 Ruhestand, lebte in Berlin-Nicolassee.
        1. Emma Hedwig Gisela* Kähler, b. 22 January 1902 in Berlin, Attended the Institute for the Study in Steglitz, Abitur 1921, commercially active in Berlin. (Stammtafel C.VII.1.a)
        2. Axel* Felix Otto Kähler, b. 20 June 1903 51 30 in Berlin, d. 10 January 1930 (age 26) in Berlin-Zehlendorf. Attended the Gymnasium of Zehlendorf, 1921 businessman, 1924 harmonium builder, as such engaged in Lich (Oberhessen), Kirchheide in Lippe, Strßburg i.E., Stuttgart, Saarlouis, Paris, then again in Saarlouis.
          (Stammtafel C.VII.1.b) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Zehlendorf, 1921 Kaufmann, 1924 Harmoniumbauer, als solcher tätig in Lich (Oberhessen), Kirchheide in Lippe, Strßburg i.E., Stuttgart, Saarlouis, Paris, dann wieder in Saarlouis.
      2. Emma* Ottilie Kähler, b. 05 April 1856, On 26 April 1875 (age 19) she married Alexander Johann Hermann* Lietzau, b. 26 August 1844 in Schloß Lochstädt bei Pillau, d. 26 March 1905 (age 60). He was the owner of a pharmacy in Danzig. She later lived as a widow in Wiesbaden. (Stammtafel C.VII.2)
        1. Elsa* Emilie Emma Lietzau, b. 14 September 1877 in Danzig. On 14 April 1896 (age 18) in Danzig she married Dr. med. Eugen Steger, b. 10 January 1863 in Landsberg i.Schl.. She is (Stammtafel C.VII.2.a).
          1. Otto* Karl Hermann Steger, b. 13 February 1897 in Danzig, d. 08 October 1924 (age 27) in Bjasmi by Moscow (airplane accident). He married Else Schulz. Attended the Gymnasium in Thorn, Elbing and Danzig. Military service, flying officer, airline pilot. (Stammtafel C.VII.2.a.A)
          2. Dr. med. Alexander* Hellmut Egon Steger, b. 6 April 1901 in Danzig. Attended Gymnasium in Thorn, Elbing and Lauenburg, Abitur 20.03.1920, studied medicine, Physikum 21.07.1922 in Greifswald, state examiniation 16.06.1925 in Munich, Dr. med. 01.09.1927 in Königsberg Pr.
            (Stammtafel C.VII.2.a.B) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Thorn, Elbing und Lauenburg, Abitur 20.03.1920, studierte Medizien, Physikum 21.07.1922 in Greifswald, Staatsexamen 16.06.1925 in München, Dr.med. 01.09.1927 in Königsberg Pr.
          3. Thekla* Elsa Steger, b. 22 October 1907 in Thorn. Attended the Lyzeum and the girls school in Elbing. (Stammtafel C.VII.2.a.C)
        2. Otto Hermann Bruno* Lietzau, b. 03 December 1882 in Danzig. On 07 June 1909 (age 26) in Zoppot he married Ursel* Hanna Martha Reschke, b. 07 March 1885 in Gurken (Krs. Stuhm). Attended the city Gymnasium zu Danzig, studied law, since 1905 a farmer, since 1909 owner of the manor Germen (Krs. Marienwerder W/Pr.).
          (Stammtafel C.VII.2.b) besuchte das städtische Gymnasium zu Danzig, studierte die Rechte, ab 1905 Landwirt, ab 1909 Besitzer des Rittergutes Germen (Krs. Marienwerder W/Pr.).
          1. Emma Elise Kascha* Lietzau, b. 15 September 1913 in Germen. (Stammtafel C.VII.2.b.A)
          2. Hermann Fritz Peter* Lietzau, b. 23 October 1914 in Germen. (Stammtafel C.VII.2.b.B)
        3. Otto Hermann Kurt* Lietzau, b. 10 December 1885 in Danzig. On 01 December 1910 (age 24) in Berlin he married Edith* Hanna Emmy Dora Hopf, b. 28 September 1885 in Danzig. Pharmacy owner in Eisenach. (Stammtafel C.VII.2.c)
          1. Hermann Kurt Horst Lietzau, b. 17 February 1920 in Eisenach. (Stammtafel C.VII.2.c.A)
      3. Otto* Roderich Adolf Max Kähler, b. 04 September 1858, d. 06 May 1895 (age 36) in Berlin. Studied medicine. (Stammtafel C.VII.3)
      4. Max* Otto Alexander Kähler, b. 16 April 1860, d. 29 April 1890 (age 30) in Hamburg. Was a businessman in London und Hamburg. He died as the result of an accident. (Stammtafel C.VII.4)
      5. Marie* Emma Kähler, b. 16 April 1851, d. 04 August 1852 (age 15 months). (Stammtafel C.VII.5)
      6. Anna* Margarethe Kähler, b. 14 September 1853, d. 20 October 1853 (age 36 days). (Stammtafel C.VII.6)
      7. Hedwig* Sophie Kähler, b. 18 October 1854, d. 11 May 1855 (age 6 months).
    8. JOHANN BERNHARD* KÄHLER, b. December 04, 1818 in Joachimsthal, d. 30 April 1902 (age 83) in Berlin-Steglitz. On 24 January 1854 (age 35) he married Franziska* Clara Kubale, b. 29 August 1834 in Koronowa, d. 30 May 1920 (age 85) in Berlin-Lichterfelde. Attended the Royal Joachimsthalsche and Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium in Berlin, studied theology in Berlin, ordained 07.09.1851 as Pastor in Koschmin (Prov. Posen), 1860 Pastor in Sekundarius, 1861 Primarius, 1876 Superintendent in Glogau, 1893 retired, from 21.10.1893 in Berlin-Steglitz.
      (Stammtafel C.VIII) besuchte das Kgl. Joachimsthalsche und Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium zu Berlin, studierte Theologie in Berlin, ordiniert am 07.09.1851 als Pfarrer in Koschmin (Prov. Posen), 1860 Pastor Sekundarius, 1861 Primarius, 1876 Superintendent in Glogau, 1893 Ruhestand, ab 21.10.1893 in Berlin-Steglitz.
      1. Johannes* Eduard Kähler, b. 26 October 1854 in Koschmin. On 24 October 1883 (age 28) in Gohlis he married Klara* Maria Helfer, b. 14 April 1854 in Altranstädt, d. 16 May 1921 (age 67) in Naunhof. Attended the Gymnasium of Glogau, military service, 1882 in the Technical Institute of Artillery, 1893-1905 Director of the Ordnance Laboratory in Siegburg, 1905-07 Speaker in the Central Division of the Ordnance Ministry, 1907-09 Director of the gunpowder factory near Hanau, 1909-12 Director Ordnance Laboratory in Spandau, 1912-14 Inspector of the Technical Institute in Berlin. 1899 Major, 1905 Lieutenant Colonel, 1908 Colonel, 1912 Major General, on 01.03.1914 became a Lieutenant General, thereafter Honnef a.Rh.(?), since 1919 in Naunhof bei Leipzig, from autumn 1928 in Bochum.
        (Stammtafel C.VIII.1) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Glogau, Militärdienst, 1882 bei den Technischen Instituten der Artillerie, 1893-1905 Direktor des Feuerwerkslaboratoriums zu Siegburg, 1905-07 Referent bei der Zentralabteilung der Feldzeugmeisterei in Berlin, 1907-09 Direktor der Pulverfabrik bei Hanau, 1909-12 Direktor des Feuerwerkslaboratoriums in Spandau, 1912-14 Inspektor der Technischen Institute in Berlin. 1899 Major, 1905 Oberstleutnant, 1908 Oberst, 1912 Generalmajor, am 01.03.1914 als Generalleutnant verabschiedet, danach in Honnef a.Rh., ab 1919 in Naunhof bei Leipzig, ab Herbst 1928 in Bochum.
        1. Klara Kähler, b. 12 November 1885, d. 14 November 1885 (age 2 days). (Stammtafel C.VIII.1.a)
        2. Ilse Kähler, b. 05 August 1888, d. 07 August 1888 (age 2 days).
        3. Luise Kähler, b. 27 April 1892, d. 29 April 1892 (age 2 days).
        4. Hans-Bernd* Theodor Kähler, b. 07 June 1896 in Siegburg. On 24 July 1922 (age 26) in Berlin-Neukölln he married Elisabeth "Lisa" Clara Behrendt, b. 13 November 1898 in Berlin-Neukölln. Attended the Gymnasium in Hanau and Spandau, Abitur 1914, Military service, 1918 was wounded in Amiens near Morenil, 1919-22 studied mechanical engineering at the Technischen Hochschule of Charlottenburg, 22.03.1922 diploma in Engineering, as such operated from 01.04.1922 in Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, from 01.10.1925 Head of Patent Department and Authorised Signatory of the Dr. C. Otto & Company GmbH of Bochum, a producer of coke ovens and coal products such as tar, ammonia, benzene and gas.
          (Stammtafel C.VIII.1.d) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Hanau und Spandau, Abitur 1914, Militärdienst, 1918 vor Amiens in der Nähe von Morenil verwundet. Studierte 1919-22 Maschinenbau an der Technischen Hochschule zu Charlottenburg, 22.03.1922 Dipl.Ing., als solcher tätig ab 01.04.1922 in Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, ab 01.10.1925 Leiter der Patentabteilung und Handlungsbevollmächtigter der Dr. C. Otto u. Comp. GmbH zu Bochum.
          1. Ingrid* Edeltraut Kähler, b. 13 September 1923 in Essen (Ruhr). (Stammtafel C.VIII.1.d.A)
          2. Sigrun* Rotraut Kähler, b. 1925 in Essen (Ruhr). (Stammtafel C.VIII.1.d.B)
      2. Adolf Otto* Kähler, b. 18 April 1856 in Koschmin, d. 24 September 1925 (age 69) in Berlin-Lichterfelde. On 01 September 1904 (age 48) Berlin-Steglitz he married Martha* Marie Katharina Schüttpelz, b. 18 February 1879 in Rügenwalde, d. 21 August 1907 (age 28) in Groß-Lichterfelde. Attended the Gymnasium of Glogau, studied architecture, later mathematics in Berlin und Greifswald, candidate at the higher education authority in Glogau, from 1891 Expedierender(?) Secretary, later Government Inspector and Accounting Board member in the Insurance Agency of the Empire in Berlin, 1923 retirement.
        (Stammtafel C.VIII.2) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Glogau, studierte Baufach, später Mathematik in Berlin und Greifswald, Kanditat des höheren Schulamtes in Glogau, ab 1891 Expedierender Sekretär, später Regierungs-Oberinspektor und Rechnungsrat bei der Reichsversicherungsanstalt in Berlin, 1923 Ruhestand.
        1. Ottomar* Bernhard Kähler, b. 16 November 1906 , d. 10 March 1907 (age 3 months) in Groß-Lichterfelde. (Stammtafel C.VIII.2.a)
        On 18 April 1912 (at age 56) in Berlin, he married a second time to Margarete* Juliana Schultz, b. 09 March 1868 in Sandberg (Krs. Gostyn). They did not have any children.
      3. Antonie "Toni" Caroline Franziska Kähler, b. 03 April 1858 in Koschmin. Lived in 1930 in Berlin-Lichterfelde. (Stammtafel C.VIII.3)
      4. Franz Konrad* Oskar Kähler, b. 06 November 1859 in Koschmin. On 08 October 1889 (age 29) in Militsch he married Ida Angelika Anna* Zindler, b. 10 March 1861 in Militsch. Attended the evangelical Gymnasium of Glogau, Abitur 1878, studied Theology in Berlin, Leipzig, Halle a.S. und Breslau, 1883 curate in Niebusch, ordained on 25.02.1885, 01.04.1885 Parochial Vicar of Saabor and Groschwitz-Kußlau, 01.05.1887 Pastor in Gulau bei Trachenberg, 01.10.1895 head pastor there, 01.10.1900 third pastor in Oels, 01.09.1906 first clergyman and chaplain of the Crown Prince there, In addition head of official military chaplains, 30.12.1907 Superintendent of the church district of Oels, 01.10.1926 retirement, living in Oels.
        (Stammtafel C.VIII.4) besuchte da evangelische Gymnasium zu Glogau, Abitur 1878, studierte Theologie in Berlin, Leipzig, Halle a.S. und Breslau, 1883 Hilfsprediger in Niebusch, am 25.02.1885 ordiniert, 01.04.1885 Pfarrvikar von Saabor und von Groschwitz-Kußlau, 01.05.1887 Pastor in Gulau bei Trachenberg, 01.10.1895 Pastor primarius daselbst, 01.10.1900 dritter Pastor in Oels, 01.09.1906 daselbst erster Geistlicher und Hofprediger des Kronprinzen, im Nebenamt Militär-Seelsorger, 30.12.1907 Superintendent des Kirchenkreises Oels, 01.10.1926 Ruhestand, lebte in Oels.
        1. Bernhard* Robert Konrad Kähler, b. 19 November 1890 in Gulau. On 28 September 1921 (age 30) in Berlin he married Margarete "Marga" Johanna Klara Petschow, b. 01 September 1892 in Kolberg. He attended the evangelical Gymnasium of Oels, Abitur 1910, military career, then businessman in Hamburg and Berlin. (Stammtafel C.VIII.4.a)
          1. Manfred Konrad Walter Siegfried Kähler, b. in 1926 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. (Stammtafel C.VIII.4.a.A)
        2. Johannes Siegfried* Joachim Kähler, b. 04 June 1892 in Gulau, d. 07 November 1917 (age 25). Died in battle in Fokshani (Romania?). Attended the Gymnasien of Oels, Liegnitz and Rawitsch, 1911 military service, 1912 farmer, flying career in World War I.
          (Stammtafel C.VIII.4.b) besuchte die Gymnasien zu Oels, Liegnitz und Rawitsch, 1911 Militärdienst, 1912 Landwirt, Kriegsdienst mit Fliegerlaufbahn.
        3. Otto Wilhelm Helmut* Kähler, b. 09 March 1895 in Gulau. On 09 September 1922 (age 27) in Breslau he married Margarete* Emilie Elisabeth Bendig, b. 11 November 1890 in Kreuzburg O/S. He attended the evangelical Gymnasium of Oels, Notabitur 1914, military volunteer, military service, 1920 Lieutenant, 1921 businessman in Breslau, 1928 in Berlin.
          (Stammtafel C.VIII.4.c) besuchte das evangelische Gymnasium zu Oels, Notabitur 1914, Kriegsfreiwilliger, Militärlaufbahn, 1920 Oberleutnant, 1921 Kaufmann in Breslau, 1928 in Berlin.
    9. Dr. Phil. RUDOLF* MAXIMILIAN KÄHLER, b. October 23, 1819 in Joachimsthal, d. 03 August 1892 (age 72) in Königsberg. On 03 August 1854 (age 34) he married Christine Marie Dorothee Elisabeth* Reese, b. 05 October 1821, d. 07 August 1906 (age 84) in Steinbeck i.Meckl. Attended the Royal Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium and the University of Berlin, 1851 Head of the higher private school in Alt-Reetz bei Wriezen, 1858 Rector of public and higher girls' school in Königsberg N/M.
      (Stammtafel C.IX) besuchte das Kgl. Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium und die Universität in Berlin, 1851 Vorsteher der höheren Privatschule in Alt-Reetz bei Wriezen, 1858 Rektor der Bürger- und höheren Töchterschule zu Königsberg N/M.
      1. Martha* Marie Agnes Kähler, b. 09 July 1855 in Tarnewitz i.Meckl. On 14 July 1885 (age 30) in Königsberg (Pr.) she married Hans Joachim* Hartung Reese, b. 02 March 1853 in Steinbeck i.Meckl. (bei Wismar), d. 19 October 1904 (age 51) in Steinbeck i.Meckl. (bei Wismar). He was a Landowner in Steinbeck. He is possibly a relative of her mother. She is (Stammtafel C.IX.1).
        1. Egon* Viktor Reese, b. 17 August 1893 in Steinbeck i.Meckl. (bei Wismar). On 08 August 1914 (age 20) in Wilster he married Gesa* Dorothea Tobias, b. 16 June 1896 in Wilster. Attended the Gymnasien in Wismar and Rostock, became a farmer in 1908, 1911/12 attended the agricultural colleges of Dargun and Demmin, was from 1914 estate inspector, took over his father's estate, that he leased out in 1918 to become a businessman.
          (Stammtafel C.IX.1.a) besuchte die Gymnasien zu Wismar und Rostock, wurde 1908 Landwirt, besuchte 1911/12 die Ackerbauhochschulen zu Dargun und Demmin, war bis 1914 Gutsinspektor, übernahm dann väterliche Gut, das er 1918 verpachtete um Kaufmann zu werden.
          1. Ingeborg* Gesche Martha Reese, b. 05 October 1916 in Wilster. (Stammtafel C.IX.1.a.A)

          On 06 December 1922 at (age 29) he married a second time to Anna Helene* Härting, b. 28 January 1898 in Chemnitz i.Sachsen.

        2. Irma* Ada Reese, b. 17 July 1894 in Steinbeck i.Meckl. (bei Wismar). On 04 April 1929 (age 34) in Hamburg she married Hermann* Gerhard Janssen, b. 20 August 1890 in Hocksiel i.Oldenburg. He was a tenant farmer in Borstel near Hamburg. She attended the higher girls school in Rostock und Wismar, and later worked as a branch manager in Hamburg. (Stammtafel C.IX.1.b)

        On 17 January 1907 (age 51) in Rostock, Martha married a second time to Ernst Schröder, b. 25 February 1837, d. 04 January 1911 (age 73) in Schwerin i.Meckl. He was a road construction foreman.

        On 11 December 1915 (age 60) in Schiffbeck bei Hamburg, Martha married a third time to Ludwig Karl* Heinrich Schulze, b. 30 December 1857 in Dömitz i.Meckl. He was owner of a fabric store and tailor shop.
      2. Max* I Ernst Benjamin Kähler, b. 02 July 1858 in Königsberg (Pr.), d. 01 August 1858 (age 30 days) in Königsberg (Pr.).
      3. Hermann* Johannes Kähler, b. 22 July 1859, d. 13 August 1859 (age 22 days).
      4. Max* II Wilhelm Kähler, b. 21 June 1861, d. 09 August 1861 (age 49 days).
    10. AUGUST FERDINAND* KÄHLER, b. April 08, 1824, d. December 19, 1872 (age 48) at Berlin Hospital, Berlin, Germany. Attended the Gymnasium in Salzwedel and the University of Halle a.S., devoted nine years to farming, then worked in the quartermaster corps of the Guard, was last an accountant in a commercial business.
      (Stammtafel C.X) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Salzwedel und die Universität in Halle a.S., widmete sich 9 Jahre der Landwirtschaft, arbeitete dann in der Intendantur des Gardekorps, war zuletzt Buchhalter in einem kaufmännischen Geschäft.
    11. GUSTAV KÄHLER, b. August 10, 1806, d. August 11, 1807 (age 12 months).
    12. ROSINE EMILIE AUGUSTE* KÄHLER, b. February 28, 1821, d. April 18, 1833 (age 12).
    13. LUISE* JULIANA PAULINE KÄHLER, b. October 03, 1822, d. March 14, 1824 (age 17 months).
  4. MORITZ* FRIEDRICH KÄHLER, b. July 20, 1781 in Sommerfeld, d. February 17, 1834 (age 52) in Züllichau (Sulechów, Poland). On 03 September 1805 (age 24) he married JULIANE* CAROLINE WEINHOLD, b. 13 September 1781 in Malmitz, d. 17 February 1834 (age 52). Moritz attended the schools of Sommerfeld und in Gorau, there he devoted(?) himself in 1795, from 1802 he studied music in Lubben and Copenhagen, in 1805 became Music Director in Malmitz bei Sprottau, 1809 in Breslau, 1812 Organist in Peterswaldau bei Reichenbach in Schlesien, 1815 Music Director of the Pedagogium and Seminar in Züllichau, went in 1817 with the Seminar to the monastary at Neuzelle, in 1818 back to the Pedagogium in Züllichau.
    (Stammtafeln D) besuchte die Schule zu Sommerfeld und in Gorau, widmete sich ab 1795 dort, ab 1802 in Lübben und in Kopenhagen der Musik, wurde 1805 Musikdirektor in Malmitz bei Sprottau, ab 1809 in Breslau, 1812 Organist in Peterswaldau bei Reichenbach in Schlesien, 1815 Musikdirektor an dem Pädagogium und Seminar in Züllichau, ging 1817 mit dem Seminar nach Kloster Neuzelle, 1818 zurück an das Pädagogium in Züllichau.
    1. Hermann* Moritz Kähler, b. 18 January 1807 in Malmitz, d. 24 October 1883 (age 76) in Grünberg i.Schl. On 26 May 1851 (age 44) in Züllichau he married Wilhelmine* Johanne Benade, b. 13 March 1827, d. 01 March 1910 (age 82) in Berlin-Weissensee. She lived as a widow in Berlin. He attended the Pedagogium in Züllichau, studied theology in Breslau and Berlin, 1848 teacher at the Great Frederick Orphanage and school for boys, 1851 School Principal of it, 1874 retired in Grünberg in Schlesien.
      (Stammtafel D.I) besuchte das Pädagogium in Züllichau, studierte Theologie in Breslau und Berlin, 1848 Lehrer am Großen Friedrichs-Waisenhaus, 1851 Schulvorsteher daselbst, 1874 Ruhestand, danach in Grünberg in Schlesien.
      1. Hans* Gustav Georg Kähler, b. 28 March 1858 in Berlin, d. 13 September 1929 (age 71) in Bad Saarow (Mark). On 02 December 1895 (age 37) in Charlottenburg he married Johanne Therese Helene* Benade, b. 20 December 1863 in Neu-Astrawischken (Krs. Gerdauen), d. 18 June 1924 (age 60). He attended the Luisenstädtische Realgymnasium (secondary school) of Berlin and the Realgymnasium of Grünberg i.Schl., became a pharmacist in 1878, worked as such in Schlesien, Thüringen and Berlin, attended the University of Berlin, there took the state examination, approved 11.12.1885, acquired the pharmacy in Labes (Krs. Regenwalde), sold it in 1901 and acquired the Sonnen-Apotheke pharmacy in Berlin-Weissensee in 1902.
        (Stammtafel D.I.1) besuchte das Luisenstädtische Realgymnasium zu Berlin und das Realgymnasium zu Grünberg i.Schl., wurde 1878 Apotheker, war als solcher in Schlesien, Thüringen und Berlin tätig, besuchte die Universität zu Berlin, bestand dort die Staatsprüfung, approbiert 11.12.1885, erwarb die Apotheke in Labes (Krs. Regenwalde), verkaufte sie 1901 und erwarb 1902 die Sonnen-Apotheke in Berlin-Weissensee.
        1. Wolfgang* Hermann Wilhelm Kähler, b. 24 August 1896 in Labes i.Pom. Attended the secondary school of Berlin-Weissensee and of Berlin-Pankow, Abitur 1916, practical work in a railway workshop, 13.04.1917 conscripted into military service, 1919-23 general engineering at the Technischen Hochschule in Charlottenburg, 14.05.1923 Diploma in Engineering, machine designer, 01.04.1925 Commercial Clerk at Police Bureau in Berlin, 10.12.1927 Commercial Assessor, the same in Magdeburg.
          (Stammtafel D.I.1.a) besuchte die Realschule zu Berlin-Weissensee und das Realgymnasium zu Berlin-Pankow, Abitur 1916, praktische Arbeit in einer Eisenbahnwerkstätte, 13.04.1917 Einberufung zum Heeresdienst, studierte 1919-23 Allgemeinen Maschinenbau an der Technischen Hochschule in Charlottenburg, 14.05.1923 Diplom-Ingenieur, Maschinenkonstrukteur, 01.04.1925 Gewerbe-Referendar beim Polizei-Präsidium in Berlin, 10.12.1927 Gewerbe-Assessor, als solcher im Magdeburg tätig.
        2. Erdmuthe* Minna Elma Kähler, b. 09 January 1903, d. 11 March 1903 (age 2 months) in Berlin-Weissensee.
      2. Hans Emmerich Willibald* Kaehler, b. 02 January 1866 in Berlin, d. 17 October 1938 (age 72) in Kleinmachnow. On 28 August 1892 (age 26) in Leipzig he married Margarethe* Bianka Marie Leopold. Attended the secondary school of Grünberg i.Schl., studied at the Royal Hochschule for Music in Berlin 1884-87, Korepetitor(?) at the Court Theatre of Hannover, 1891 choir master in Freiburg i.B., 1893 in Basel, 1895 in Regensburg, 1897 in Rostock, 1899 in Mannheim, there also the head of the musical academies, 1908 Head of the Grand Ducal Court Opera in Schwerin i.M., 1911 Professor of Music, 1924 Mecklenburg General Music Director and State Commissioner of Examiners for music teachers in Mecklenburg. Was also active as a conductor in Paris, Barcelona, Prag, Aachen, Brüssel and Bayreuth.

        "Kaehler came from a Silesian family of musicians. (Sculpture of him) His grandfather Moritz Friedrich Kaehler was organist in Züllichau and also composed. Kaehler studied at the Berlin Academy of Music in Kiel, Engel und von Herzogenberg. After minor involvement as a coach in Hanover and Freiburg, 1886 brought him to Cosima Wagner in Bayreuth, where he worked until 1901. Mannheim court orchestra in 1903 and in 1906 became musical director. 1906 Kaehler became choir master in Schwerin, and was appointed music director in 1924. He was a conductor at the Bayreuth Festival in 1924 and 1925. He promoted particularly the music of Richard Wagner and was regarded as an enemy of modern music. Retirement 01.08.1931."

        Google-Books: "The Fourteenth Mecklenburg Music Festival, celebrated in Schwerin on 23, 24 and 25 May 1909 under the guidance of Kapellmeister Mr. Willibald Kaehler from Schwerin ...", in 170 Jahre Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin: Aus dem Theaterleben, by Horst Zänger, Norderstedt: Books on Demand GmbH, 2005.

        (Stammtafel D.I.2) besuchte das Realgymnasium zu Grünberg i.Schl., studierte an der Kgl. Hochschule für Musik in Berlin 1884-87, Korepetitor an der Hofbühne zu Hannover, 1891 Kapellmeister in Freiburg i.B., 1893 in Basel, 1895 in Regensburg, 1897 in Rostock, 1899 in Mannheim, dort gleichzeitig Leiter der musikalischen Akademien, 1908 Leiter der Großherzogl. Hofoper in Schwerin i.M., 1911 Professor der Musik, 1924 Mecklenb. General-Musikdirektor und Staatskommissar der Prüfungskommission für Musiklehrer in Mecklenburg. Betätigte sich auch als Dirigent in Paris, Barcelona, Prag, Aachen, Brüssel und Bayreuth.

        Kaehler stammte aus einer schlesischen Musikerfamilie. Sein Großvater Moritz Friedrich Kaehler war Organist in Züllichau und hatte auch komponiert. Kaehler studierte an der Berliner Musikhochschule bei Kiel, Engel und von Herzogenberg. Nach kleineren Engagements als Repetitor in Hannover und Freiburg im Breisgau holte ihn Cosima Wagner 1886 nach Bayreuth, wo er bis 1901 wirkte. 1903 Hofkapellmeister in Mannheim und wurde 1906 musikalischer Leiter. 1906 kam Kaehler als Hofkapellmeister nach Schwerin und wurde 1924 zum Schweriner Generalmusikdirektor berufen. 1924 und 1925 als Dirigent bei den Bayreuther Festspielen. Er förderte besonders die Musik Richard Wagners und galt als Gegner der modernen Musik. Pensionierung 01.08.1931

        Google-Books: "Vierzehntes Mecklenburgisches Musikfest, gefeiert in Schwerin am 23., 24. und 25. Mai 1909 unter Leitung des Hofkapellmeisters Herrn Willibald Kaehler aus Schwerin ...", Zänger, Horst: 170 Jahre Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin: Aus dem Theaterleben.
      3. Franz* Albert Kähler, b. 04 May 1853, d. 09 May 1853 (age 5 days).
      4. Marie* Luise Agnes Kähler, b. 10 September 1854, d. 22 July 1863 (age 8).
      5. Paul Richard* Kähler, b. 24 September 1856, d. 11 March 1858 (age 17 months).
      6. Hermann Moritz Georg* Kähler, b. 01 April 1861, d. 13 July 1864 (age 3).
    2. Carl Leopold* Siegfried Kähler, b. 26 February 1818 in Kloster Neuzelle. He attended the Pädagogium in Züllichau and teacher training in Potsdam, became a country school teacher near Friedeberg, lost office because of his political beliefs, and went to America in 1856.
      (Stammtafel D.II) besuchte das Pädagogium in Züllichau und das Lehrerseminar in Potsdam, wurde Landschullehrer in der Nähe von Friedeberg, verlor das Amt wegen seiner politischen Richtung und ging 1856 nach Nordamerika.
    3. Agnes Kähler, b. 03 December 1819 in Züllichau, d. 08 July 1895 (age 75) in Fürstenwalde N/M. In 1856-66 was a member of the editorial staff of "Der Bazar" fashion magazine, until 1867 the "Modenwelt" fashion magazine with sewing patterns in Berlin, from 1868 in Fürstenwalde N/M. See the front page of the July 1867 issue of Der Bazar. (wikimedia commons)
      (Stammtafel D.III) war 1856-66 Mitglied der Redaktion des "Bazar", bis 1867 der "Modenwelt" in Berlin, ab 1868 in Fürstenwalde N/M.
    4. Albert* Heinrich Kähler, b. 13 April 1808, d. 22 July 1808 (age 3 months) in Malmitz. (Stammtafel D.IV)
    5. Emma* Marie Kähle, b. 09 January 1810 in Breslau, d. 03 January 1814 (age 3) in Peterswaldau. (Stammtafel D.V)
    6. Otto* Heinrich Kähler, b. 19 April 1813, d. 04 August 1813 (age 3 months) in Peterswaldau. (Stammtafel D.VI)
    7. Moritz* Carl Julius Kähler, b. 19 April 1815 in Peterswaldau, d. 06 July 1816 (age 14 months) in Züllichau. (Stammtafel D.VII)
    8. Rudolf Emil* Kähler, b. 03 March 1821, d. 14 April 1821 (age 42 days) in Züllichau. (Stammtafel D.VIII)

    On 06 April 1825 (age 43) in Sagan, Moritz married a second time to Johanne* Elisabeth Schmidt, b. 12 August 1795, d. 20 December 1848 (age 53).
  5. FRIEDRICH "Fritz" WILHELM KÄHLER, b. August 12, 1783 in Sommerfeld, d. April 22, 1857 (age 73) in Guben. On July 12, 1818 (age 34) in Finsterwalde he married EMILIE* DOROTHEE SOPHIE GERLACH, b. May 29, 1799 in Lübben, d. December 24, 1877 (age 78) in Berlin. Starting at Easter 1800, attended the Royal Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium in Berlin, on Michaelis 1802 the University in Frankfurt a.O., on 14.11.1805 became Auscultator(?) there, 1808 Actuar in Joachimsthal, then a farmer in Turnow bei Peitz, 1812 Accessist of Justice Office in Cottbus, in 1813 volunteered and became an Oberjäger in the Second West Prussian Dragoons in the field in Bulow's corps, came back in 1814 as a lieutenant, was Actuar of the Justice Office in Cottbus and Patrimonial Judge, 1817 judicial magistrate in Finsterwalde, 1824 Assesor, 1827 member of the Council of the District Court in Lübben, 1834 member of the Judicial District, Country and City Court Judge in Guben.
    (Stammtafeln E) besuchte ab Ostern 1800 das Kgl. Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium zu Berlin, ab Michaelis 1802 die Universität in Frankfurt a.O., wurde 14.11.1805 daselbst Auscultator, 1808 Actuar in Joachimsthal, dann Landmann in Turnow bei Peitz, 1812 Accessist beim Justizamt in Cottbus, zog 1813 als freiwilliger Oberjäger im 2. Westpreußischen Dragoner-Regiment beim Bülow'schen Corps ins Feld, kehrte 1814 als Leutnant zurück, wurde Actuar beim Justizamt in Cottbus und Patrimonialrichter, 1817 Justizamtmann in Finsterwalde, 1824 Assesor, 1827 Rat am Landgericht in Lübben, 1834 Kreisjustizrat, Land- und Stadtgerichtsdirektor in Guben.
    1. Benno* Friedrich Constantin Kähler, b. 18 March 1819 in Finsterwalde, d. 27 June 1896 (age 77) in Frankfurt a.O. On 08 November 1849 (age 30) in Frankfurt a.O. he married Emilie Henriette Luise* Amalie Below, b. 21 June 1824 in Schwedt, d. 25 December 1893 (age 69) in Frankfurt a.O. Attended the Gymnasium in Cottbus and Guben und die University in Berlin, on 18.05.1841 became Auscultator(?) in Guben, 1848 Supreme Court Assessor, 1849 judge in Zielenzig, then in Cüstrin und Cottbus, 1860 County council Gerichs(?) there, 1863 in Frankfurt a.O., in 1860 Captain in the 2nd Brandenburg Landwehr Regiment No. 12.
      (Stammtafel E.I) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Cottbus und Guben und die Universität in Berlin, wurde am 18.05.1841 Auscultator in Guben, 1848 Obergerichtsassessor, 1849 Richter in Zielenzig, dann in Cüstrin und Cottbus, 1860 Kreisgerichsrat daselbst, 1863 in Frankfurt a.O., ab 1860 Hauptmann im 2. brandenburgischen Landwehr-Regiment Nr. 12.
      1. Marianne* Gottliebe Erdmuthe Kähler, b. 10 March 1855 in Cüstrin, d. 24 August 1910 (age 55) in Berlin-Grunewald. On 09 October 1875 (age 20) in Frankfurt a.O. she married Gottlieb Hans Richard* Metke, b. 06 October 1850, d. 12 June 1895 (age 44) in Sawische. Landowner in Sawische and Schönfeld near Züllichau. (Stammtafel E.I.1)
        1. Albert* Benno Richard Metke, b. 14 July 1876, d. 23 July 1876 (age 9 days). (Stammtafel E.I.1.a)
        2. Emilie Johanne Luise Helene* Metke, b. 17 July 1877, d. 05 January 1880 (age 2). (Stammtafel E.I.1.b)
      2. Alfred* Benno Friedrich Erdmann Kähler, b. 19 June 1859 in Sandow near Cottbus, d. 15 August 1893 (age 34) in Neu-Breisach. On 23 September 1889 (age 30) he married Alexandra* Ida Baroness von Vietinghoff, called Scheel, b. 18 June 1866 in Krolikowo, d. 23 September 1922 (age 56) in Frankfurt a.O. He attended the Gymnasium in Frankfurt a.O., studied law, became on 31.01.1887 court assessor, 24.09.1889 garrison auditeur(?), in November 1889 in Neu-Breisach.
        (Stammtafel E.I.2) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Frankfurt a.O., studierte Rechtswissenschaft, wurde am 31.01.1887 gerichtsassessor, 24.09.1889 Garnisonauditeur, ab November 1889 in Neu-Breisach.
        1. Günther* Alfred Benno Alexander Erdmann Kähler, b. 30 September 1891 in Neu-Breisach. On 14 April 1917 (age 25) in Berlin he married Anna Charlotte* Hornemann, b. 09 December 1896 in Klausdorf (Krs. Teltow). Attended the Realgymnasium of Frankfurt a.O., Abitur at Easter 1912, Military Service until 1920, became a businessman in 1921, Owner of the electrical wholesale business Schulz & Kähler GmbH in Berlin.
          (Stammtafel E.I.2.a) besuchte das Realgymnasium zu Frankfurt a.O., Abitur Ostern 1912, Militärdienst bis 1920, wurde 1921 Kaufmann, Inhaber der Elektrogroßhandlung Schulz & Kähler GmbH in Berlin.
          1. Jngeborg* Anna Alexandra Kähler, b. 1921 in Berlin-Schöneberg. (Stammtafel E.I.2.a.A)
          2. Werner* Albert Alfred Günther Kähler, b. in the late 1920s in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.I.2.a.B)
        2. Werner* Friedrich Wilhelm Erdmann Kähler, b. 05 November 1892 in Neu-Breisach, d. 25 April 1916 (age 23) died in the battle of Verdun. Attended the Gymnasium in Gartz a.O., Abitur 18.02.1913, Military career, wounded in 1915 in Russia, was a flying officer in Air Combat. (Stammtafel E.I.2.b)
      3. Anna Erdmuthe Edith* Kähler, b. 16 December 1865 in Frankfurt a.O., d. 11 February 1888 (age 22). On 29 March 1887 (age 21) Frankfurt a.O. she married Ernst Ferdinand Otto* Richter, b. 05 April 1852 in Berlin, d. 25 August 1898 (age 46) in Berlin. He was a businessman in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.I.3)
        1. Marie Luise Erdmuthe Erna* Richter, b. 16 January 1888, d. 04 February 1888 (age 19 days) in Frankfurt a.O. (Stammtafel E.I.3.a)
      4. Martha* Emilie Amalie Kähler, b. 26 December 1850, d. 22 September 1851 (age 8 months).
      5. Hedwig* Luise Kähler, b. 15 June 1852, d. 22 August 1853 (age 14 months).
    2. Curt* Wilhelm August Kähler, b. 11 February 1820 in Finsterwalde, d. 04 January 1890 (age 69) in Berlin. On 04 May 1848 (age 28) he married Elise* Maria Sckuhr, b. 15 July 1826 in Guben, d. 08 August 1911 (age 85) in Guben. He attended school in Lübben and Guben, became a businessman and homeowner in Berlin.
      1. Caroline Emilie Helene* Kähler, b. 20 February 1850 in Berlin. Lived in Guben. (Stammtafel E.II.1)
      2. Georg* Wilhelm August Kähler, b. 05 June 1852 in Guben, d. 03 December 1915 (age 63) in Guben. On 03 March 1885 in Jähnsdorf he married Minna* Helene Dehrmann, b. 21 June 1859 in Wellmitz (Krs. Crossen a.O.), d. 09 August 1890 (age 31) in Reichenbach. Was a landowner in Reichenbach (Krs. Sagan), lived from 1892 as a pensioner in Guben. (Stammtafel E.II.2)
        1. Erich* Curt Eduard Kähler, b. 11 February 1886 in Reichenbach. Attended the Realschule in Guben, and became a businessman there. (Stammtafel E.II.2.a)
        2. Hanna* Caroline Minna Elise Kähler, b. 19 July 1887 in Reichenbach (Krs. Sagan). On 17 April 1909 (age 21) in Guben she married Karl* Ludwig Vogt, b. 28 May 1873 in Brackwede (Krs. Bielefeld). (photo) Karl attended the Gymnasium at Bielefeld and the Cadet institutes at Bensberg and Lichterfelde, Military career until 1920. (Stammtafel E.II.2.b)
          1. Eva* Elise Helene Hanna Wilhelmine Vogt, b. 29 July 1911 in Rawitsch. (Stammtafel E.II.2.b.A)
          2. Karlheinz* Georg Ludwig Vogt, b. 30 January 1914 in Rawitsch. (Stammtafel E.II.2.b.B)
    3. Maximilian "Max" Johann Siegfried Kähler, b. 11 March 1821 in Finsterwalde, d. 06 October 1905 (age 84) in Landsberg a.W. On 03 May 1853 (age 32) Lieberose he married Friederike Ottilie Wilhelmine* von Steinbach, b. 20 September 1830 in Berlin, d. 08 January 1899 (age 68) in Landsberg a.W. He attended the Gymnasium in Guben and yhe University in Berlin, from 23.07.1844 in the civil service, later Magistrate and Reichsbank Counsel in Landsberg a.W., retired in 1899 as a Privy Councillor.
      (Stammtafel E.III) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Guben und die Universität in Berlin, ab 23.07.1844 im Staatsdienst, später Landgerichtsrat und Reichsbanksyndikus in Landsberg a.W., Ruhestand 1899 als Geheimer Justizrat.
      1. Dr. med. Ernst* Friedrich Albert Kähler, b. 12 March 1854 in Lieberose. On 07 January 1883 (age 28) in Dessau he married Caroline "Lina" Elisabeth Thecla von Wülcknitz, b. 12 January 1856 in Köln a.Rh. Attended the Gymnasium in Landsberg a.W., Abitur 1872, studied medicine at the Royal Med-Chir. Friedrich-Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, Dr. med. 1876, state examination 1877, military service until 1901, 1900-1928 Member of the Ethics Committee of the Medical Association [of Charlottenburg?], Chairman from 1907, from November 1908, 1st Chairman of the Charlottenburg Association of Doctors.
        (Stammtafel E.III.1) bwsuchte das Gymnasium zu Landsberg a.W., Abitur 1872, studierte Medizin auf dem Kgl. Med.-Chir. Friedrich-Wilhelms-Institut zu Berlin, Dr. med. 1876, Staatsexamen 1877, Militärdienst bis 1901, 1900-1928 Mitglied des Ehrengerichts der Aerztekammer, ab 1907 Vorsitzender, ab November 1908 1.Vorsitzender des Charlottenburger Aerztevereins
        1. Wilhelm* Hermann Maximilian Kähler, b. 15 November 1888 in Charlottenburg. On 11 June 1921 (age 32) in Dresden he married Vally Bauer, b. 12 January 1894 in Bremerhaven. He attended the Kaiserin Augusta-Gymnasium in Charlottenburg, studied law and political science from Easter 1907 in Tübingen and in Berlin, 1911 Appeals court clerk, 24.06.1920 examination for Assessor, Court assessor in Potsdam, Magistrate there from 24.09.1921.
          (Stammtafel E.III.1.a) besuchte das Kaiserin Augusta-Gymnasium zu Charlottenburg, studierte Rechts- und Staatswissenschaften ab Ostern 1907 in Tübingen und in Berlin, 1911 Kammergerichts-Referendar, 24.06.1920 Assessor-Examen, Gerichtsassessor in Potsdam, ab 24.09.1921 Landgerichtsrat daselbst.
        2. Jutta* Anna Charlotte Luise Kähler, b. 07 February 1891 in Charlottenburg. On 09 March 1923 (age 32) in Charlottenburg she married Dr. med. Herbert* Richard Eberhartinger, b. 23 August 1889 in Vienna. She attended the 10-class "Higher School for Girls" by Miss Klockow in Charlottenburg, and the photographic establishment of the Lette-Haus in Berlin, where she studied six semesters Scientific Photography and X-ray photography. Was self-employed during the World War as an X-ray assistant in the service of the Red Cross from 1914-18 in the reserve military hospital "School of the Fine Arts". Herbert attended the Piaristen-Gymnasium in Vienna, graduated 1908, studied medicine in Vienna, Ph.D 1914, military service until 1918, then chief medical service and health insurance at a Childrens Practice in Vienna.
          (Stammtafel E.III.1.b) besuchte die 10-klassige "Höhere Töchterschule" von Frl. Klockow in Charlottenburg und die Photographische Lehranstalt des Lette-Hauses in Berlin, wo sie sechs Semester Wissenschaftliche Photographie und Röntgen-Photographie studierte. War während des Weltkrieges als Röntgen-assistentin in Dienste des Roten Kreuzes von 1914-18 im Reserve-Lazarett "Hochschule für die bildenden Künste" selbständig tätig. Herbert besuchte das Piaristen-Gymnasium zu Wien, Matura 1908, studierte Medizin in Wien, promovierte 1914, Militärdienst bis 1918, dann chefärztlicher Dienst bei einer Krankenkasse und Kinderarzt in Wien.
          1. Christof* Maria Eberhartinger, b. 1925 in Wien. (Stammtafel E.III.1.b.A)
          2. Wolfgang* Lorenz Eberhartinger, b. 1927 in Wien. (Stammtafel E.III.1.b.B)
          3. Elisabeth* Charlotte Eberhartinger, b. 1930 in Wien. (Stammtafel E.III.1.b.C)
        3. Lenore "Lore" Emma Kähler, b. 17 January 1896 in Charlottenburg. On 01 June 1920 (age 24) in Charlottenburg she married Dr. med. Johannes "Hans" Karl Nagel, b. 27 November 1889 in Scharnhausen a.F. Lore attended the Lyzeum in Charlottenburg. (Stammtafel E.III.1.c) Hans attended the Gymnasium in Eßlingen a.N., Abitur 1908, studied medicine in Berlin 1908-13 as a member of Kaiser Wilhelm Academy for military medical education, military career, 01.12.1920 Medical officer in the Reichswehr (army) in Ludwigsburg, Hannover, and Stuttgart.
          Hans besuchte das Gymnasium in Eßlingen a.N., Abitur 1908, studierte Medizin in Berlin 1908-13 als Angehöriger der Kaiser-Wilhelms-Akademie für das militärärztliche Bildungswesen, Militärlaufbahn, 01.12.1920 Stabsarzt in der Reichswehr, als solcher in Ludwigsburg, Hannover, Stuttgart.
          1. Ursula* Jutta Brigitte Nage, b. 1922 in Charlottenburg. (Stammtafel E.III.1.c.A)
      2. Margarethe* Wilhelmine Emilie Kähler, b. 09 June 1856 in Lieberose. On 10 December 1887 (age 31) in Landsberg a.W. she married Ludwig* Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schulze, b. 20 March 1839 in Groß-Salze bei Schönbeck a.E., d. 02 November 1902 (age 63) in Nordhausen. From 01.10.1896 in Nordhausen. She lived as a widow in Berlin-Charlottenburg. (Stammtafel E.III.2)
        1. Susanne* Margarethe Schulze, b. 31 October 1888 in Landsberg a.W. In 1907-10 attended the Royal Augusta-Seminar in Berlin, from 1912 a teacher in the city schools in Charlottenburg.
      3. Luise* Ottilie Pauline Kähler, b. 26 April 1865 in Landsberg a.W. Was trained in music at Prof. Kullak's "New Academy of Music" in Berlin from 1881-83, gave piano lessons there from 1907, employed in 1909 by the Ochs-Eichelsberg Conservatorium and received on 23.04.1927 the "state recognition" as a private piano teacher.
        (Stammtafel E.III.3) wurde in der Professor Kullak'schen "Neuen Akademie der Tonkunst" in Berlin von 1881-83 in Musik ausgebildet, siedelte 1905 nach Berlin, gab dort ab 1907 Klavierunterricht, wurde 1909 am Ochs-Eichelberg-Conservatorium angestellt und erhielt am 23.04.1927 die "staatliche Anerkennung" als Privatklavierlehrerin.
      4. Friedrich Fritz* Johann Siegfried Kähler, b. 12 August 1869 in Landsberg a.W. On 07 April 1906 (age 36) in Eberswalde he married Margarethe* Ida Schultze, b. 04 March 1873 in Berlin. He attended the Royal Gymnasium in Landsberg, dedicated himself to banking in 1887, military service until 1891, resigned on 24.11.1891 to join the Bank of the Empire (Reichsbank) in Berlin, 01.07.1892 Reichsbank-Exam, 1921 Bank of the Empire Council.
        (Stammtafel E.III.4) besuchte das Kgl. Gymnasium in Landsberg, widmete sich 1887 dem Bankfach, Militärdienst bis 1891, trat am 24.11.1891 zur Reichsbank in Berlin über, 01.07.1892 Reichsbank-Examen, 1921 Reichsbankrat.
        1. Ellen* Margarethe Wilhelmine Pauline Kähler, b. 22 February 1907 in Berlin. She attended the Royal Elisabethschule in Berlin, the Oberlyzeum in Mariendorf-Südende and the Luisen-Lyzeum in Steglitz, from 10.04.1925 the Lette-house for the Study of Metallography (Materials Science), 28.07.1927 Exam for Metallography.
          (Stammtafel E.III.4.a) besuchte die Kgl. Elisabethschule zu Berlin, das Oberlyzeum zu Mariendorf-Südende und das Luisen-Lyzeum zu Steglitz, ab 10.04.1925 das Lette-Haus zum Studium der Metallographie, 28.07.1927 Examen als Metallographin.
      5. Elisabeth* Sophie Dorothee Kähler, b. 22 March 1858, d. 10 September 1858 (age 5 months) in Lieberose.
      6. Emilie* Philippine Maximiliane Kähler, b. 19 July 1859, d. 14 April 1860 (age 8 months) in Lieberose.
      7. Agnes* Erdmuthe Jacobine Kähler, b. 04 November 1862, d. 01 July 1863 (age 7 months) in Landsberg a.W.
    4. Constantin* Carl Christian Kähler, b. 18 April 1825 in Lübben, d. 02 September 1904 (age 79) in Berlin. On 27 October 1863 (age 38) in Berlin he married Agnes* Amalie Elisabeth Weber, b. 22 July 1840, d. 31 January 1896 (age 55) in Berlin. He attended the school in Lübben and Guben, was Police Assessor at the police bureau in Berlin, 1894 Police Superintendent. (Stammtafel E.IV)
      1. Katharina "Kaete" Emilie Agnes Kähler, b. 20 June 1865 in Berlin. On 20 April 1889 (age 23) she married Rudolf* Gustav Ferdinand Amplewitz, 03 October 1855 in Breslau. She attended the Higher Girls School taking the drawing and painting classes of the Crafts Museum and also vocal studies. (Stammtafel E.IV.1)
        1. Herbert* Constantin Rudolf Amplewitz, b. 20 January 1890 in Berlin. Attended the Dr. Brauner'sche Höhere Boys' School, 1907 businessman and bank official, 1912-14 Branch manager of Vesta GmbH in Vienna, 1915 military service, wounded in 1916, businessman again in 1917. (Stammtafel E.IV.1.a)
        2. Werner Walter Konstantin Amplewitz, b. 10 November 1899, d. 25 November 1899 (age 15 days) in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.IV.1.b)
      2. Georg Friedrich Walter* Emmerich Kähler, b. 21 February 1867 in Berlin, d. 26 March 1922 (age 55) in Berlin. Was an accountant, chivalry officer (Ritterschaftsbeamter) and office manager. (Stammtafel E.IV.2)
      3. Valerie* Luise Emilie Amalie Kähler, b. 23 March 1869, d. 05 July 1869 (age 3 months). (Stammtafel E.IV.3)
      4. Benno* Curt Max Constantin Kähler, b. 10 July 1871 in Berlin, d. 19 April 1917 (age 45) in Eberswalde. On 08 September 1898 (age 27) in Berlin he married Margarethe Neumann, b. 26 November 1876 in Berlin. He attended a Gymnasium in Berlin, was an actor, writer and actor under the name Kurt Holm, later insurance official at the Victoria in Berlin.
        (Stammtafel E.IV.4) besuchte ein Gymnasium in Berlin, wurde Schauspieler, Schriftsteller und Rezitator unter dem Namen Kurt Holm, später Versicherungsbeamter bei der Victoria in Berlin.
        1. Barbara Kähler, b. 09 May 1900 in Berlin-Schöneberg. (Stammtafel E.IV.4.a)
      5. Friedrich Kähler, b. 18 April 1875, d. 29 October 1875 (age 6 months). (Stammtafel E.IV.5)
      6. Meta* Sophie Elise Kähler, b. 06 April 1878 in Berlin. On 20 July 1922 (age 44) in Berlin she married Richard Seering, b. 11 February 1860 in Dobrilugk (Krs. Luckau). He was a Vice-principal in Berlin. She is (Stammtafel E.IV.6).
    5. Emilie* Dorothea Sophie Kähler, b. 17 March 1828 in Lübben, d. 22 September 1903 (age 75) in Berlin. On 14 September 1853 (age 25) in Guben she married Wilhelm* Peter Joachim Firgau, b. 08 May 1814 in Lübeck, d. 22 May 1875 (age 61) in Berlin. He was a businessman in Crossen and later in Berlin. She is (Stammtafel E.V)
      1. Max* Friedrich Wilhelm Anton Firgau, b. 24 February 1855 in Crossen, d. 21 July 1922 (age 67) in Berlin. He was an accountant in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.1)
      2. Clara* Emilie Johanna Gertrud Magdalene Firgau, b. 9 December 1856 in Crossen a.O.. d. 23 June 1928 (age 71) in Berlin. On 22 November 1876 (age 19) in Berlin she married Friedrich Wilhelm Paul* Corsalli, b. 19 October 1845 in Berlin, d. 27 September 1915 (age 69) in Berlin. He was a master mason in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.2)
        1. Friedrich Wilhelm Corsalli, b. 19 August 1877 in Berlin. On 17 April 1917 (age 39) in Constantinopel he married Anna Marie Thamm, b. 25 February 1896 in Constantinopel. He attended the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium zu Berlin, studied Hüttenfach(?) at the Technical College of Charlottenburg, 1904 Engineering Degree, 1905-10 Production Engineer at Königshütte, 1911-14 Steel plant manager of "Tara Iron & Steel Company" in Sachia, Bengal, India, returned in 1914 to Germany, where he worked in the war industry, Appointed in 1915 by the Imperial Naval Office to Constantinople, and worked there until 1918, married in a chapel in Constantinople, and the carpet and chandeliers were a gift from Otto Kähler Pasha.
          (Stammtafel E.V.2.a) besuchte das Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium zu Berlin, studierte das Hüttenfach an der Technischen Hochschule zu Charlottenburg, 1904 Diplom-Ingenieur, 1905-10 Betriebsingenieur auf der Königshütte, 1911-14 Stahlwerksleiter der "Tara Iron Steel Company" in Sachia, Bengal, in Indien, kehrte 1914 nach Deutschland zurück, war dort in der Kriegsindustrie tätig, 1915 vom Reichs-Marineamt nach Constantinopel berufen und dort bis 1918 tätig, getraut in einer Kapelle in Constantinopel, in der Teppich und Kronleuchter ein Geschenk von Otto Kähler Pascha waren.
          1. Erika Corsalli, b. 04 February 1918 in Constantinopel, d. 06 April 1919 (age 14 months) in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.2.a.A)
          2. Heinz* Werner Corsalli, b. 03 July 1920 in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.2.a.B)
        2. Paul Viktor* Johannes Corsalli, b. 28 May 1880, d. 10 January 1886 (age 5) in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.2.b)
        3. Frieda* Emilie Henriette Corsalli, b. 7 January 1888 in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.2.c)
      3. Gertrud* Luise Maria Dorothea Firgau, b. 11 July 1858 in Crossen a.O. On 26 October 1880 (age 22) in Berlin she married Hugo* Friedrich Ernst Müllner, b. 23 January 1846 in Liegnitz, d. 12 December 1899 (age 53) in Berlin. He was a businessman in Berlin. She is (Stammtafel E.V.3).
        1. Friedrich* Wilhelm Eduard Johannes Müllner, b. 18 August 1881, d. 10 January 1884 (age 2) in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.3.a)
        2. Johannes* Friedrich Viktor Eduard Müllner, b. 28 May 1885 in Berlin. On 15 April 1914 (age 28) in Rostock i.M. he married Anna Frieda Marie Siemßen, b. 25 March 1888 in Rostock. Attended the Askanische Gymnasium zu Berln, studied Chemistry at the Technical University in Charlottenburg and in Rostock in 1903-09, from 1913 a Chemist at the Rhenish-Westphalian Coal Syndicate in Essen.
          (Stammtafel E.V.3.b) besuchte das Askanische Gymnasium zu Berln, studierte Chemie an der Technischen Hochschule in Charlottenburg und in Rostock von 1903-09, ab 1913 Chemiker des Rheinisch-Westfälischen Kohlen-Syndikats in Essen.
          1. Ingeborg* Eva Gertrud Margarethe Barbara Müllner, b. 12 June 1916 in Essen. (Stammtafel E.V.3.b.A)
          2. Wolfgang* Hermann Karl Dietrich Müllner, b. 1922 in Essen. (Stammtafel E.V.3.b.B)
        3. Margarete* Emilie Lina Clara Müllner, b. 09 July 1886 in Berlin. Lived in 1930 with her mother in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.3.c)
      4. Viktor* Ernst Richard Erdmann Firgau, b. 15 January 1860 in Crossen a.O. On 11 December 1888 (age 28) in Königsberg (Pr.) he married Elsbeth Kossak, b. 14 July 1870 in Königsberg (Pr.). He attended the Royal Realschule in Berlin, after military service in 1875 was cooper (wine barrel maker) in Schwerin i.M., Königsberg Pr., and Thorn, from 1886 with the firm of Steffens & Wolter, wine wholesaler in Kaliningrad Pr, since 1903 co-owner of the same.
        (Stammtafel E.V.4) besuchte die Kgl. Realschule zu Berlin, wurde nach Militärdienst 1875 Küfer in Schwerin i.M., Königsberg Pr. und Thorn, ab 1886 bei der Firma Steffens & Wolter, Weingroßhandlung in Königsberg Pr., ab 1903 Mitinhaber derselben.
        1. Gertrud Firgau, b. 15 March 1890 in Königsberg Pr. On 06 October 1917 (age 27) in Königsberg Pr. she married Wilhelm Costenoble, b. 29 April 1878 in Magdeburg, d. 20 November 1929 (age 51) in Hannover. He attended Graduate Schools in Leipzig und Köln, became a graduate school lecturer (Diplom-Handelslehrer) in Hanover. She is (Stammtafel E.V.4.a)
          1. Herbert Costenoble, b. 24 September 1918 in Hannover. (Stammtafel E.V.4.a.A)
          2. Gisela Costenoble, b. 27 July 1921 in Hannover. (Stammtafel E.V.4.a.B)
        2. Willy Firgau, b. 22 May 1891 in Königsberg (Pr.), d. 06 July 1893 (age 2) -- Königsberg (Pr.). (Stammtafel E.V.4.b)
        3. Viktor Firgau, b. 10 June 1892, d. 16 June 1892 (age 6 days) in Neu-Gehland (Krs. Sensburg). (Stammtafel E.V.4.c)
        4. Dr. med. Lotte Firgau, b. 19 April 1893 in Königsberg (Pr.). She attended the Arnheim'sche Lyzeum, Abitur 1913, studied medicine in Königsberg and München, 1919 Dr. med., 1918 State Exam, operated in the Mediznischen University Hospital in Würzburg, in the University Hospital in Vienna, the school for midwives in Danzig, the Municipal Hospital of Königsberg, practicing physican from 1923 in Königsberg Pr, from 01.04.1926 specialist in internal medicine.
          (Stammtafel E.V.4.d) besuchte das Arnheim'sche Lyzeum, Abitur 1913, studierte Medizin in Königsberg und München, 1919 Dr.med., 1918 Staatsexamen, betätigte sich in der Mediznischen Universitätsklinik in Würzburg, in der Universitätklinik in Wien, der hebammenlehranstalt in Danzig, dem Städtischen Krankenhaus zu Königsberg Pr., ab 1923 praktische Aerztin in Königsberg Pr., ab 01.04.1926 Fachärztin für Innere Medizin.
        5. Walther Firgau, b. 17 June 1895 in Cranz O/Pr., d. 09 April 1915 (age 19) in Königsberg Pr. Attended the Wilhelms-Gymnasium zu Königsberg pr., Abitur 1914, military volunteer, was in an Army Regiment and died in the hospital in Königsberg. (Stammtafel E.V.4.e)
        6. Irmgard Firgau, b. 07 August 1900 in Königsberg (Pr.). On 06 January 1922 (age 21) in Königsberg (Pr.) she married Dr. med. Viktor Falk, b. 12 August 1895 in Domnau O/Pr. She is (Stammtafel E.V.4.f)
          1. Wolfgang Falk, b. 1923 in Königsberg (Pr.). (Stammtafel E.V.4.f.A)
          2. Rosmarie Falk, b. 1924 in Königsberg (Pr.). (Stammtafel E.V.4.f.B)
        7. Ursula Firgau, b. 12 June 1913 in Königsberg (Pr.). (Stammtafel E.V.4.g)
      5. Wilhelm* Friedrich Carl Constantin Firgau, b. 28 November 1861 in Berlin, 09 March 1887 (age 25) in Berlin. Superior Court Clerk. (Stammtafel E.V.5)
      6. Dr. med. Friedrich* Carl Hugo Firgau, b. 25 January 1865 in Berlin, d. 12 December 1904 (age 39) in Berlin. Died as a medical auxiliary worker at the police bureau in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.V.4)
      7. Emilie "Emmi" Agnes Helene Luise Firgau, b. 18 March 1867 in Berlin. Operated machines(?) for orthopedics and physiotherapy in Berlin.
        (Stammtafel E.V.7) betätigte sich auf dem gebite der Orthopädie und Heilgymnastik in Berlin.
      8. Johannes* Carl Siegfried Firgau, b. 02 October 1870 in Berlin. On 21 January 1904 (age 33) in Marienwerder (Westpr.) he married Marianne* Sophie von Rauchhaupt, b. 27 August 1884 in Freyburg a.U. He attended the Royal Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium in Berlin and the Royal. Gymnasium of Landsberg a.W., Abitur 1890, Military service until 21.05.1919 as a lieutenant colonel, in 1919 attended the business school in Graudenz, was a businessman, entered the business of his father, as such in the grain, feed and fertilizer in Freyburg a.U, 1920 was authorized officer, partner and managing director in 1922, volunteer in commercial organizations, 1924-30 city councilor, member of the parochial church council and the District Synod.
        (Stammtafel E.V.8) besuchte das Königliche Friedrich-Wilhelms-Gymnasium zu Berlin und das Königl. Gymnasium zu Landsberg a.W., Abitur 1890, Militärdienst bis 21.05.1919 als Oberstleutnant, besuchte 1919 dieHandelsschule in Graudenz, wurde Kaufmann, trat als solcher in das Getreide-, Futter- und Düngemittel-Geschäft seines Schwiegervater in Freyburg a.U. ein, wurde 1920 Prokurist, 1922 Teilhaber und Geschäftsführer, ehrenamtlich in kaufmännischen Verbänden, 1924-30 Stadtverordneter, Mitglied des Gemeindekirchenrats und der Kreissynode.
        1. Marianne* Luise Emilie Firgau, b. 18 October 1904, d. 30 October 1904 (age 12 days) in Marienwerder (Westpr.). (Stammtafel E.V.8.a)
        2. Hans-Joachim* Wilhelm Albin Firgau, b. 21 February 1906 in Marienwerder (Westpr.). Attended the Domgymnasium of Naumburg, Abitur 1924, entered into a commercial apprenticeship in Hamburg, which he gave up in 1926 to study mathematics and science in Göttingen
          (Stammtafel E.V.8.b) besuchte das Domgymnasium zu Naumburg, Abitur 1924, trat in die kaufmännische Lehre in Hamburg, die er 1926 aufgab um in Göttingen Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften zu studieren.
        3. Ilse* Marianne Luise Emilie Firgau, b. 02 January 1908 in Marienwerder (Westpr.). She attended the Oberlyzeum of Naumburg, Abitur 1927, studied German language, literature and art history in Leipzig and Göttingen, attended a training program(?) for the learning about agricultural landownership.
          (Stammtafel E.V.8.c) besuchte das Oberlyzeum zu Naumburg, Abitur 1927, studierte Germanistik, Literatur und Kunstgeschichte in Leipzig und Göttingen, besuchte ein Lehrgut zwecks Ausbildung in der landwirtschaftlichen Gutswirtschaft.
    6. Luise* Henriette Friederike Auguste Kähler, b. 09 March 1833 in Lübben. On 12 July 1855 (age 22) in Guben she married Johann Wilhelm* Rehfeld, b. 10 June 1821 in Berlin. He was a landowner. She is (Stammtafel E.VI).
      1. Emilie Nanette Hedwig* Rehfeld, b. 29 April 1856 in Annahof, d. 25 March 1904 (age 47) in Gotheburg. On 15 May 1877 (age 21) in Frankfurt a.O. she married Carl Elias* Strokirk, b. 22 October 1846 in Degernäs (Wermland; Schweden), d. 05 July 1915 (age 68) in Gothenburg. He was a Royal Captain a.D. in the Swedish military(?) and official of the subway(?) in Gothenburg. She is (Stammtafel E.VI.1).
        kgl. schwedischer Hauptmann a.D. und Beamter der Eisenbahnintendenz in Gothenburg.
        1. Karl* Göran Wilhelm Strokirk, b. 13 September 1879. On 18 February 1913 (age 33) in Stockholm he married Hedwig* Sofia Skulfrid Åkerlund, b. 1877. He is an editor. (Stammtafel E.VI.1.a)
        2. Evert* Oskar Richard Strokirk, b. 21 March 1885 in Storvik. Businessman in Stockholm. (Stammtafel E.VI.1.b)
        3. Hedwig Engelborg Margareta "Greta" Strokirk, b. 04 December 1888 in Storvik. Was trained in the Pestalozzi-Fröbelhaus in Berlin as a youth leader, 1920-22 headed the Swedish kindergarten of Countess von Wilamowitz-Möllendorf in Cecilienhaus in Charlottenburg (Swedish aid for German children in the aftermath of WWI), has the German Red Cross Medal 3rd class, initiated in 1916 in Stockholm, a people's kindergarten.
          Stammtafel E.VI.1.c) wurde im Pestalozzi-Fröbelhaus zu Berlin als Jugendleiterin ausgebildet, leitete 1920-22 den schwedischen Kindergarten der Gräfin v. Wilamowitz-Möllendorf im Cecilienhaus zu Charlottenburg (Schwedische Hilfe für deutsche Konder), besitzt die deutsche Rote-Kreuz-Medaille 3. Klasse, leitete ab 1916 in Stockholm einen Volkskindergarten.
      2. Friedrich Ludwig Richard* Rehfeld, b. 03 October 1857 in Annahof, d. 13 May 1911 (age 53) in Berlin-Lichterfelde-West. On 01 August 1889 (age 31) in Wörmlitz he married Marie* Auguste Adelheid Rudloff, b. 04 July 1866 in Wörmlitz. He studied agriculture in Halle a.S., moved to Berlin in 1909, was the tenant of the Gutes Kreipitsch (Krs. Naumburg a.S.), 1903-05 at Gutes Eismannsdorf near Niemberg, 1905 at the Rittergutes Wörmlitz near Halle a.S., moved in 1909 to Berlin, was CEO of National Viehvr(?) evaluation on the small(?) animal farm in Friedrichsfelde, was Royal Agricultural Economist(?).
        (Stammtafel E.VI.2) studierte Landwirtschaft in Halle a.S., wurde Pächter des Gutes Kreipitsch (Krs. Naumburg a.S.), 1903-05 des Gutes Eismannsdorf bei Niemberg, 1905 des Rittergutes Wörmlitz bei Halle a.S., ging 1909 nach Berlin, wurde Vorsitzender des Vorstandes der Zentrale für Viehvrwertung auf dem Magerviehhof Friedrichsfelde, war Kgl. oekonomierat.
        1. Marie* Auguste Luise Rehfeld, b. 31 July 1890 in Kreipitsch. On 07 May 1914 (age 23) she married Carlotto Beyling, b. 17 May 1890 in Bünsdorf (Krs. Merseburg). He was a farmer. She is (Stammtafel E.VI.2.a)
          1. Erika Beyling, b. 28 September 1915 in Kloster Posa (Krs. Zeitz). (Stammtafel E.VI.2.a.A)
          2. Wilhelm Beyling, b. 29 November 1916 in Kloster Posa (Krs. Zeitz) (Stammtafel E.VI.2.a.B)
        2. Wilhelm* Georg Richard Rehfeld, b. 22 May 1892 in Kreipitsch bei Kösen (Krs. Naumburg). On 19 August 1922 (age 30) in Halle a.S. he married Ursula Wollmann, b. 23 January 1901 in Halle a.S. He attended the Gymnasium in Eilenburg, Abitur 1912, studied law and Political Science, volunteered for the war, completed his studies after the war by passing the exam as Dr. Political Science. General Counsel of the Federal land of Saalekreis in Halle a.S.
          (Stammtafel E.VI.2.b) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Eilenburg, Abitur 1912, studierte Rechte und Staatswissenschaften, Kriegsfreiwilliger, beendete das Studium nach dem krieg durch Ablegung des Examens als Dr.rer.pol., Syndikus des Landbundes des Saalekreises zu Halle a.S.
          1. Rosemarie* Elisabeth Ursula Rehfeld, b. 1923. (Stammtafel E.VI.2.b.A)
          2. Richard* Hemann Wilhelm Rehfeld, b. 1924. (Stammtafel E.VI.2.b.B)
        3. Anna* Marie Friederike Rehfeld, b. 20 November 1900 in Eismannsdorf. She married Dr. med. Adolf Coßmann. He is Dr. med. in Schönberg O/L. (Krs. Lauban). She is (Stammtafel E.VI.2.c)
          1. Dr. med. Annelore Coßmann, b. 29 April 1924, d. 02 March 2001 in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.VI.2.c.A)
          2. Wilhelm Georg Coßmann, b. 1925. (Stammtafel E.VI.2.c.B)
        4. Richard Rehfeld, b. 18 June 1903. Was a farmer, attended a practical training seminar on agriculture in Neuhaldensleben, then inspector on the manor Krusemark at Goldbeck in Altmark.
          (Stammtafel E.VI.2.d) wurde Landwirt, besuchte nach praktischer Ausbildung das landwirtschaftliche Seminar zu Neuhaldensleben, dann Inspektor auf dem Rittergut Krusemark bei Goldbeck in der Altmark.
      3. Louise* Agnes Rehfeld, b. 12 October 1859 in Annahof. On 07 May 1887 (age 27) in Berlin she married Goeran* Jeppe Strokirk, b. 07 October 1856, d. 08 January 1915 (age 58) in Stockholm. Goeran's parents were Elias Carl Strokirk, b. 1814, d. 1887 and Ulrika Charlotta Emerentia Hammarhjelm, b. 1823, d. 1901. Goeran was one of 13 children. (Researched by Elle Kiiker on Geni.com.) Goeran was Brukspatron (ironworks owner) and dispatcher [manager, overseer?] on the family estates in Wermland. Louise lived as a widow in Stockholm (Stammtafel E.VI.3)
        1. Hans* Karl Wilhelm Strokirk, b. 18 February 1888 in Håkanbol (Wermland, Schweden). In 1918 (age 29) in Stockholm he married Kerstin* Elisabeth Hedquist, b. 13 March 1897 in Oejebyn (Norbotten). Entered military service after his Abitur, in 1930 he was Captain and Battery Commander in Norrland Field Artillery Regiment 4 of the Swedish Army in Oestersund.
          (Stammtafel E.VI.3.a) trat nach dem Abitur in den Militärdienst, 1930 Hauptmann und Batteriechef im Norrlands feldartillerie-regiment 4 in Oestersund.
          1. Marianne* Wivica Ulrika Strokirk, b. 23 January 1919 in Boden. Married Karl Ossian Andersson, b. 28 January 1901 in Fröjered, R. (Stammtafel E.VI.3.a.A)
          2. Hans Gunnar* Strokirk, b. 03 August 1920 in Stockholm. Married Mona Anna Schele, b. 1925. (Stammtafel E.VI.3.a.B)
          3. Ulf* Göran Emil Strokirk, b. 1925 in Oestersund. Married Elisabet Birchensten, b. 1919. (Stammtafel E.VI.3.a.C)
        2. Herbert* Göran Casimir Strokirk, b. 11 February 1899 in Stockholm, d. 4 February 1949 (age 50). On 20 October 1926 (age 27) in Stockholm he married Signe* Emmy Margaretha Åkerström, b. 14 March 1900. After Abitur in 1917, he attended the Handelshochschule, in 1921 worked for the Kommerz aund Privatbank in Berlin, 1922/23 at the Hockethaler Wire and Cable Werke AG in Hannover, then directed the company Söderberg & Haak in Stockholm representing Hockethaler Wire and Cable Werke AG, Hannover.
          (Stammtafel E.VI.3.b) besuchte nach dem Abitur 1917 die Handelshochschule, war 1921 bei der Kommerz- und Privatbank in Berlin, 1922/23 bei der Hockethaler Draht- und Kabelwerke AG in Hannover, leitete dann bei der Firma Söderberg & Haak in Stockholm die Vertretung der Draht- und Kabelwerke AG, Hannover.
          1. Lennart* Bror Göran Strokirk, b. in the late 1920s in Stockholm. Married to Karin Barbro ( ), b. in the late 1920s. (They are both still living in Solna Stockholm in 2018.) (Stammtafel E.VI.3.b.A)
        3. Lilly* Ingeborg Louise Ulrike Strokirk, b. 16 May 1900 in Stockholm, d. 23 March 1901 (age 10 months) in Degernäs (Wermland; Schweden) (Stammtafel E.VI.3.c)
        4. Göran Waldemar Richard Strokirk, b. 26 January 1903 in Stockholm, d. 1934 (age 31). He married Ebba Maggie Kristina Falk, b. 09 May 1907 in Nacka, AB, Sweden (just east of Stockholm), d. 1995. Göran did his Abitur in 1922, then Military Service, 1930 Lieutenant in Norrland Field Artillery Regiment 4 of the Swedish Army in Oestersund. (Stammtafel E.VI.3.d)
          1. Sven Stefan* Göran Strokirk, b. in the early 1930s. Married Talat* Ara Christina Khan, b. in the late 1930s. They live in Stockholm as of 2018. (Researched by Elle Kiiker on Geni.com.) (Stammtafel E.VI.3.d.A)
            1. Sonja Amina Hélène* Strokirk, b. in the late 1960s, married Per Jungkvist, b. in the late 1950s. They live in Stockholm as of 2018. (Stammtafel E.VI.3.d.A.I)
            2. Paula Marie-Christine* Strokirk, b. in the early 1970s, married Karl Eidem, b. in the early 1970s. They live in Stockholm as of 2018. (Stammtafel E.VI.3.d.A.II)
      4. Philipp* Ludwig Rehfeld, b. 20 October 1860, d. 09 March 1899 (age 38) in Landsberg (Bez. Halle a.S.) in a Sanatorium. He studied medicine in Würzburg, was a physician in Berlin. (Stammtafel E.VI.4)
      5. Dr. jur. Johann Wilhelm* Rehfeld, b. 11 February 1862, d. 08 January 1900 (age 37) in Berlin-Schlachtensee in a Sanatorium. Studied law, became a Dr. of Law, on 18.01.1886 Appeals court clerk, on 16.02.1891 Court Assessor, on 24.06.1898 magistrate in Kyritz, 1887 Lieutenant in the Reserve, 1895 Oberleutnant.
        (Stammtafel E.VI.5) studierte die Rechte, wurde Dr.jur., am 18.01.1886 Kammergerichts-Referendar, am 16.02.1891 Gerichts-Assessor, am 24.06.1898 Amtsrichter in Kyritz, 1887 Leutnant der Reserve, 1895 Oberleutnant d.R.
      6. Margarethe* Anna Rehfeld, b. 16 October 1863, d. 05 September 1885 (age 21) in Frankfurt a.O. as a bride. (Stammtafel E.VI.6)
      7. Johannes "Hans" Theodor Rehfeld, b. 21 November 1864 in Annahof, d. 09 January 1915 (age 50) fell in battle near Auchy. On 07 May 1904 (age 39) in Wiesbaden he married Clara Securius, b. 04 July 1860 in Berlin. Attended the Gymnasium in Frankfurt a.O., after his Abitur, entered military service, 1884 Lieutenant, 1893 Oberleutnant, 1898 Captain, 1910 Major, 1914 severely wounded at the Battle of Metz, after three months of treatment went back to the front. He fell near Auchy.
        (Stammtafel E.VI.7) besuchte das Gymnasium zu Frankfurt a.O., nach dem Abitur Militärdienst, 1884 Leutnant, 1893 Oberleutnant, 1898 Hauptmann, 1910 major, 1914 in der Schlacht bei Metz schwer verwundet, ging nach dreimonatiger Kur wieder an die Front und fiel bei Auchy.
      8. Anna Frieda* Rehfeld, b. 13 August 1868, d. 31 January 1869 (age 5 months) in Frankfurt a.O. (Stammtafel E.VI.8)
      9. Gertrud Therese Anna* Rehfeld, b. 22 October 1873, d. 01 December 1874 (age 13 months) in Frankfurt a.O. (Stammtafel E.VI.9)
    7. Clara* Friederike Wilhelmine Kähler, b. 17 March 1834 in Lübben, d. 02 August 1834 (age 4 months) in Guben. (Stammtafel E.VII)
    8. Richard Kähler, b. 25 February 1836, d. 23 March 1836 (age 27 days). (Stammtafel E.VIII)
  6. Friedrich* Christian Kähler, b. 03 December 1771, d. 28 December 1781 (age 10).
  7. Christiane* Friederike Kähler, b. 10 February 1777, d. 24 July 1781 (age 4).
  8. Julie* Auguste Kähler, b. 17 August 1785, d. 28 October 1787 (age 2).
  9. (The Kähler Stammtafeln has no entry for the letter I. This is because it would be confused with roman numeral I.)
  10. Emilie Charlotte* Kähler, b. 10 October 1787, d. 04 June 1788 (age 7 months).

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